Prelude, Cartoons

Some examples of protests that touches (or torches) Europe

End of 2005, France
Riots. Hundreds of cars set to flames for over a week as thousands of protesters rampages the suburbia’s of France. Evidence of direct Muslim involvements, where immigrants from former colonies of North Africa is evident, in staging such riots, are of course suppressed and hidden in most of the Swedish major papers.

Beginning of 2006
Global protests, in Syria, Lebanon. Disputed areas, Gaza and Judea/Samaria, United Kingdom, and Asia. Hundreds of Scandinavian national symbols flags being torched, the EU office in Gaza is invaded and occupied by masked and armed mobs belonging to Fatah, and along with Hamas they threaten to kill Scandinavians. In London Muslim protesters gathers with placards reading, “Behead those who insult Islam”, “Massacre those who insult Islam “ “Freedom go to hell”.

Danish, Swedish and Norwegian embassies are torched in Syria and completely burned out. The following day the Danish consulate goes up in flames in Lebanon after some 20 000 bussed in rioters chant “Allah is the greatest”. Dozens of people are killed in the following protest riots globally. The focus of the world is aimed at Denmark. Not many outside of Sweden would know about the crisis emerging in Sweden simultaneously, but it is revealing and very telling about these times.

As a counterpoint the Swedish National Encyclopedia is reported to the police in order to test printing laws, schoolbooks that may contain normal historical illustrations of the prophet Muhammad, was proposed to be retracted or censored in the future.
A legislation was now proposed in order to ban all “religious incitement”, at least when it might be directed at and against the Muslims with cartoons – not from the Muslims, against all non-Muslims; with examples like previous death threats and encouraging chants for the slaughtering of Jews (note: not Israelis) in the mosque’s on Swedish soil:

My Considerations

“The lecture “Our conflicts with the Jews” contains, as many of the other technical recordings that was confiscated, statements that are strongly critical towards the Jews. They are in a very high degree imprinted by the historical and ongoing conflict in the Middle East.
The statements occurring must be judged against that given background, e.g. the often very violent conflict. There is no way thus, according to my meaning, at the examination not to disregard that from this context. It also includes statements that are made here in Sweden. But the connection also means that the matter is difficult to judge.
The current lecture contains statements that are strongly insulting to Jews; among other things they are consistently called brothers of apes and pigs. Further is stated a curse over the Jews, and the texts encourages Jihad (holy war) whereby suicide bombers are celebrated as martyrs.
In another connection statements as the now presented would clearly have been judged as incitement against any group of people, it would in any case have been concluded. The question is then if they shall now be judged differently, and what’s considered allowed because they are being used by one part of an ongoing deep conflict where battle cries and defamation are natural and expected, and included as every day segments in the rhetoric surrounding this very conflict.
It is clear that not just any statements can be allowed in this country just because they are a part of a deep and armed conflict going on in another part of the world. But, for example, encouraging suicide bombings and other violence in the conflict area can hardly be regarded as being criminal acts here, even though it contains actual threats of violence towards another people. The same should be applied with regards to blasphemy in the same context. However, it would be different if one should encourage violence or hate to be acted out here, in this country, against the same group of people; even severe abuse and insults in the same context should then to be judged as criminal acts.
My conclusion is then, that the just mentioned statements, despite its contents, are not to be judged as incitements against another group of people according to Swedish legislation. I take into consideration as well, the so-called instructions in circumstances where Swedish law shall be interpreted in the light of the demands that the European convention sets for freedom of speech.

Regarding the battle songs performed on the tapes its purpose is first and foremost to create a will for struggle from and for the Palestinian people. It is also intended to create awareness of the so-called Palestine question and to call for help from the Arab world in the struggle against the Jews. The songs sung – as far as it has/could be judged – does not contain any threats against the Jews. It is implied however that they on the other hand contain incitement against the Jews and threats against the State of Israel. With regards to what has been stated earlier about the context, still they cannot be regarded as incitement against groups of people according to the intention of the law.
My conclusion is therefore that there are no prerequisites for a convicting sentence for incitement against groups of people with regards to the content of the technical recordings that I have investigated. Hence there is no reason to continue the pre-investigation in light of this.
Since I also haven’t found enough reason, with legal means, to try and get access to the recordings that were the reason for this investigation being initiated, it shall end here.”
Göran Lambertz, Chancellor of justice, Diary Number 6335-05-33 Decision 2006-01-02

