Some Swedish problems

Throughout history anti-Semitism has been a sure sign of even greater and darker events in the offing. And as we have seen on several occasions, Swedish ministers have gone through great pains to explain very carefully that it’s legitimate to criticize other governments, and for some reason especially Israel and Israeli internal politics. Well then, let’s take a closer look at Sweden and its own government. J’accuse. If there was silence on the surface, there was indeed something more sinister bubbling beneath it, if one just takes the time to dive in for a closer inspection in order to see what has happened during the recent years. Here is an out of the ordinary outspoken example, and not that common, by Ulf Nilsson at Expressen that somehow managed to reach the public surface [1]
I know I sound like a grumpy old bastard, but still I repeat the question:
How did Sweden end up like this?
Anna Lindh was stabbed… Sabina was stabbed… Mohammad and Anna Lena were executed… One of the murderers from Hallandsåsen escapes and goes hunting around in full freedom… The RFV reports that 30 per cent of everyone on sick leave has psychological problems… Young men murder and cut out the eyes of a couple of tavern owners in Malmö… Whole platoons of burglars are flown in from Chile – a continent away – and they also arrive on the ferries from the Baltic… An uncontrolled rape epidemic is growing out of control in the suburbs…
What the hell is going on here? I know am not exactly alone in asking, but are there any answers? Yes, there are answers:
The disarmament of the police force, we have half as many police officers per capita compared to a normal EU country – and far too many of them sit in an office.
The mental health care system is practically shut down. Sick people are on so much medication that the medicine itself often makes them even sicker. Period.
Prisons leak as sieves. […] There’s a massive aversion among those who have the power to handle Europe’s (according to my understanding) worst immigration problems. There has to be an end to discrimination - but in both directions.
If there is one thing Sweden is proud of, it is the democratic system. However, there is one particular issue where people never got to say their piece in this very democratic system, and that is regarding the immigration politics. So far there has been no public referendum on this question. The subject is taboo. That citizens have views on immigration politics might explain why a previous populist party in the beginning of the 1990’s, New Democracy, got 6,7% of the votes, probably much because of such issues as restricted immigration being one of the core issues in their politics. Of course they were instantly deemed as “hostile to immigrants”, and therefore racist as well, by most of the other established parties. But the fact that recent integration in Sweden has failed miserably there have been daily reminders of, encrypted in the news headlines.

But in this context the good news were that there hadn’t been any reports of, for example, any Swedish Jews forming youth gangs, Jews daily harassing innocent passers-by, no Jews chanting slogans about death and destruction during public riots while property worth millions were been destroyed or looted by them, while burning democratic and sovereign countries’ flags, assaulting citizens, routinely describing minor girls as whores, no Jews moving drugs or guns in criminal groups, no Jews publicly celebrating 9/11, no Jews involved in vicious outdoor assaults and gang rapes against minors, street robberies under knife threat in search of fashion items, knifing other youths to death in order to get their expensive jackets, no Jews shooting on public beaches among children and their families, burning down a disco with the result of more than 60 youths killed because they felt they were “not being respected”, shooting (and killing) bouncers at bars and night clubs for the same reason, or as an initial rite in order to be accepted into the gangs and so on. And so on.

So one has to guess if there are some other groups behind this. But it’s hard to get a clear overview since neither the press nor the politicians seem very interested in, or happy to give any straight and clear answers about which cultural or religious background the perpetrators have, while they flock when it’s time again for some Israel-bashing. Perhaps one might call these actions and those responsible for them, at least those who are not of Swedish origin, “illegal activities” by “settlers” on Swedish soil?

As an example can be mentioned the south, with the third largest city in Sweden, Malmö, which now consists of a large community of new immigrants. The integration of some of these new immigrants has not been very successful. In the suburbs the immigrants have started to dissociate from Swedish society in general. They are not getting any work, they live on welfare and many of them barely understand basic Swedish. The only news they get, they get from their countries of origin through their satellite dishes. They are not integrated at all but live in a shadow society much like the one they originally came from. Enclaves of these parallel societies are on the up and rising. One of Europe’s leading experts on these matters is Bassam Tibi, who is himself an intellectual Sunni Muslim originally from Syria, and who holds a position as professor in Göttingen in Germany. He also warned about the development of growing Islamic fundamentalism in such environments at a very early stage.

Immigrants living in small closed societies copy the former nations from where they originally came. Of course no one should be forced to give up their cultural heritage, unless it happens to break national sovereign laws. Killing your daughter for instance, because she’s not a virgin when about to be married off (in an arranged marriage of course) to her cousin (which is common practice in several countries) is not permissible by Swedish law, even if it happens to be so (more or less) in Jordan for example. So new expressions, that were unheard of before, in Swedish society, have also been introduced together with this immigration wave, among them so called “honor killings”. After a while, as these matters were publicly debated (and still are), the Social Democratic minister of integration hired yet another investigator, professor Massoud Kamali, who later in an interview[2] stated:
“What has this to do with culture, I ask – to marry off one’s kids!?” wonders Massoud Kamali…
- One makes a huge thing out of some immigrant girls who have been subjected to so called “honor related violence”, when it’s really a much lesser percentage, only a small group. This is not a big problem, says Massoud Kamali, professor in social science”…
And on the question of his views regarding traditions that protect the men and the family’s right to control women’s’ sexuality, and if it should be supported by Swedish authorities and Swedish laws; traditions where the family honor is connected to women’s’ hymens: “’It is the worst thing I know, those sorts of questions’, he replied, ‘and your questions to me only show how deeply prejudiced you are.’”
Further on, in the same interview, another person comes to a diametrically opposite conclusion, based on personal, and numerous, experiences:
“Elisabeth Fritz has a different image of reality. She is a lawyer (among others to Pela [A Kurdish young woman who was murdered]) and she is also one of Sweden’s foremost specialists in honor related crimes.
- Every day I speak to girls who are subjected to honor related oppression or violence, she says. They can be divided into tree groups:
1. The ones that still live with their families,
2. Those that have escaped from their homes, but are too afraid to make contact with the social authorities out of fear of being forced to return, and
3. The ones that have filed police complaints and are living under protected identities.

