Propaganda myths and logical facts

Just an example of the so often recurring misunderstandings that are happily presented by critics against Israel every now and again, is when some repeatedly and with fervor try to one-sidedly blame the now ongoing cycle of violence on the elected prime minister Ariel Sharon.

Have a look at page 8, where the Palestinian minister of communication’s speech went like this:
…”at which [Arafat] stood up to President Clinton and firmly rejected the American terms [for a peace agreement], in the heart of America. Arafat is the first president to unequivocally tell America that he rejects the American terms when he was in the heart of America, when he was still in Washington and Camp David and to the state that he will not give in to the American terms, whatever the circumstances or challenges”
One could easily argue, that what was said here wasn’t perhaps in one of the most subtle diplomatic finger tip sense, but probably more of a medieval clandestine Arab Muslim dictatorship feudal view on how one portrays courage and strength to one’s subjects, and then instantly finds oneself being cornered, trying to explain counter accusations of xenophobia and “racism”.

But it was continuously explained in various Swedish media and left oriented groups that Sharon’s visit at the Temple Mount with his “provocative” walk, should be considered the main factor that made the Arabs so outraged, that this current wave of violence that has been going on so far, was the cause for what since then plagues the Israelis. The Arabs themselves have had, as usual, no remorse whatsoever according to some officials in the Swedish debate, i. e. not only bias, but the total usual shift of blame and devastating burden of guilt from aggressionist terrorist Arabs put onto their Israeli civilian victims.

Furthermore, by sheer logic in itself, the elected Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon should be able to walk wherever he so wishes in his own country, and especially so in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in other countries, statesmen are able to walk freely wherever they like, in their own countries. But what’s even worse is that this insinuates the absurd claim that Jews, any Jew, can’t, or rather shouldn’t visit the holiest place in Judaism, without having to risk their lives. For instance, how would Muslims feel and react if foreign powers denied them access to their holy sites?

In this conflict there are several propaganda myths that have been spat out at such a fast pace by devoted Israel critics that it’s hard to keep up with them. There are also known facts and logics presented in an on-line American-Jewish library, available on the Internet (free of charge) for anyone who has the slightest interest in this conflict. Thanks to the Swedish attitude, there is even (new for this year) a special edition now, consisting of 461 pages devoted to Myths and Facts about Israel and the Arab world in Swedish translation, (Just the carefully cultivated and nursed myth of Sharon’s promenade can be read more about in chapter 8).

For example, let’s debunk yet another one of the recurring accusations against Israel. “Israeli army targets children”. Really? Has anyone who makes such accusations been to an IDF briefing lately? Have they heard the officers say: “Boker tov chayalim ! (God morning soldiers), your task for today is to target children, shoot them on sight, preferably indiscriminately, and shoot with the intent (of course) to kill unarmed civilians”?

Does it seem credible and believable that a democracy would issue its officers these orders for the soldiers to carry out? That a democracy, due to its basic system with freedom of press, and therefore one of the areas most populated with journalist in the whole Middle East, would come up with such a thing? Jews as scapegoats have been accused of many things throughout history, but being plain retarded is not one of them (rather the opposite). And if Israel actually would do this, there wouldn’t be any Arabs left. Israel’s army is a local superpower in the neighborhood, where the trained elite soldiers are operating the latest state of the art warfare equipment, ranging from night vision goggles with hand operated belt fed portable machine guns equipped with mortars and video/laser sights, up to the latest aircraft that could be equipped with supposed tactical nuclear capability. Israel has an overwhelming firepower at her disposal. So if Israel really had this on the agenda, there wouldn’t be a conflict problem anymore. And no Arabs either, since they all would be dead and martyred.
Fact is, Israel has been restrictive when it comes to use of violence. That’s right, and please do feel free to investigate on your own if you don’t believe this to be a fact, and compare with any other conflicts including Muslim Arabs fighting each other over the last hundred years, when Muslims has fought each other both in civil wars and national wars. Then check the numbers of the body count resulting from those clashes.
So, did the Israeli army deliberately and primarily target and murder innocent unarmed civilians? No.
Has Israel’s self-proclaimed and sworn enemies done so? Yes.
Have civilians got caught in the crossfire’s between Israeli Defense Force clashes with terrorists (without uniforms, hiding amongst their civilian brethren), and subsequently collateral damage could have and did occur? Yes.
Can anyone name any war anywhere in the world where civilians don’t get and haven’t got caught in such crossfire, and preferably with at lesser degree of casualties? No.
On the other hand, when it comes to using violence, Muslims and Arabs have, at times of peace, in various parts of the Middle East been known to send their own children out into mine fields, only issued with a one-way plastic key around the neck in order to gain entrance through the “gates of Paradise”, before clearing the path of hidden mines by blowing themselves up.

Another common thing, that has been part of Jewish history lately, at least for the last 2000 years, are incredible accusations that ranges from skewed misunderstandings to biased, jumped-to conclusions, blood libel slander, history forgery and fabrications, distortions of truth, and outright lies, all with the same ultimate goal. 500 years ago everyone knew that the world was flat, 70 years ago people knew there was an superior Aryan master race (well, some still stick to those obsolete ideas), and in the beginning of this new so called civilized millennium the world knew that an Arab boy named Muhammad Al-Dura was “murdered by Israelis”, when in reality all logics and facts point towards the Arabs themselves as the perpetrators. And also, the world knew that “Israel committed genocide” in an Arab village called Jenin, when in fact a majority of those 50 Arabs killed in combat there were armed terrorists that used the village as a terrorist base camp including suicide bomber training and bomb factories, which only the previous month had resulted in 140 murdered Israelis, primarily civilians. But for some it seems all these logics and facts have blown out the window – as per usual if there is a Jew, or today, an Israeli, involved somehow.

In the end, all this propaganda boils down to that one “new” single ultimate goal, to attack and destroy the only Jewish nation in the world, and the only democracy in the Middle East. First verbally by “explaining” (with shallow excuses), then making a shift in the public climate opinions and towards the only next logical step; the physical attacks that have the later, final goal regarding some of the Arabs’ own testimonies, of complete destruction. The Arabs’ and Muslims’ various leaderships have made absolutely no secret about this final goal. Instead they brag about it. And they have tried for sure to fulfill their wishes for this ultimate goal. Yes, that is exactly the same ultimate goal Adolph Hitler had, along with various other leaders during the history, for the Jewish people throughout history.

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