A Peaceful Future

What then is the formula for peace, in order to end this conflict? The answer is probably that there isn’t just one answer. And this is a question, which has occupied the minds of many political leaders. For my own part, I base my conclusions on historical and verified records as well as on international law, instead of myths and plain lies. Then the natural and logical conclusion should be a just two state solution. In any case such a scenario will make demands on all involved parties, and especially on the part bearing the main responsibility for the reasons as to why the conflict hasn’t ended, with passivity against the supposedly controlled active aggressive actions.

And in this question the larger part of that responsibility lies with the Arab and Muslim leaders of the world, who has initiated the hatred and refused to end the hostility with the past and ongoing aggressions against Israel. An Arab world that today alone controls a land area 500 times larger than the State of Israel, and where only Jordan controls an area 4 times larger than Israel, from the former British mandate. Every Israeli state leader has declared this and argumented in order to reach peaceful solutions. A personal observation of a couple of pointers that should be mandatory if any future peace will ever have a chance to succeed:

• The Arab world represented by the Arab League unilaterally for all its member states accepting Israel’s existence, and right to such an existence.

• The Arab political parties to immediately abolish their political programs that speak of promises such as the annihilation of Israel.

• Radical reform programs of the UN organizations, with the intent that only member countries allowed to participate are those who are recognized as democracies, and who hold democratic elections within their own countries. Dictatorships for example within the organization OIC, should not be able to misuse the UN system for political blackmail, since they themselves don’t acknowledge the democratic system’s ideas even within their own states, and therefore cannot be considered being spokespersons for the majority of people’s opinion in those states.

• Terror is once and for all defined, and thereafter combated in all its forms. Dutiful lip service and superficial condemnations every once in a while is far from enough to combat those who break all earthly, higher moral or legal values.

• Demands on the Arab Muslim part in the conflict, as the creating cause and continuation of the problems, in order for them to solve their self-inflicted problems.

• Arab leaders within the PA to be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity at an international tribunal.

• The Arab world to cease with the state sponsored indoctrination of children and adolescents resembling brainwashing, which is today aimed at the new generations of Arabs and Muslims via schools, media and religious institutions. Refusal to comply is punishable by sanctions.

• Massive psychological aid is to be offered by the democratic world community to the Arab world, similar to that of when former members of various sects are being de-programmed, into democracies with society core values of individual freedom.

• The Muslim Arab world is democratized and welcomed in to the new millennium, where citizens live full lives where they enjoy full human rights.

• The Arab world’s recognition of its guilt and responsibility to take care of its own refugees. Permanent closures of the inhumane camps in Israel’s neighboring countries, such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan etc.

• The world’s aid to the Arab world is made on conditions, frozen or is withdrawn completely if no measurable results can be shown proving honest striving towards peaceful solutions.

• World recognition that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan constitutes of approximately 80 per cent of the previous British Palestinian mandate, and therefore has to contribute largely with its four times larger land areas to constitute a national home for those Arabs in areas that don’t wish to be part of Israel.

• Offerings of Jordan or other Arab citizenship for the Arabs who lack such citizenships in the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria.

• Complete integration of these Arabs in Arab countries without the present restrictions.

• Withdrawal of land for Israel, since when it comes to security, strategic important areas are no guarantees for lasting peace, rather the opposite, and can easily be viewed as a reward of Arab/Muslim aggression and terror, which won’t give Israel safe and secure borders.

• Israel annexes permanently the Judean/Samarian areas, which Jordan already with the peace agreement (1994) has resigned all future claims to.

• Israel to allow Arabs without citizenship in Israel to live in such areas, with, for example the Nordic region’s agreements between the countries, as a role model.

• Israel grants and hands over a certain degree of self-rule, i.e. local municipal rule, where the inhabitants can control their every day regular society functions, such as welfare and hospitals, which won’t have an impact on, or can be perceived as, any threat against the State of Israel.

This is precisely what the Swedish Foreign Ministry politics policy, or any other nation whoclaims to support democratic and moral values, should have to support in my humble opinion.

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