The County Administrative Board’s national report of protected identities etc that was published on March 31, 2004, shows that honor related oppression and violence is not a small problem at all.
- Thousands of girls are victims, and the dark numbers are large, says Elisabeth Fritz. Honor oppression is a much larger problem than what the statistics show. The ones affected are mostly girls and young women, but also boys are subjected to this.

What is it that separates honor related oppression from violence and other kinds of wrongdoing?
- It is that an entire family – parents, crowds of siblings, uncles etc – threatens with violence or worse, she replies.
Often the victim is a young woman who wishes to make her own decisions regarding her own body and how she wants to live. The family then claims that she has dishonored them and that she has violated the family honor, for example by not wanting to marry the man the family has chosen for her. The family feels that neighbors and others from the same kind of honor related cultures, are judging them because of this and thus it becomes a quest to reinstate the honor. This is the crime, or oppressional motive, which makes it honor related. And there is plenty to say about this, says Elisabeth Fritz, and she adds:

It is really very wrong to claim that there does not exist any particular honor related cultures. I have a hard time to accept that a man like Massoud Kamali is making such claims; he should know what it’s all about. I myself come from a Christian Syrian culture and I have personal experiences of the problem. I wonder how many Swedish women are being physically abused, threatened, forced to marry against their will, and in extreme cases are murdered because their behavior is regarded as being the ruination of their families’ honor?
I represent many Swedish women and I have never came across a single one, concludes Elisabeth Fritz.”

The minister of integration, Mona Sahlin, later said[3] that Kamali’s statements, the same Kamali who was personally hired by her for the sole purpose to investigate and produce a public government report, only reflected the investigator’s own views. Just a couple of moths earlier, when about 70 scholars protested to his nomination, she had defended him [4] : “As a matter of fact, Kamali is a professor, and furthermore, one of the best we have in Sweden.”. Sahlin had then insinuated that there existed structural discrimination within the universities as well, since some of the protest emails had “similar undertones”. To address these issues regarding some who seem to have a difficulties integrating and adapting to the Swedish custom of not harassing their own daughters or sisters for wanting an independent life instead of forced marriage, Elisabeth Fritz had in a previous interview,[5] had a couple of suggestions as well:
…“Harsher punishments, visiting restraints, [electronical] foot-shackles, municipal arrests for convicted criminals, citizen’s exams, revocation of citizenship. – If someone wishes to live and work here I think we have to raise the standards and make demands – I can not understand why this is regarded as being so dangerous.”…
Nor does Sweden, unlike the US, expect their new citizens to swear any particular oath to prove their loyalty to the country, like the pledge of alliance sworn by the immigrants in the US who become American citizens. Breaking that oath is in the US grounds for revocation of citizenship. A Swedish citizenship is for life, and this applies even in the scandal were it was revealed that criminals had bribed a handling officer and in fact had purchased their citizenships,[6] where after the Christians Democrats wanted a change of the law so that it would be possible to revoke illegally obtained citizenships. DN reported:[7]
“As late as last summer Mona Sahlin conducted an investigation into the matter, where after it was concluded that the arguments against the demanded constitutional changes were too strong.
‘The country of Sweden should not be able to make anyone stateless’, was one of them. In other respects it is not desirable to create a situation where citizenship through birth is worth more than the citizenship obtainable during one’s lifetime. Further added are a number of family oriented legal problems.”
There is an old Swedish traditional saying equivalent to the English “When in Rome, do as the Romans”– but this doesn’t seem not to be expected of some of the individuals now belonging to the fastest growing, and second largest, religion in Sweden. Instead the opposite is applied, and Swedes are expected to accept and adapt to the traditions of new (and old) immigrants. If someone moves from one country to another, does one’s values and traditions, including cultural heritage, suddenly magically disappear as soon as one passes the border to the new country? Probably not. For decades there have existed a strong propaganda apparatus, and particularly so in the Arab Muslim world, where government ruled, structured pure anti-Semitism or plain simple Jew-hate exists. If some families originating from such environments are able to gather and together plot to kill (and then also do so) their own daughters and sisters, for “violating the family honor” – just imagine what opinions such families might have for people they perceive to be their mortal enemies.

A breakdown in the system has been on display in the Swedish school system by some of the second-generation immigrants. Public news reports sometimes tell about an alarming transformation[8] of the regular schools. In the closed private Arab Muslim schools, it’s reported to be even worse. An infrastructure is emerging with beatings and torture mixed with hardcore religious instruction from hard-line teachers and headmasters. This was looked into with a wallraffing team of journalists with hidden cameras, and reported on the TV show [9] “Dokument Inifrån” (Document from the Inside) with a follow up[10] a year later.