Hate speech masqueraded by presumptions as free speech (in this case) was now instead officially okay as reference point for the future, by the so-called government appointed upholder of the freedom of press laws and legislations, at least if it happens to be directed against the Jews in Sweden. Within a month hundreds, if not thousands, of articles and chronicles were being published in the western media; this time about some cartoons though. And a worrisome and very large number of those were inventing new excuses, making apologies and appeasements and have many explanations for why one should never even criticize the Islamic faith or its disgruntled Muslim followers. During that week of orchestrated insanity let's take a closer look at what happened to and in Sweden:

“’Within forty eight hours all Swedes and Danes must have left Palestinian land – or else…’
The threat was left in a fax message to the Swedish general consulates in Jerusalem on the Monday.

The fax from the al-Aqsa martyrs read, ‘Danes and Swedes, under the protection of their governments, have posted placards that insult the prophet Muhammad.’ Beyond the demand that all Swedes and Danes are to leave ‘Palestinian land’, encouragements are made in order to also boycott all Swedish and Danish companies, and immediately deport all other foreigners, until their countries has clarified their position in the issue.”
Threats and boycott against Swedes in Palestine, GT (January 29, 2006)

“Almost all Scandinavians left the Gaza strip on Monday, after threats from the al-Aqsa brigades demanding that all Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians are to leave ‘Palestinian soil’ within 48 hours.”
Lotta Schüllerqvist “Scandinavians flee Gaza, DN (January 30, 2006)

“Danes and Swedes, under protection of their governments, have posted placards insulting the prophet Muhammad” From the consulate’s side recommendations were given to the approximately 550 Swedes present in the Palestinian areas, not to travel around the West Bank, and under no circumstances travel to Gaza, avoiding showing of their flag or in any other way demonstrate that one is Swedish.”
New threats against Swedes after Muhammad pictures, Expressen (January 30, 2006)

“Threats from the al-Aqsa martyrs brigades must be taken seriously, the Swedish security Police (SÄPO) reports, and also that they are working intensely to analyze new threats being made against Swedes and other Scandinavians in Gaza.”
SÄPO director regards the threats as serious, Expressen (January 30, 2006)

“The Swedish government regards the threats made against Swedes in the Palestinian areas as very serious. We are now taking action to ward off the threat, says foreign minister Laila Freivalds.”
Laila Freivalds Statement by Laila Freivalds delivered in the Palestinian areas regarding the threats against Sweden, Government statement (January 30, 2006)

“Sweden’s Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds called the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Monday evening for assistance in fending off the threats made against Swedes. She wanted to ensure that Abbas understands that Sweden has not insulted the prophet Mohammed.”
Freivalds: “Wrong about Swedish insults, City paper (January 31, 2006)

“We do not really believe that Sweden is addressed with regards to this. By negligence or foolishness we have been drawn in.” – Swedish generalconsul Nils Eliasson
Threats against Sweden a misunderstanding SVD (January 31, 2006)

“We also hate Sweden and the EU now”
We also hate Sweden, TV4 (January 31, 2006)

“Apologies regarding the Muhammad pictures were not enough. Islamic fundamentalists now threaten with suicide attacks against Scandinavia – We must take these threats seriously, says Jan Hjärpe, professor of Islamology”
Åsa Asplid, Islamics threatens with terror bomb, Expressen (February 1, 2006)

“The western world, Scandinavia not the least, pays tax billions to keep the corrupt Palestinian administration under its wings. Now the Islamists have taken over.”
Johan Hakelius, They don’t throw out the tax billions, Aftonbladet (February 1, 2006)

“All citizens and diplomats are regarded as targets for the People’s Resistance Committee and the al-Aqsa Martyrs brigades” and that “each and everyone in Palestine bearing a Danish, Norwegian or French passport is outlawed”
Lotta Schüllerqvist, New demonstrations expected after Friday prayer DN (February 2, 2006)

“This is about a translation of some sentences from Arabic to Danish, that we shall use here in Lebanon in three days (Sunday), when we shall demonstrate against the Danish insults against our prophet. Sentences that we shall we write and show on TV and the like. We try to do as good as possible, inshalla. Thanks in advance and may Allah accept from us.”
Yehia, (Pseudonym posting:), is there someone that knows Arabic and Danish I need help, on Sinbad, a Swedish Muslim Internet forum (February 2, 2006)

