Psychological warfare

An observant reader might now have come to understand that there is something fishy with the ongoing reporting regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict in the part of Europe that is Sweden.

That, in fact, most people seem to have been had, at least in Sweden, by their own media and government political spokespersons and other opinion creators. For reporting suspected media bias there is in Sweden the Press-Ombudsman, for the broadcasted media it’s the Broadcasting Commission state authority, and when everything else fails there is the chancellor of justice. But, as previously shown, they have all for some very strange reason somehow failed to address the obvious and outright bias, the incitement and the slanderous allegations against both Swedish Jews and Israelis.

This is clearly crafted propaganda and disinformation. There is a war going on. A war of semantics. Initially invented by the Muslim Arabs of the Arab League and its subsequent pawn the PLO, and later adopted by some of their western protégées. The previously mentioned blogsphere also invokes it from all angles, as well as on the political scale, and almost always coming from the left end of the political scale. An ongoing 24/7 collectives alliance forms, and of course it focuses on the enemy camps. Like in all wars there are casualties, and this also goes for the psychological information warfare. Public Swedish defense plans have previously on a yearly basis been distributed to every household, as part of the free telephone catalogues, should Sweden ever be subjected to foreign aggression. One of the authorities that handle such issues is the National Board of Psychological Defense . In the online section Media Awareness one can read the following:
“In today’s society the mass media is one of the most powerful psychological forces to reckon with. While working on the development of good crisis preparedness, actors on all levels must regard the importance of the media as news deliverers, creators of opinions and not to mention in the broadest context being the leading, driving and gathering force of society’s information flow.“
The opposite, information war, means seeking to convince people of a certain aspect, to achieve action or to get support for certain actions, and to achieve the goal that this disinformation is largely adopted. Swedish Jews, as myself, have, from my personal point of view, been silenced and taken hostages in the 24/7 ongoing media campaign against Israel, and of course this kind of mental torture can most probably have psychological effects. For instance, people can become dysfunctional in both their private and public lives if they start caring too much about what is going on. Because a large number of the Diaspora Jews know, either by contacts via email or telephone with relatives living in Israel, and/or by personal experience, what really goes on in Israel, and also what is permitted and what is not, within the general society as well as in the army. All Swedish news reports regarding Israel can, and should, be checked and counterchecked with Israeli daily news broadcasting, these days available online. The option is to either believe the Swedish delivered news completely, or the more sane approach; to ignore them.

Because if one does that, i.e. ignores the Swedish pro-Arab propaganda, there is daily conclusion of the ongoing Swedish media bias war which continues to run amok. In Israel however, since it is a democracy, freedom of press is large, despite the fact that the very same democracy has been under constant attack ever since its rebirth, and there are several newspapers which publish the latest Israeli news right from the scene, in English, ranging from right-wing Israeli national news (Arutz Sheva) to left-wing Ha’aretz. In between there are newspapers like Jerusalem Post and Yedioth Ahronoth (Ynet) as well as perhaps the most popular among the Israelis, Ma’ariv. So for any single topic, there is a possibility to counter check the sources with at least five independent and competitive free Israeli online domestic newspapers.

The claim that this in itself would be a partial approach since “Israel is part” of the ongoing war is nothing more than ludicrous (and by the way, Aftonbladet has often cited and praised the smaller Ha’aretz, and also made direct translations from that very newspaper). This in the same way, (for example, if one really wants to be sure of what goes on in Sweden) as if one should have to turn to and trust the reports from a third country, like for instance, reading the Cape Times in South Africa in order to get reliable information regarding domestic Swedish news. And for those who are really uncertain, there are of course the other international news agencies, and they too have their own media watch dogs that specialize in this conflict. In Europe, the largest one is Honest Reporting and in the US it’s the organization Camera.

Other victims of this psychological warfare are usually ordinary people, who have no clue at all (and perhaps not the time nor the interest to find out more) to what is really going on in Israel, and instead trust the more uncomplicated approach of what the media serves them, in the form of tabloid headlines or televised breaking news, since they have no personal experience of it or any friends or relatives inside Israel. I have first-hand witnessed the tragic results of this in the streets of the Nordic region, overhearing daily discussions, after the latest bomb who blew the “peace process” to bits along with innocent Jewish victims, including remarks like “Israel – now, who in their right mind would go there, either to show support for their state terror regime, or risking one’s life by bombs exploding in crowds of people?” Ordinary people are either too scared of the options to find out more and see with their own eyes, and at the same time they are shaped into having a molded opinion, usually without even realizing it. Before the second terror wave, the second intifada, Israel had a flourishing tourist business, which during the last years have stagnated and crippled the economy, but probably even worse, disabled people in order for them not to see with their own eyes what is true and what is not.

On a personal note, since I have (like many other Jews) been a volunteer in various Israeli army programs several times, I have – unlike the regular Swedish correspondents, journalists, politicians and foreign news experts and opinion makers – seen what the Israeli army training and actions are all about. From the inside. And my very own personal experience of it, with arms and wearing that uniform, often – very often – clashes with what is otherwise told to the general public. For instance, the Israeli army programs and training involves compulsory visits to Israeli Arab villages in efforts to foster a peaceful relationship, something that has largely worked, despite Arafat’s repeated efforts to ruin it, with Israel’s Arab Muslim, Druze, Bedouins, Christians and other national minorities inside the so-called green line. And one reason for this to have worked so well is that the army, which at best can be described as an society within the Israeli society, not only has the task of securing the safety for all Israeli citizens, but also such daily smaller issues like the constant support of nurses and doctors for health emergencies.

For instance, a usual example in the psychological warfare is when negative criticism or complaints seem to automatically be counter-attacked with rhetorical accusations of “racism” regarding Arabs and Muslims, but when it comes to Israelis and Jews it has now evolved into “legitimate criticism”.

And what is rarely seen these days are any positive news about Israel. Israeli inventions, such as the flourishing Israeli IT-industry, where patented inventions are being used by electronical businesses around the globe as well as locally. These products help people, pay a large part in the world of medical research, help doctors (and military personnel) with search and rescue teams flying all over the world as they volunteer wherever natural disasters occur. All such ongoing actions are downplayed and silenced and are at best referred to in the back sections of the papers, if mentioned at all.

My own personal theory is that it has very much to do with personal power, and to contain this at any cost, with sensationalistic populist politics in the democratic political sphere. Like for instance when some politicians tend to promise one thing and once they are in power they do just the opposite. The Swedish PM Persson and the Israeli counterpart Sharon seem to have done exactly this. Persson promised that the taxes would not be increased, and that public healthcare costs and queues along with the increasing unemployment would be of the foremost concern. Sharon was elected due to promises of never abandoning an inch of Yesha (Judea/Samaria) or Gaza as it could be regarded as an award for terrorism. Once in power exactly the opposite has happened, despite the previous promises. Like I said; to gain and hold on to personal power. The same goes for journalists. If the media tells a story that a bomb just exploded somewhere among innocent civilians, this is regarded as news, but when media subsequently changes the original report (which they subscribe to from various international news agencies) and then change it to suit their own personal political viewpoints, using it for their own political agenda, like adding that the bomb was planted by “militants”, “freedom fighters” or “resistance fighters” in “the struggle” and a plethora of other imaginative adjectives instead of the plain word “terrorists” – then the vocal psychological war has started yet again. There are several interesting online recourses, governmental as well as civilian, for the subject of psychological information warfare, such as Iwar , with plenty of useful information on dis-/information war tactics ranging from plain disinformation up to actual computer break-ins planting falsified information.

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