Who is Palestinian?

So who is Palestinian then, and how does one even start defining such a person or such a people, and from where does the word originate?
The word derives from the Hebrew language, Pelesheth. It might be worth mentioning that the letters P and E do not exist in the Arabic alphabet. Arabs in the disputed areas therefore usually claim to be Falastin, in Arabic translation, since they have a hard time even pronouncing the words Palestinian or Palestine. There are numerous examples of Arafat making this error.

During the time of the British mandate, according to the mandatary rulers, a Palestinian could be anyone that could prove that they had been in the British controlled mandate for at least a period of two years. That meant Jews, Arabs and even the British who received passports and identification papers issued by the colonial British Empire. My own Jewish relatives in Israel had such papers, and usually laughs when they hear about “the Palestinians”. Today the expression is more used to concretize the Arab propaganda thesis according to the Dr Thomas McCall, a B.D. in Old Testament studies and a D.D. in Semitic languages and Old Testament. A Christian community even goes one step further and claims that the word can be traced back to a few passages of mistranslations from Latin into English in the first version of the King James Bible from the year 1611, something that can be verified online at the University of Virginia’s online library electronic text center, where it’s available side by side for historic comparison purposes, in both versions of the Bible; the older King James and the modern revised version. Regardless of the historical testimonies it still is an empirical fact that up-to-date there never existed a Palestinian state, and certainly not governed or ruled by either Muslims or Arabs, and the term originally stems from the Hebrew language as a name for a foreign enemy tribe who controlled the relatively small area of Gaza some 3000 years ago, and was skewed by invading Romans intent on altering the name of the Land of Israel.

In spite of this wrongly translated term in the Bible of a later geopolitical area, one can easily claim and conclude that the term Palestine today has become a trade mark, but in the Arab case more of a trademark of intrusion. And most definitely a successful one.

One of the Swedish poster politicians for the Arabs, who like to call themselves Palestinians, is Yvonne Ruwaida, who has been serving for a decade for the Green party in the Parliament. As a Palestinian, (although she in later interviews in AB emphasizes that she was born in Germany, but her “father is a Palestinian born in the desert as a Bedouin”. But a Bedouin is something else! Let’s check this out with the Merriam Webster online dictionary: “A nomadic Arab of the Arabian, Syrian, or No. African deserts”. An Arab. Well let’s check out that word “nomadic”, just to clarify this:
1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of nomads
2 : roaming about from place to place aimlessly, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement
As trivia can also be mentioned that Bedouins proudly serve in the Israeli army as trackers, and that they are highly appreciated for their efforts in searching for infiltrating terrorists. Steven Plaut testifies to this in a book dedicated to these heroes, The Scout. Three years earlier Ruwaida had spent more than a quarter of a million SEK and could not even produce one receipt for the money she claimed was for “expenses” including, as the environmentally committed person she claimed to be, taxi fares that obviously produce heavy environmental pollution. Indeed a worthy ambassador to her cause. Or maybe not.

No matter how anyone tries to alter, change or “forget” recent history, Jordan still consists of 80 per cent of the former British Palestinian mandate. Arabs therefore already control 80 per cent of the former Palestinian mandate. The current Queen of Jordan, Her Majesty Rania Al-Abdullah calls herself a Palestinian. The only thing that differs in the proposed Palestinian flag compared to the Jordan flag is the star on the latter. The absolutely easiest and simplest way of ending this conflict would be to rename Jordan, back to Palestine.

Continuous calls to slice and weaken the tiny sliver of land that is Israel, can in this perspective only be viewed as a huge reward for terror in the ongoing plague of international terrorism. Which it also how it is interpreted by the terrorists, who in their minds get a receipt saying that terror works and indeed pays off. A reply to this is the enormous propaganda that Hezballah has continued with after the Israelis withdrew from Southern Lebanon in accordance with agreements made with the US Clinton administration. It was perceived then and is portrayed now as a great victory by Hezballah, which has only lead to the making of the border towards Lebanon more and more unstable, when these terrorists make life for ordinary Israelis difficult.

If any logical lessons are to be learned from this, it’s that Israel should not give away any land whatsoever in the future, and certainly to a hostile group of people whose stated goal – still – is the obliteration of Israel. Any such land handouts could be considered appeasement to terror and as rewards to the worst Jew killing organizations since Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

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