“Damascus was tonight a besieged city after the violent riots, where thousands of infuriated demonstrators smashed the Swedish Embassy to bits … - It’s like a war zone, we do what we can to help the injured, says the eye witness Alma al Sayed to Expressen”
Lars Johansson, Niclas Rislund, Anna Wahlgren, Swedes flee Damascus after the embassy attack, Expressen (February 5, 2006)

“Sweden has for decades been one of the largest donors of aid to the Palestinians, but suddenly also Swedes were threatened, when masked men waved their automatic machine guns in their faces. After a while the threats against Swedes were redrawn, but on the mid level between people the damage was already done … Let me address the Swedish people directly, since Sweden was forced into this by some small marginalized groups. What happened pains me, my government, and president Abbas that has condemned the actions … The mission as a PLO representative in Sweden is Salah Abdel Shafi's first diplomatic work. He is an economist, trained in Berlin, has a German wife and ‘two half German sons’. Prior to this he has worked for the UN, the private sector, the American aid organization USAID and the civilian Palestinian community. … The economist that became diplomat describes Abbas’ situation; … Now it takes fast action and a clear pragmatism within Hamas so that the situation do not get out of order and the Palestinian authority PA as a result will stand completely broke. The western world makes clear demands for its aid to a Hamas lead PA. But Salah Abdel Shafi claims that the west does wrong in strangling the aid flow already at this point, before we even know what the government and its program will look like.”
Bitte Hammargren, Diplomat apologizes after threats against Swedes, SVD (February 5, 2006)

“The Liber publishing house today decided to stop the sales of school textbook on religion for the intermediate level that contains images of the prophet Mohammed. That says Jonas Hehrne, spokesperson on the association for Swedish textbooks and teaching aids. The association is to have written information of the sales stop. Liber refers to information that will be published on the publishing house’s home page. The Haga School in Varberg has decided to remove one textbook that contains illustrations on the prophet Muhammad. The book is intended for junior high school and was published in 1993.”
Muhammad out of schoolbooks, SVD (February 7, 2006)

“For a week Palestinian police stands on guard outside the TIPH headquarter in Hebron, but they were quickly chased away by the furious crowd of people on Wednesday morning. Stones where hurled against the building, and a number of windows were smashed. Some 60 observers, many of them Swedes, took refuge in their offices.”
Tomas Härenstam, Swedish observers attacked in Hebron, Expressen (February 8, 2006)

“How backwards are those Muslims that yell, torch and trample on flags? Well, excuse me for asking, but if you are honest you know that particular question was really there all along.”
Johan Hakelius, Everyone wants to belong to a group of victims, Aftonbladet (February 8, 2006)

“Sweden warned by Arabic medias
The news that a Swedish paper is publishing its own Muhammad caricatures is topping the Arabic news airings.
- Sweden has not learned the lesson from the Danes, the TV channel Al-Manar [Hezbollah] reports … I will contact our embassy in Damascus to discuss the question. This is really serious and we must take a stand if we will be able to convey an apology or how we shall proceed, says Pierre Saad, Swedish consulate civil servant in Beirut.”
Kassam Hamadé, The warning to Sweden, Expressen (February 9, 2006)

This happened because during this week, a small Swedish online paper had published, along with the rest of the world, one example of the reason for the latest riots. An illustration of the prophet Muhammad.

“The Syrian government protested yesterday by calling up the Swedish ambassador in Damascus for a meeting.
Several medias in the Middle East has, according to Freivalds, reported that a ‘large Swedish paper’ has published one Muhammad caricature
-We know that there is extremist amongst Muslims that is not contest with demonstrations but goes for violence –and it’s from that part there may be a threat condition, says Laila Freivalds.”
Robert Holender, Clas Svahn Muhammad drawings removed after Security Police phone call, DN (February 10, 2006)

That was what brought on the wrath from the Hezbollah TV channel. Which all of a sudden prompts the Swedish foreign minister to issue another press statement (also very quickly available in Arabic), Laila Freivalds, foreign minister:

“Arabic medias have noticed that Swedish extremists on their webpage have arranged a contest in caricature images portraying the prophet Mohammed.
- I will, in all situations, defend the freedom of press, but the SD-Kuriren provocation I firmly distance myself from. It shows a complete lack of respect, says Laila Freivalds.
It is horrible that a small group of extremists put Swedish persons and Swedish interests in apparent danger. In the heated situation that we now find ourselves in I find this tremendously serious. It’s a small group and they have no support in our country.