Just a couple of reminders of what almost otherwise would have been impossible to print just a year earlier due to the “political correctness” syndrome suffered by both the media and the politicians in charge. DN wrote [11] about a quarrel between some kids in a playground which ended with the parents getting involved in a fight and subsequently a father of eleven being murdered. The ethnicity of the involved persons was at the time carefully omitted; a sure sign that it wasn’t ethnical Swedes (which instantly would have been reported otherwise), when the news media presented this case, but both the area and circumstances indicated that the persons involved were not native Swedes.
…”The murder of the 52 year old was the latest in a string of serious violent crimes that has taken place in Malmö.
On Thursday the trial will begin against the man who held his girlfriend hostage for four hours before stabbing her to death, with a dagger through the heart. He is also prosecuted for having robbed two younger women at knifepoint.
On Thursday a large manifestation is planned in the suburb Rosengård against violence and vandalization. This since a 29-year-old man was stabbed to death almost two weeks ago, just because he had told some youngsters not to sneak in at the Rosengård bath to swim. Only a day before almost all 600 windows in the Rosengård School had been smashed.
Last weekend a man was shot to death at the nightclub Heartbreak. Several other serious cases of assaults with knives have occurred lately where the victims have survived. Furthermore, a wave of rapes and rape attempts has swept over Malmö.”
Regarding the groups behind the fight mentioned initially, where the 52-year-old father of eleven was slain, DN reported much later that it was in fact hundreds of Palestinians and Iraqis that had clashed. It all started with two children throwing apples at each other in the playground.[12] The phenomenon where parts of Europe seem to become a Muslim Eurabia made the news even in the dailies in the USA.[13]
…“There is no better answer than a look at Sweden today, a country slightly smaller than California with a population of some 9 million. Sweden has the second-largest percentage Muslim population in Western Europe. France has the highest Muslim population percentage — 7 per cent .
Sweden today is a major center of Europe’s anti-Semitism and especially the city of Malmo, commercial center of southern Sweden with 265 000 residents. An estimated 18 000 Jews live in all Sweden, 1 200 in Malmo. And into Malmo’s Islamist enclave the police, it is reported, rarely dare enter.
Anders Carlberg, president of the Jewish community of Goteborg, told an interviewer: “The fear of being attacked is the primary concern of Jews in Sweden today.” That fear was well grounded. On the day after the interview with Mr. Carlberg, his son and three of the son’s friends were attacked in a Malmo restaurant by a gang of Muslim youths, but were rescued by police without injury.“…
Another article was first printed in the UK[14] but was later translated into Swedish, and published, but with an added head summary in the Swedish version[15]:
“Fanatics stain Islam

The sick religious interpretation of Islam in the form of Terror has become Islam’s trademark. The scholar’s Muslim sheiks that send young Muslims to their death and encourages terror deeds must accept responsibility. The way to healing for Islamic societies is self-recognition and confession, writes Abdel Rahman–al Rashed, columnist and previous Chief Editor at the Arabic paper al-Sharq al-Awsat.”…
Another Swedish paper [16] had yet another shocking chronicle regarding specifics on the general immigration and integration problems.
…“What the problem really is, is rather that the debate is avoided – the question of Sweden’s fate – is pushed aside and strangled before it even begins, and if there really is something promising the debate will be warped and malignant, it's the mass medial and political denial. If one chooses to put the lid on, the pot will boil over with time. It’s perhaps a naïve and stupid kindness or disillusion that has made the ones responsible for the country not to speak up in these matters, or maybe even cowardice. Regardless of either, the historical judgment will be harsh towards the Swedish establishment, if one soon doesn't dare to speak up with regards to the process that so radically has changed our country.

Yet even if there is a lack of a real debate, the daily papers are filled with articles that address the downside of mass immigration. No one with even half open eyes can deny that something has gone very wrong. With a number of unpleasant phenomena such as epidemical rapes where the perpetrators often originates from the southern hemisphere and the victims usually are Swedes; the increasing knife violence, threats, rock throwing and shootings against ambulances, buses and subways; honor related violence and hymen reconstruction; violence towards personnel in authorities and hospitals; young men with immigrant background mugging ethnical Swedes to get cell phones, MP3 players, fashion clothing and mopeds; battered referees and increased violence in the minor soccer leagues involving some ethnical teams; welfare cheating; growing racism against Swedes – with insulting chanting like “Swedish whores” as a common recurring events on a daily basis. The list sadly continues and can be made very long.”…
The last example would have been absolutely impossible to publish in Sweden, and any author of such a text would instantly have been branded a racist, if it hadn’t been for the fact that on this very rare occasion, the author happened to be the previous chairman of the Young Muslim Council, who has Pakistani background.
And of course many immigrants, predominately from the large labor immigration in the 1970’s, started no notice something was going very wrong in their living environments, and sometimes they even managed to protest against what was happening, and get their message published through the media’s fine-meshed net of political correctness. This also because the current climate of the Swedish society also cast dark shadows over their own groups, even if they had nothing what so ever to do with the ongoing problems, while working hard towards integration and their new conditions in Swedish society. Of course they would want to protest.

