Sweden’s participation in the conflict

A quick briefing for non-Swedes: Sweden is one of the northernmost, and one of the largest by area, countries of Europe. It has a population of 9 million, and is known for being cold in wintertime, famous for its beautiful women, and some pop groups that are immensely popular, and so on.

So what has Sweden at large contributed with so far, regarding Israel’s defensive war against terrorism? Governmental one-sided accusations and condemnations against the Israeli society as a whole with recurring demands for boycott, and at the same time full moral and diplomatic, and yet even worse, economic support for a terrorist regime that has prolonged the terror against civilians time after another, and has genocidal extermination plans against the Jews.
Swedish spokespersons might claim that the Swedish funding is “only” within European Union “projects”, such as the building schools for Arab children for instance; that sounds fair and nice. That the “evil“ Israelis later are bulldozing buildings is probably just because they think it’s fun to draw attention to themselves together with the collective hatred from the entire Middle East and Europe? Does that sound logical? Probably not.

First of the facts is that Israeli only bulldoze buildings where terrorism is originating from, like smuggling tunnels for illegal arms, or houses used as snipers’ hideouts, bomb factories or rocket launch spots against Israeli soldiers and civilians. But aside from that, what have the Muslim Arabs been teaching their children at these schools? Western society norms and standards? Fostering peaceful ideas about relations with their Jewish neighbors? Hardly.

These Arab kids are being brainwashed and indoctrinated in schools to hate and to kill Jews. The Jewish state doesn’t even exist in their minds, just like in their schoolbook maps, and this is exactly what they are being taught. Then there are “summer camps” where these Arab children are instructed in arms, “guerilla warfare” and terrorist tactics. Universities have had grisly acts of terrorism on display, presented as heroic deeds. This is the Arab school of today in the Palestinian Authority.

An entire future generation of Arab children have been systematically destroyed and mentally brainwashed into the orchestrated hatred by the PA administrated schools and their school literature of hatred.
"O Muslims, Muslims, Muslims, where there are truth and justice there shall we be found.
Death pleases us and we refuse to be humbled. How sweet is death for Allah…”
(Islamic Education for Sixth Grade #551, p. 151)
Any future chance of peaceful co-existence with their Israeli Jewish neighbors after decades of daily brainwashing and indoctrination of children into hating like this, surely isn’t very great considering the chances of future peace. As testified by the Arab psychologist Dr Shafiq Massalha, who conducted a study that led him to conclude the following:
"In about 10 years, a very murderous generation will come of age, full of hatred and ready to die in suicide missions."…
It doesn’t take that much for any normal person to understand that this is an utterly abhorrent dysfunctional and warped society that is being nursed and fostered into pure evil, where children are cynically used as terrorist child soldiers and walking bombs, something that is prohibited according to international law and any decency, of western morality standards and ethics. And the world has witnessed the gruesome result of this school system, underage boys in front lines as stone throwers, as human shields, and behind them adult terrorists with assault rifles drawing return fire from the Israeli army.

If Israeli soldiers are fired upon first, and then forced by normal self-defense reflexes to return the fire in such cases, who then is responsible for the possible death of the children?
Later these kids are making their career moves, signing on with terrorist groups, carrying bomb-belts etc. Terrorist organizations deliberately use mentally challenged persons, tricking or persuading them into acts of terrorism. Young women are traveling with ambulances, sometimes disguised as being pregnant but carrying bomb belts under their robes or nurse’s uniforms. Babies with explosives in their diapers, and mothers of infants committing terrorist attacks.

Even the Arabs’ own polls continue to state that more than 75% of the Arab population in April 2001 supported terrorist atrocities. Those terrorist atrocities are targeted primarily against Jewish civilians. Not even Adolf Hitler had that kind of support from the German people before or during World War II. And yet, even if a Palestinian state somehow should emerge, another poll states that 59% of the Arabs in those very disputed areas, would still like to get on with the continued efforts to destroy Israel through terror and war.
No wonder that the Israelis have regarded the entire Palestinian Authority at large, and its society, as an enemy.

And Sweden helped to pay for it, either within the so-called “European Union projects” or in more direct ways.
Perhaps if there was to be an international investigation later, the European all too well known excuse “we didn’t know” might get dusted off and put to use again. Israel could very well end up suing Sweden at international courts.

In Sweden there are approximately 18 000 Jews, some of their forefathers having lived here since the end of the 18th century. These generations nowadays belong to, according to Swedish law (a law that was enforced after the full impact of the Holocaust was made known), one of five protected national minorities. Despite this, during the last years there have now and then been public statements of constant fear from the Swedish Jews. And at the beginning of this new millennium it has been made painfully clear and testified to, that it’s not only the minority of convinced neo-Nazis who have been most representative in their hateful attitude towards the Jews.