- I apologize that in Sweden is found single individuals so ruthless and that they purposely insult other peoples’ religions.
- I am ashamed that in our country it is extremists that – in the name of freedom of speech – try to use those very rights that we hold so high, in order to insult other human beings and further add more fuel to a conflict where all forces now should come together in order to reach a solution.”
Laila Freivalds, Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds about the SD-Kuriren provocation, Government statement (February 9, 2006)

“In another development, the Hezbollah-owned TV station Al-Manar, which reported that Sweden had insulted Muhammad, was on Friday playing down the reports.

‘We're not doing any more about that. We've spoken to Swedish diplomats and now know that the Swedish government was not behind the competition for caricatures of Muhammad. This is a dead story,’ duty reporter Dia Abu Taam told TT's correspondent Stefan Hjertén”
SÄPO stops Muhammad cartoon site, The Local (February 10, 2006)
Anyone at this moment who has remembered the years of ongoing constant highly insulting extremist anti-Semitic propaganda rants emanating from Radio Islam from and in Sweden?
Civil servants belonging to the Swedish Foreign Ministry along with the security police “make” the hosting ISP shut down the SD-Kuriren webpage within hours. Yes, this is an example of a clash between civilizations. And there is one descriptive word to summarize this: Dhimmitude

“This is the lesson of Cartoon Rage 2006, a cultural nuke set off by an Islamic chain reaction to those 12 cartoons of Muhammad appearing in a Danish newspaper. We have watched the Muslim meltdown with shocked attention, but there is little recognition that its poisonous fallout is fear. … And fear in the media, which have failed, with few, few exceptions, to reprint or show the images. With only a small roll of brave journals, mainly in Europe, to salute, we have seen the proud Western tradition of a free press bow its head and submit to an Islamic law against depictions of Muhammad. That's dhimmitude.
Not that we admit it: We dress up our capitulation in fancy talk of "tolerance," "responsibility" and "sensitivity." We even congratulate ourselves for having the "editorial judgment" to make "pluralism" possible.”
Diana West, Cartoon rage, Washington Times (February 10, 2006)

Or as the BBC news report concluded:

"It is believed to be the first time a Western government has intervened to block a publication”
Sweden shuts down website over cartoon, BBC (February 10, 2006)

“The Swedish aid is one of the worlds perhaps most effective. But we can always become even better.”
Carin Jämtin (Minister of Aid), Sweden is a role model to other countries, SVD (February 11, 2006)
Another conclusion from Sweden’s most famous anti-terrorist expert working for the Swedish military:
“The Foreign Ministry’s and the Swedish Security Police shutdown of the Sweden democrats’ online paper was really a way to score a splendid own goal - and a large victory for Islamites that demand that one shall follow precisely their interpretation of Islam, Muslim or not. “
Magnus Norell (Swedish) Foreign Ministry obeys the Islamites, Expressen (February 11, 2006)
Nota bene, Johan Hakelius from Aftonbladet (of all papers!) is one of the very few Swedish media representatives who at these times went against the flow, aiming for the core issues.
Namely, the questions of the Swedish taxpayers’ involuntary aid to foreign groups, those who send economists as diplomats, and that also has encoded and outspoken genocide goals on their political and religious party programs aimed against their peace partners.

This (along with the results of) is team Islam on tour, and some of their multitudes of followers are acting like illiterate football hooligans running amok, setting their surroundings on fire wherever and whenever they can. And the Swedes really, really respond firmly? Meanwhile the western media is continuing to feed images of some of the human beasts rampaging, high on their religious drugs. It’s a sick charade on display, where some brainwashed Muslim Arabs happily takes on the role as disturbed children, screaming and complaining like spoiled crybabies.