Immigration issues at large had so far been the political parties’ “sacred cow”, an issue that had been impossible to question, at least when it concerns Sweden. But on the topic of Israel’s immigration politics on the other hand, then it seems to be just fine for anyone of the Swedish politicians not to only criticize, but also to flat out curse and condemn. For instance, the overall economical numbers for the immigrants in Sweden have been produced by more or less guesswork, since no straight official replies regarding the overall costs have been available. In one article[17] the figure 40 to 50 SEK billions (2-3% of the GNP) was mentioned by an economics professor, who claimed:
“For immigrants from Africa or Arab speaking countries the numbers are totally different. Here the degree of employment is below 50 per cent for men and much less for women. Here it is aid, not work, that applies.”
And while on the subject of economy in Sweden, one can, or rather has to, pick up a copy of the Washington Times[18] and read a piece written by a senior at the Discovery Institute. Here they are quoting a Swedish economist, in order to find out what has been going on during the socialist rule for decades.
“The extent of the failure of the Swedish model is both shocking and little known. For example, no new net jobs have been produced in the Swedish private sector since 1950. (By contrast, the U.S. created more than 60 million new private-sector jobs during the same period, from 52 million in 1950 to about 115 million in 2002.) "None of the top 50 companies on the Stockholm stock exchange has been started since 1970."
In addition, "well over 1 million people out of a work force of around four million did not work in 2003 but lived on various kinds of public welfare programs, such as, pre-pension schemes, unemployment benefits, sick-leave programs, etc." Finally, "a majority of the adult population is either employed by the state or clients of the state in a sense that they have a majority of the income coming from public subsidies."
Sweden certainly has had a forgiving attitude towards “stateless Palestinians”. It doesn’t take that much brain effort to understand that the best chances for an Arab asylum seeker or immigrant has, is to claim being a “stateless Palestinian”, when arriving at the Swedish border control. And speaking of which, about 90% of all refugees and asylum seekers were “missing” (i.e. had thrown away) their ID cards or passports, in order for them not to be deported back to wherever they came from. The Social Democratic party has an immigration law that permits relatives (family ties reason) to immigrate and apply for permanent residential stay (PUT) in Sweden. It resembles a reversed pyramid game somewhat; if one gets asylum then his or her relatives can apply by relationship of family, for instance all children of course, the parents but also other “close” relatives,[19] such as siblings who in turn can do the same with their children, parents and other relatives. These aliens do not have to be asylum seekers, nor claim employment (even if that probably is every person’s wish), but will instantly receive benefits from the Swedish welfare system, without any counter demands at all more or less (they don’t even have to learn Swedish), which includes basic livings standard, healthcare, and pensions for life, even if they don’t work a single day. Even if they move back to where they came from, they have been set for life with an economic bonus from Sweden. Like previous years, in 2003 that specific part of immigration by relatives was the single absolutely largest group of immigrants to Sweden; more than 50 per cent of the total number.[20] At a government commission report the Green party spokesperson rejected any suggestions to changes for future regulations of the “close family ties” policy.[21] It wouldn’t be too strange to think that some of those people affected by these laws would vote for their benefactors in the elections, at least in the beginning. One can only wonder what the more than one thousand Iraqis in the Nordic region, a majority of them in Sweden, first stated reasons were for coming to Sweden, on the April 1, 2003 when they wished to return to Iraq in order to fight for the Iraqi dictatorship regime, against the coalition of democracies, lead by the US.[22] Of course everyone are not granted asylum.[23] Just ask the Jewish mother of two girls, Marina Shepeleva, who unfortunately when this was written cannot answer since she is deeply traumatized, has lost 20 kilos and has been tube-fed since the decision was made that she is to be deported. Her last word before she fell into a coma was that she rather die than go back to the anti-Semitic former Russian Uzbekistan, where the authorities tortured her husband for four days in custody in order to make him revoke his police complaints about his known attackers, and where her oldest daughter was sexually harassed at school by the headmaster, and where assailants snatched and stripped the skin off their dogs and left them on their porch, and this after one of several armed robberies in their home as well as assaults and beatings at gunpoint which finally ended with their house being burned to the ground. And what had been testified to, as well, regarding the asylum wave:[24]
…“I have signed decisions in perhaps 1500 asylum seeking cases. Of these approximately 25-30 have been authentic refugees (added are persons with protection needs that fall outside the refugee status). To give such a person residence permit is easy. A swift stroke and one feels satisfied to have been able to give protection according to laws and regulations to the refugee.
This is the reality we live in. It does not matter that you, on your high moral ground, think you know better who the person is that seeks asylum in Sweden and what the circumstances are when they are being sent back home. The refugee rights of today are hollow, and this is because the system is used and abused to the breaking point by persons whose foremost reason is not to get protection from persecution. Don’t believe for a second that I lie sleepless over decisions that a person who does not have protection needs but are in Sweden for economical or social reasons, will have to return to their homeland, possible to a more poor existence.”…
All this put together might, unless one lives happily in blissful denial, sound like a horrible recipe for future disaster as well as an upcoming catastrophe. Then add to it the constant alarms of the increasing mass employment,[25] even among highly educated and experienced “native” Swedes, and every fifth company signaling that they plan to leave[26] Sweden in the globalization competition. A similar down spiral climate in Europe last time was in Germany where disgruntled and powerless unemployed citizens were easy marks for populist politicians, which then subsequently resulted in a world war. And in this harder climate the socialist governing minister of aid Carin Jämtin proclaims, while promising to give, (note: give – not lend) away another almost 500 million SEK this year, from the Swedish taxpayers – to the newly invented acronym OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territories), as she stated “adopted by the government last week” instead of the PA. Who the Swedish government counterparts are in reality, except the acronym OPT to which they will hand over hundred of millions, is not revealed, and is hard to find out, expect for one search hit of the term “occupied Palestinian territories” in the government database, in (during that month) one speech[27] from the same minister. The OPT are not mentioned in the speech, however complaints against Israel are, now along with the defense that the Swedish Social Democrats are not at all anti-Semitic, but only use their right to criticize PM Sharon in particular as head of the Jewish state, and Palestinians “have the right” (sic!) to a state, instead of a fence that hinder their movements. So despite the previous years’ scandal findings of misused aid, the Swedish future way is to “view aid as foreign politics”.[28] She also promises, in an almost carbon copy of what her Social Democratic colleague Schori promised eight years previously before the Swedish Parliament, but this time it sounds like this:
“We can handle it through our firms of accountants. One can track the Swedish aid krona from the account in Stockholm, to the account in for example Nablus, and in follow-ups and accountings we can see what it has been used for”.
No wonder that Jewish veterans from pre-Germany post Second World War, and later Holocaust survivors these times feel a bit uneasy in this hardened climate, testifying[29] for the magazine Världen Idag (the World Today):
…“The anti-Semitism is the same as always, according to Ringart, but it has a new channel now. 70 years ago it was spread by Nazis, today it is spread by Islam. The Islamization of Europe has meant that the hate against the Jews and old prejudices has once again been awakened. The mass media is, according to Ringart, a large propaganda machinery that daily “drums out prejudices”.
- They have been colored by the lies about Israelis, lies that are spread by Muslims. It colors the reporting in connection with the complex situation in the Middle East. Today, once again, we feel how they start to dehumanize us Jews. But that is a dangerous road that will have unpleasant consequences.
– We must combat this with force. Never again!”
Perhaps you who read this do not appreciate the verbal picture I have been drawing so far (like myself), by quoting some news events? While speaking of pictures, does anyone remember the earlier Swedish museum scandal with the Dror Feiler installation in the beginning of 2004? Almost on the day a year after, another one[30] (or two) incidents took place. However, it did not get the same kind of attention in the main international news. No screaming global headlines and campaigning condemnations. A Swedish speaking Muslim Internet discussion forum had observed that a painting, made by a female Muslim artist (who originally comes from Algeria), had the inscription “Allah” on it, together with an illustration of a couple making love. (Some Muslims in Jerusalem later desecrated [31] Judaism’s most holy site, the eastern wall on the Temple Mount, in much the same way but this time by carving it into the stone foundation, several feet up for better visibility – the exact same word.) However, this particular exhibition Scène d’Amour was not about genocide, but combating the spreading of Aids, and the artistic motive used was a couple making love. But the disgruntled Muslims started a discussion called “A Museum that wants to hurt Muslims. Do something!!!” In the discussion that ensued there were plenty of badly camouflaged threats and instructional urgings, along with contact information, on this particular forum to remind the museum staff that they “would be wise to learn of what happened in the Netherlands” as a clear reference to the murder of Theo Van Gogh, and also sent complaints letters. And it worked. The museum then, due to (a later official explanation) stated:[32]
“We thought that the installation removed the focus from what had been our ambition with the exhibition; to portray HIV and Aids. Instead we got a discussion about artistic and religious freedom, which wasn’t what we were after. Had we had more time we should have anchored it among those it concerns and then we probably wouldn’t have had the painting on display at all in the first place. We have many other art pieces here which stirs up peoples’ feelings but in this case we thought it was unnecessary to step on anyone’s toes.”
A month later the story was repeated [33] this time when some Muslims found another painting that apparently didn’t go along with their religious beliefs. Earlier, when more than 10 000 global protest letters had been sent by insulted Jews from all over the world in connection with the Dror Feiler installation, the museum had vigorously spoken in a high moral and condescending tone about the “constitutional right to artistic freedom” and “freedom of expression” as well as “free speech”. It was then apparently not “unnecessary to step on anyone’s toes”. However, when a handful of Muslims feel insulted, the artwork in question was immediately removed.
So what did the Swedish Social Democratic government do to foresee and address these growing tensions and immigrant related issues? Anything? Something? Nothing? To find out, and to weed out any unwanted individual elements it was claimed in an article[34] that probably about more than one thousand war criminals had found refuge in Sweden, and one (1) police officer was set to conduct the investigation. Perhaps the governing Social Democrats now too could have hired experts and conducted other investigations perhaps? No? Well, it seemed that the Sweden Democratic party had received a copy of a study that went on for two years, from 1998 to 2000, called the Argus report,[35] a 50 page report which had been looking at some 1500 cases, of “foreign citizens” and if there were any “incorrect ways” that some had obtained “residence permits and aid”. The report somehow seemed to have been hidden away somewhere, or anyway not published, with the obvious intention of it never reaching the general public. The conclusions in the report were that there were plenty of severe and serious problems.