After the post-war period since World War II, a wave of Muslim immigrants, foremost from trouble spots in the Middle East and the Balkans, arrived in Sweden. In 1930 there was a total of 15 Muslims in Sweden. In 1960 the Muslim believers in Sweden were below the number of 1000, and today, 40 years later, the number of Muslims has reached over 400 000. It would be arrogant and a negative collectivization to accuse these Muslims as a group for the current situation. However, it would be naïve and even foolhardy to believe that certain individuals belonging to these groups shouldn’t sympathize or even support, both with words and more actively, both the ancient as well as the upgraded and modern Jew hate of today.
One early example of such an individual in Sweden is the Muslim Arab Ahmed Rami, who sought asylum from Morocco and then founded Radio Islam in Sweden, which later went on the Internet. Mr Rami’s creation has been called the “The mother of all anti-Jew sites”. A number of certain politically left oriented or Muslim profiles and groups had early on been the apologists and favorite protectors of such individuals.

In Sweden there are now various news medias to choose from, but the major ones are the daily morning papers: Dagens Nyheter (DN), Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) and Göteborgs-Posten (GP), as well as the evening papers Göteborgs-Tidningen (GT), Expressen and Aftonbladet (AB). Then there is the local papers for smaller towns and papers free of charge, like Metro, the television channels, Sveriges Television channel 1, 2 and digital 24 (SVT) and TV4 that everyone has access to. There are also a number of cable channels, which include foreign ones such as the BBC, CNN etc. When it comes to the description of the daily history portrait of Israel in the Swedish press and regular media there is much left to be desired. Most quotes to be heard and/or read here are from online publications, and a downside is that they can just disappear from the net, or not be exactly equal to the printed ones in the paper, even after being updated. For just one example is the Swedish Television Text news, probably one of the most daily read by millions of Swedish news consumers, however there is no visible real text archive of previous published news texts, and the text is changed daily and updated to new news the next day, without any historic record of previous texts. A large proportion of Swedish Television text news comes straight from the news feeder TT.

When events of incidents are being picked out and selected only to be displayed in a slanted fragment as legitimate news , it is no longer about objective and independent, fair and balanced information, but rather instead more like media brainwashing attempts and sometimes plain pro-Arabic propaganda. This can easily be understood as a different type of warfare, one that is not fought with bullets but with words, in what is known as psychological warfare by disinformation. But all armed conflicts known to mankind start with actions of this kind; the war of words.

The primary victims of this subjective and systematical opinion making is the average Swede, without any connection or closer personal knowledge of the democratic system in Israel, more than what is proclaimed on a daily basis in the media by these self proclaimed experts and critics that are constantly given opportunities to be heard. And why should the average Swede care anything in particular about Israel? Hopefully some of what is presented here will come as complete news to the ordinary Swede – if such a person should happen to read this. And if not, it’s a sure sign of the absurdity of the situation, should it already be common knowledge amongst the average population, who yet haven’t reacted in response and protested loudly because of what has actually happened.

To anyone with real power as a proclaimed, by themselves or others, expert on Middle Eastern issues in Sweden, politician or journalist, all the facts presented here should already be very well known. And even more so if they are making part or the entirety of their professional living on these issues at the expense of the Swedish tax payers and daily consumers. And the history of Israel.
However, this work of mine is mainly about what’s been going on, and is still going on, in Sweden. All translations are my own and therefore unofficial. Like all languages there are words and meanings that pose problems due to local expressions (and there are local words that are not matched either, or even fully translatable), for example:
“Den internationella rätt som ska se till att stater uppför sig mot varandra under krig eller vid ockupation är folkrätten.”
Literally, word-by-word, translation of this meaning goes:

“The international right that will see through that states behave themselves towards each other during war or occupation, is the people’s rights.”
This sentence might sound awkward to an English audience, mainly because there is a double negation, and some words are not applicable, or unmatched in the English language. In Swedish the word and meaning of “Public International law “ can be translated both to “Internationell lag” [International law] and/or the more commonly used “folkrätten”[literally “Peoples right”]. Therefore it is not uncommon to see misunderstandings (in Swedish) and accusations that would be translated like “Israel commits crimes against international law and peoples rights.” In the footnotes the name of the articles are translated into English as well. So while translations here are as literal and correct as possible to my ability, the sole reason being that English-speaking audiences might not have been aware of this, and what had been stated could be of interest, today, and perhaps for historians in the future.

So let’s add this work of mine to recorded history, and for the afterworld. And no, one should not forget what’s been going on in the beginning of the new millennium, and I am more than sure that every person’s thoughts I have translated (to the best of my ability), will be appreciated, because I guess that’s why they all proudly stated these comments in the first place.

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