And this is just the beginning of the millennium. Meanwhile this smaller skirmish continues, the Islamic theocracy of Iran, as an outspoken and sworn enemy against Israel (who also denies and then ridicules the Holocaust. At this time they thought it should be nice with there own public cartoon contest to mock the Holocaust and its Jewish victims), because Israel represents the western world to the Arab Muslim world, continues with their nuclear ambitions. A program they have put in hard efforts for decades. That the EU and UN mainly have turned a blind eye, not realizing or perhaps not caring, that their new predicted next generation of military intercontinental ballistic missiles of the Shahab series soon will have a traveling distance range that can reach beyond Israel. In other words, Europe. And could then be fitted with nuclear warheads. As taught, death pleases the Muslims. At least some of them, as has now been seen so far, by the numerous reoccurring celebrations worldwide after terrorist atrocities.

But this won’t stop some of the Swedes however, before the month ended, when the Swedish embassy was torched and citizens received orgies of collective death treats. A new moral low-level bankrupt policy statement decree was issued instead. From the government subsidiary that effectuates the government political views on aid, that can ‘become even better.’” directly after weeks of rioting:
“Sweden's state-run aid group pledged on Monday more than five million Euros in additional aid to the Palestinian territories as Israel and the United States halted much of their funding following Hamas's election victory.

‘The humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has worsened,’ the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) said in a statement, adding that it would provide 50 million kronor (6.4 million dollars) to the United Nations' aid programs there.”
Sweden increases Palestinian aid, The Local (February 20, 2006)
Yes, this is the operation from the same government that has pleaded that Swedish foreign aid is equivalent to (its) foreign politics, now instead increasing sponsorship to disputed areas, ruled by EU blacklisted terrorists. Tolerance towards the intolerant or perhaps appeasement, including payoff – official and in public, in what may rather be viewed more like official bribes to people behaving like barbarians? The charade-like behavior reminds more of mobsters or biker clubs extortions for “protection money” issues, only now at a much larger and international scale.

Another conclusion, this time by an associate professor in international politics and security politics researcher, the same day as Sweden increases the handouts, giving away money, note: not loans, to the most effective Jew killers of the new millennium:

“During the last weeks has the following happened in the West Bank and Gaza: The Danish and Norwegian flags have been burned and trampled on, Scandinavian aid workers lives have been threatened, EU-offices occupied by armed Islamists, and the Nordic observation force TIPH has been evacuated after attacks from stone throwing Palestinians.

Only Sweden gave during last year 275 millions tax kronors to the area, where a part has gone to the local Hamas mayor – precisely that group that so effectively has been spreading Hamas’ influence and contributed to the election success. How grateful the Palestinians are for those many decades of flowing Scandinavian aid and political support we have seen during the last weeks.

But think if it really is the way it looks; that half the Palestinian leaders are corrupt Fatah-people that rather consequently have defrauded our taxes, and the other half is a bunch of terrorists that want nothing else than to exterminate all Jews and obliterate Israel?
Then think if all the Palestinian voters that made sure to give Hamas a majority of the votes, were fully aware of what they voted for. Yes, think if. The latest developments should lead to that many day dreamers to do just that: Re-think.”
Ann-Sofie Dahl, Debate: About time to rethink, KVP (February 20 2006)
“Salah Abel Shafi however thinks that Freivalds can do more:
- The Government should not wait to act until insulting scurrilous portraits are published.
It is important that no government lets the freedom of press go overboard.”
Erik Magnusson, Freivalds fended off Swedish Muhammad crisis, Sydsvenskan (February 23, 2006)
Indeed, lets for comparison just look at one description, of the innumerous previous examples, of the regular reoccurring Arabic propaganda images, in the official authorities operated, partly by Swedish aid donations, and controlled press.

“Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, the Palestinian Authority’s official daily newspaper, published an anti-Israeli anti-Semitic cartoons drawn by Omayya Joha (May 13, 2005). It depicts a Jew impaling the northern region of a map of the Arab (and Islamic) world with the flag of Israel,1 drawing blood, while at the other end what appears to be an Arab is hanging upside down, holding a white flag.”
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S), Anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic hate propaganda in cartoons published in the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda (May, 2005)
But how could all this have happened? Could any of it been foreseen or predicted? Were these the only and separate incidents, or are more, and worse, to come?
What was some of the prior mindsets during these years that could allow the situation to lead up to these, and other, actions? What follows is a brief historical compilation of how the Swedish nation acted the previous years, in the beginning of the new civilized and enlightened millennium.

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