So, in Sweden, this tolerant and civilized country, some Swedish born Jews who had contributed to society, have felt compelled to leave as a result of the previous daily harassments and general unsafety, and have already moved (or perhaps a better word would be “fled”) to Israel. This as a direct result of living in a country where they routinely could be lumped together by the Swedish press as being “illegal settlers” in stories regarding Israel’s immigration politics, and because of some of the Swedish immigrants harassing them believing they are to blame for the situation in the Middle East, and this in the country of Sweden, where they were born.

In Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, the most common name among newborns at the beginning of the millennium was Mohammad[36]. And some of the immigrants would of course get involved in local politics; this should be a good cause for anyone who has an interest in their living environments. For instance, so did [37] (to Mona Sahlin's obvious delight) the Social Democrat Mariam Osman Sherifay, who started the first Muslim Women’s Club within the Social Democratic party. She is of Egyptian background and later she became the first person to ever speak in Parliament wearing the Muslim headscarf, hijab. A debate erupted [38] among some of the members of the Liberal party, many of them also with foreign backgrounds, who didn’t agree that a religious scarf should be a part of dress for youngsters below 15 years of age in schools, since “believing Muslims advocate veils because the women shouldn’t arouse the man – but children are not sexual objects”. After this Sherifay stated that [39] “they have chosen it voluntarily, if it should be forbidden they would go to special religious schools”. Later [40] Sherifay had some other political issues, namely “The EU and Sweden have not applied enough pressure” as she then imposed future trade sanctions against Israel.
The journalist and outspoken former Social Democrat, Göran Skytte, seemed apparently stunned however, when flicking through the channels on the TV and ending up watching the show Agenda,[41] where he saw and listened to the Social Democratic spokesperson for female rights, a Kurdish Muslim. Her appearance apparently made him compelled to write a chronicle.[42]
Issuing a warning against Nalin Pekgul’s signals

Nalin Pekgul is a heavy force of power within the Social Democrats: she is the Chairman of the Women’s association. She claims to be a “believing Muslim” and often she appears as a kind of spokesperson for what is supposed to be “regular Muslims” in Sweden, whereby it is understood that these Muslims aren’t militant Islamists.
On Sunday she participated in Lars Adaktusson’s program Agenda (TV2). In the program the Swedish Security Police (SÄPO) tells that more and more youngsters are joining extreme Islamic networks in Sweden. Pekgul is asked: How do you interpret this? She replies: “I’m not surprised. For a long time many, let’s call them regular Muslims, have known that these extreme groups are getting more powerful”. Well, what do you know. A highly ranked person in Swedish society tells – as is self-evident – that they since “a long time” have known that extreme Islamic groups are getting more powerful within the Swedish Muslim society. Has she ever told this to the police? Has she written any debate articles, authored any urgent calls and protests? Not as far as I can see. Pekgul aimed in Agenda criticism towards the Swedish media. She claimed that the media don’t make any difference between “ordinary” Muslims (that are nice and peaceful) and the “fanatics”. And then she makes the following comparison:
”We would never say that Livets Ord should represent Christianity. But why should Hezballah, the [Muslim] Brotherhood or Hamas represent the Muslims? This is the real problem.”
Sorry, excuse me. Livets Ord is a peaceful and pious Christian sect that works quietly from its base in Uppsala. It is of course a crude insult showing a total lack of proportions, when Pekgul compares the Christian Livets Ord with some of the most bloodstained and on murder intent Islamic terrorist organizations in the world.
In Agenda it was further revealed that a man had held a sermon in the mosque at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm where he had cheered and glorified the Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin as “martyr”. Pekgul comments: “To me as a Muslim it is no great difference between Sharon and Yassin. Either one is no worse than the other, I repudiate from both”.
In response to this the TV host Lars Adaktusson calmly points out the elementary difference. ”However, one of them is elected by the people in democratic elections, which the other one isn’t.”
Pekgul then became a media star, and in the week that followed she became the main subject in the LO paper [the Swedish union branch organizers with 16 unions] ALLA. She was presented there with the following preamble:
”As a child in Kurdistan she had only one dream. To avenge herself on the enemy, that was the Turks, and to get even. To get even in this case meant to commit murder. Nalin Pekgul remembers exactly the day when she realized she wouldn’t be able to take the life of another human being. Not even a Turk. ”I gave up the plans of becoming a suicide bomber but it wasn’t a easy decision”.
The hard decision for her to not become a bomb murderess –“not even against a Turk” she took on 7 May 1987. This was seven years before she became a MP at the Parliament for the Social Democrats.
One might possibly have some small point of view regarding the “signals” that Pekgul sends out, by her telling of her plans of becoming a suicide bomb murderer now. For example, what is the impact on the groups that she herself spoke of in the beginning of the show; the youths that join extreme Islamic groups in the Swedish suburbs?
In the end, on March 5, Nalin Pekgul participated in an urgent call in SvD Brännpunkt [Burning Point - opinion]. The headline read: Churches should grant permission for homosexuals to marry. As a Christian I am thankful for the commitment to our Church. And we look with great interest towards when Pekgul as a Muslim will publish urgent calls with the following headline: ”Imams should grant permission for homosexuals to marry in the mosques.”

So, one of the top spokespersons for the Swedish Social Democratic party, a perfect example of a successful recently immigrated Muslim who made it to the top layer of the governing party, and who previously also had dreams of becoming a homicidal bomb mass murderess, who at this point now admits that there is a large possibility for breeding grounds of Islamofascist terrorists in Sweden. And this view was concurred by the Swedish Security Police spokesperson Margareta Linderoth in the same program. Another easily drawn conclusion could, for example, very well be if sometime in the near future some of the immigrants in the segregated areas (in Sweden popularly named “million projects”) in Malmö (for instance) feel “subjected” and “oppressed” by the Swedish national sovereign laws, and feel that they should show more consideration to their cultural heritage, traditions and status. If they happen to violate Swedish national laws, such as arranged marriages between minors, then perhaps they can get more involved in politics (as already seen by the Middle Eastern flavored last names in the youth movements) and vote for “self-determination” as some of the Swedish establishment seems to be so keen on, at least regarding the Arabs in the disputed areas in Israel? Perhaps they soon could get a majority vote too, then invoke the Muslim Sharia laws and rename the municipality of Malmö “Palestine II”? And if the “native” Swedes oppose such a development, and these minorities turn to violence instead of pushing for their cause, with the barbaric means of gruesome terrorism, and blown up buses in the streets? Or perhaps even worse, if such laws and bills are passed, how will the “native” Swedes react? Content with passive acceptance – or with full-blown outrage?

So, like the Swedish politicians have already carefully explained on several occasions, one should criticize Israeli politics, and advise that the various lefties’ political fractions have noticed this, since they had ABF courses on Zionism, the highly political wing of Judaism (even thought it’s obvious they don’t understand the meaning of the word) – and from there it wasn’t long before many of them proudly called themselves “anti-Zionists”. Well then, what goes around comes around; political Islam should not be excused and closed to scrutinization in the form of investigation and not permit criticism, unless there is some kind of double standard at work. It seems the political left and its radicals have constantly missed the opportunity to their otherwise usual modus operandi of pointing their fingers and complaining loudly. Of course, no one should have any issues with regular Muslims devoted to peaceful co-existence. The lowest and easiest form to set the stage for conflicts is when there is a structural division into us and them groupings. However, and let me be very clear on this, if there is a fundamentalist shadow paralleling the society infrastructural on the rise in enclaves, where instead some of such extremist individuals form groups showing or displaying sectarian behavior, while blindly teaching in sermons to their offspring about an ancient moon god with interpretations similar to those as when the devil reads the Bible, when instead of rejecting any instructions to violence such as in passages like Surah 9:5 “slay the pagans” in the Koran, then division has already been made. I have further somehow failed to understand the reason (but perhaps some of the Swedish experts on Islam could explain this next time they go public), why I should accept their teachings that says that I am to be regarded as lower life form, or as some of the fundamentalists usually describes it “descendants of pigs and monkeys”, and that I am marked for annihilation in a totalitarian manner.

In Sweden the Socialist Democratic party has been in power for the majority of the last 80 years, often in coalition with other parties such as the Left party. And it has been like this only with a few exceptions, the last time at the beginning of the 1990’s. A known author on the theme Eurabia said in an interview [43] promoting her book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis:
“FP: First things first, can you explain the term "Eurabia" to our readers?

Bat Ye’or: Eurabia represents a geo-political reality envisaged in 1973 through a system of informal alliances between, on the one hand, the nine countries of the European Community (EC) which, enlarged, became the European Union (EU) in 1992 and on the other hand, the Mediterranean Arab countries.
The field of Euro-Arab collaboration covered every domain: from economy and policy to immigration. In foreign policy, it backed anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism and Israel's delegitimization; the promotion of the PLO and Arafat; a Euro-Arab associative diplomacy in international forums; and NGO collaboration. In domestic policy, the EAD established a close co-operation between the Arab and European media, television, radio, journalists, publishing houses, academia, cultural centers, school textbooks, student and youth associations, tourism. Church interfaith dialogues were determinant in the development of this policy. Eurabia is therefore this strong Euro-Arab network of associations – a comprehensive symbiosis with cooperation and partnership on policy, economy, demography and culture.

Eurabia is the future of Europe.
Anyone distrusting what was just presented might want to take a closer look and just study the career of the Swedish politician Per Gahrton and his political sermons. He made it to the EU Parliament after several years as a representative (he founded the party) for the environmentalist Green party, and later became the chairman of the Swedish Palestine Groups. Gahrton is the author of many chronicles, like when he read Sharon’s self-explanatory biography, which he refers to [44] as “Sharon’s Mein Kampf”, and his verdict was that it “sympathizes openly with racist Jewish terrorists”.
Ahlmark devoted an entire chapter to Gahrton, where this environmentalist is described as an “extremist” who roams freely within the Swedish political public arenas, without any restrictions what so ever, after having debating with him for 30 years, during which time when Gahrton was advocating for Radio Islam as a recurring guest in the 1980’s. As chairman of the Palestine Groups he seems to be very interested in the Israeli prime minister and the subject of anti-Semitism, among other things.[45] This regarding if those who want to exterminate all Jews in Israel could possibly be called anti-Semites; ”if they exist”(sic!) according to the alternative world Gahrton lives in. Perhaps he hasn’t read the genocidal charters of the Islamic Arab terrorist groups like Hamas, and perhaps he’s not the wiser after thousands of attacks and atrocities primarily aimed at Jewish civilians, or the weekly sermons in the mosques throughout the entire Middle East? Instead of the usual Holocaust denial, in politics it seems nowadays to be about terrorist denial. With a blatant lie as a perfect example of reversal of guilt, he asks: “What then shall we call those who exterminate and expel Palestinians?”

This is, as a matter of fact, a conclusive statement of actual ongoing “extermination” of Arabs. However, the Arabs in the disputed areas have during their “extermination” quadrupled their numbers from hundreds of thousands into several millions, during the last century. And this while the Jews represents the only ethnical group still diminished from last century’s butchery. He then goes on and shamelessly states, against all recent and previous publicized reports and testimonies:
“Well, each and everyone who knows anything about the reality also knows that Jewish anti-Semitism is only a small rivulet compared to the anti-Arabic anti-Semitic storm flood… In Sweden Jews are neither threatened nor discriminated against.”
With this statement he has tried not only to kidnap and hijack the word “anti-Semitism” itself, in order to use it for his own perverted and obvious distortions of historical facts, but he also manages to ridicule terrified Swedish Jewish youngsters and their families with grandparents of which some are holocaust survivors. Some Swedish citizens of Jewish origin have had their lives shattered and destroyed by Gahrton and his protégées in the new millennium. The word anti-Semitism was specifically invented 1879 by the agitator Wilhelm Marr, and since then it has always been intended only to describe hatred directed toward Jews, and Jews only. Finally, Gahrton “concludes”:
“And as long as he [the Swedish prime minister] chooses to limit his criticism to the anti-Jewish variety – as long as he isn’t capable of understanding that Israel is an occupying country with illegal nuclear arms, which is permeated by anti-Arab anti-Semitism and therefore, on good grounds, by most Europeans perceived to be the primary threat against world peace, his commitment will be perceived as being partial and narrow-minded – and anti-Arab”.
This is what it has come to. This is apparently the view of an official politician and EU parliamentarian representing Sweden, and this is what he has to say when the Swedish prime minister honors the victims of the previous European genocide. And he is thus serving as a role model to youngsters who giggle during school lectures on the Holocaust, openly wishing that Hitler would have “had time to finish the job”, and then roam the streets screaming for death and destruction of the Jews and the Jewish state. Some more from the Bat Ye’or interview:
FP: But what does the public in Europe think about their Eurabian future? Are they aware of it? Do they go along with it?

Bat Ye’or: The public ignores this strategy, its details and functioning, but there is a strong awareness, anxiety and discontent over the current situation and particularly the anti-Semitic trends. This Eurabian policy, expressed in obscure wording, is conducted at the top political level and co-coordinated over the whole EU, spreading an anti-American and anti-Semitic Euro-Arab sub-culture in every social, media and cultural sector. Oriana Fallaci has given voice to this general opposition. But there are also many others. They are boycotted, sometimes fired from their jobs, victims of a type of totalitarian ‘correctness’ imposed mainly by the academic, media and political sectors.”
Other simple mathematics could show less happy futuristic possibilities and continued reports[46] of segregation.

If Sweden has gone from less than 500 Muslims to more than 400 000 in a couple of decades, and if just less than one per cent of segregated Muslims might being radicalized into the more fundamentalist militant views, there is a potential of it being more than 4000 hardcore Islamic fundamentalists living on Swedish soil. By such comparisons it only took 20 determined terrorist hijackers to temporarily crush the world economy, when turning civilian airliners into flying missiles crashing into the World Trade Center, and in the process killing some 3000 innocent civilians from more than 50 nations. And with such catastrophes in mind as an example, Sweden has nuclear plants situated close to the Danish main capital of Copenhagen.

If this continues, with the same native birth rate as in the Middle East, the numbers of Arab and Muslim immigrants will probably be at least about 2 millions within 15 to 20 years in Sweden alone. A new expression for this development can easily be termed weapons of mass population in demographic warfare, if the uncontrolled development of non-integration that we see today is allowed to continue. The values of medieval traditions stand against basic human rights and the dreadful ideas of inhuman Sharia laws are to be invoked in the democracy’s western norms of individual freedom and expression, while such anti-democratic and totalitarian views are being supported by rogue regimes, such as the Wahabi part of Saudi Arabia, petrol money is being invested yearly with billions of dollars into infrastructural assets on foreign soil.

Sweden’s Social Democratic party had, after the fall of the Berlin wall and collapse of the Soviet Union, continuously made political decisions of heavy cut-downs on its own defense forces in the following decades, which also had been enforced, and what is left to uphold the national security today is the police, and that isn’t much to brag about either. This has been another issue; that the police force is both understaffed and underpaid but very much overworked, and is a group that the media seem to love to bash as well, if the police should just happen to make any mistakes whatsoever during their daily work. At this time, for the total population of Sweden the Swedish police force consists of approximately some 17 000 police officers to uphold the law. A large number of those will retire in a near future For the immigrant cause, the Social Democratic party has also demanded, and allocated fundings, for special campaigns aimed at the recruitment of immigrants to the police force, in some cases preferably over native Swedes. Another tool that is usually needed in armed conflicts is of course arms. Now and then there are news reports of smuggling hard military handheld automatic guns to Sweden, since the EU community opened the borders. If one instead takes a look at the already legal guns in place on Swedish soil, another image is painted.[47]
Scandinavian citizens are some of the most heavily armed in Western Europe, according to a new study. Finland has the highest rate of gun ownership with 39 guns per 100 citizens; Norway is ranked second with 36 guns per 100; Sweden is fourth with 24 guns per 100 and Denmark is fifth with 18 guns per 100.

For comparison, the average gun ownership rate in the 15 member states of the EU is 17.4 guns per 100 people.
Then we have the Swedish Home front (Hemvärnet), equivalent to the US national guard, where the volunteering citizens have access to a couple of millions (where some are even stored in citizen’s homes) fully automatic military machine guns, since Sweden’s military stance always has been to invoke guerilla warfare tactics on its own soil, in the event of a foreign aggression. Or, as put by a colonel and chief at a meeting in the southern district, to his audience [48]: “You are an important part in the national crisis management, when it might be about armed battle during peace times”. This apparently after the Swedish Emergency Management Agency (KBM) was preparing for a new draft[49] of a crisis emergency plan. In this plan one could also read:
2.5.1 A borderless, changeable and interconnected world
Development of threats and risks are closely connected to the society's development at large. That goes for time as well as space. States, terrorists, organized crime and separate actors use those means available in society. The consequences of premeditated attacks are settled by the structure of the society and its power of resistance.
Individuals that for different reasons are prepared to commit terror attacks often act more or less loosely, non-hierarchy networks of terrorists that have long-term goals use unconventional methods and are prepared to use weapons of mass destruction in order to cause extensive damage to the population or society.
This could all of course be regarded as a grand conspiratorial theory, but the only sure answer is, as usual, to wait and se what the future will bring forth. Then again, a Danish book written by an immigrant of Lebanese origin and married to a Dane, described the predicted steps very well – and it was written already in 1987 [50] about what is now taking place in Sweden. The former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu also warned of these developments, in his book “A Durable Peace”,[51] about the Arab or Islamic propaganda excuse of a minority’s rights to create their own enclaves within other sovereign countries. Anyone who firmly claims that such a development certainly cannot happen in Sweden might be suffering from European amnesia – Europeans should know this very well, since there is a recent track record of cases of what might happen at worst, when among other things, the demographics of ethnical origins with different cultural, religious and political ideas rapidly shift, an example being the horrendous civil war in former Yugoslavia.

The Croatian leader, praised by some western leaders as a “moderate”, Franjo Tudjman’s own book [52] from 1989 gave some clues to his communist thinking and Holocaust denial together with his fascistic intentions. On the other hand, the Muslim Bosnian leader at the same time, Alija Izetbegovic, had written a book earlier [53] where excerpts are found that easily can be interpreted as radical Islamic fascistic fundamentalism. At least that’s why he was prior the war sentenced to jail for printing those jihad instructions on nation destruction of Yugoslavia. The observing, US based, PhD in biological and sociocultural anthropology professor, Gil-White, a specialist in regional ethnical conflicts, devoted much time to analyzing the historical events as deputy editor at The Emperors New Clothes,[54] a web site devoted to finding the facts regarding both the current situation in Israel and in former Yugoslavia.

No one can predict the future for certain, but one should at least be able learn from past history. On a final note, the Swedish Muslim imam and spokesperson for the Swedish Muslims on the whole, and often portrayed as a moderate, chairman of the Swedish Muslim Council, Abdal Haqq Kielan, emerged in yet another one of his many interviews,[55] however, this time the story was portrayed somewhat differently from the previous humble ones, as he now stated among other things: “I do not understand Sweden and its laws.” This coming from the native born Swede that he actually is, and who previously went by the name Leif Eriksson, before he converted to Islam. He also stated in the same interview “It’s doubtful that women should be allowed a social life outside the walls of the home”.

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