Ancient Israel, as well as modern Israel, is probably one of the most well documented civilizations in history, ever. However, this didn’t stop a urgent call from being published, co-signed by no less than seven prior Swedish foreign ministers, and that means all FM’s who served between 1976 and 1994. It concretizes the stupidity or ignorance, or perhaps both, along with the arrogance of the Swedish foreign appeasement politics during the last couple of decades towards aspiring dictatorship regimes. Some of their main points:

- “Stop the building” of the [defensive] Israeli protection fence.
Or in other words, let the mass murderers that mainly target Jewish civilians roam free in cities and on buses. Something that so far only have lead to creation of chaos and mass murdering massacres before the construction started of the fence started.

-“International guarantees” [sic!] to hinder homicide bombers seeking Paradise.
How can anyone make such promises – who is to know for certain what terrorists are plotting in their hideouts? The logical answer is that of course they can’t. It’s an empty political phrase without meaning and without the slightest hint of credibility.

- “Israel has committed ‘extra judicial killings aimed at political leaders’.
Israel has eliminated terrorist leaders who have preached incitement to terror and the destruction of Israel. And what was preached has lead exactly to such terror against innocent Jewish civilians, men, women and children, in attempts to exterminate the Jewish society.

- “Israel bears responsibility since they are ‘the stronger’ part”.
Yes, Israel is strong, but the logic here is flawed since the allied forces were stronger during the end of the Second World War, and indeed they weren’t the slightest bit responsible for the then weaker Nazis, or the atrocities committed by them. And also in this context, Arabs consists of approximately 280 millions outside the disputed areas, in 22 regimes backed by the international organization OIC, representing some 1,3 billion Muslims in 55 different states, where a devastating and overwhelming majority are not democracies. All in all: a perverse yet perfect image of the Swedish policy of appeasement, an image that has ruled in Swedish foreign politics for decades.

-“The establishment of a ‘viable and democratic’ Palestinian state.
The last point can be disputed further, and already has been internationally, time after another, because on a daily basis one can read that Israel should leave “Palestinian land”, but few seem to be able to define exactly what that “Palestinian land” is supposed to be. Undisputed historical facts are, no matter how hard one tries to ignore or alter it, still as follows:

The invading Roman Empire, led by Hadrian, changed the name of the (then already a 1000 year old kingdom) land of Israel, in an attempt to obliterate all traces of the Jews, and instead renamed after the Greek word Philistine around 135 CE, later to be translated into Latin to Syriae Palaestina. In other words, foreign invaders made up a name, an invention, from the Jews’ former enemies the Philistines, a sea faring people who in turn stemmed from the Greek archipelago in the Aegean sea a thousand years earlier and of which there are no traces left, in order to mock and ridicule the Jews and obliterate Israel from history. The Philistines occupied the area around the area that is Gaza today, and was believed to be extinct. Five hundred years later Islam saw the light of day for the first time. Not only is that a distance of hundreds of kilometers between the Greek archipelago and the Arab peninsula, there is also a difference of one and a half millennia between the Muslim Arabs and the Greek Aegean invaders.

When these facts have been established the Israel critics instead often claim that one cannot possibly go so far back in history in order to make legal or moral historic claims to the land. They rather look at times in recent history when Muslims or Arabs included a majority of people, as if that would make legal claims change, which it doesn’t since such matters has nothing to do with ownership rights or legally binding contracts. And the main reason Arabs came to be in a majority was mainly due to illegal actions performed by Arabs (while Jews were the victims of European genocide), such as unlawful aggression wars – something that is suitably “forgotten”, or simply denied.

• No Arabs or Muslims ever claimed sovereignty over the land, in order to create their own nation prior to 1948.
• No independent state or kingdom had since the Romans’ invented name change ever been claimed of the geopolitical area in question.
• There has never ever been a Palestinian state, nation or kingdom – ever.
• In 1920 the only international legal document from the former UN organization in San Remo conference was published:
”The San Remo Conference decided on April 24, 1920 to assign the Mandate [for Palestine] under the League of Nations to Britain. The terms of the Mandate were also discussed with the United States which was not a member of the League. An agreed text was confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations on July 24, 1922, and it came into operation in September 1923."
What did this, as the only issued legally and mutually agreed amongst UN member countries paper prior to Israel’s rebirth on the May 14, 1948, state about Jewish settlements, and what did it have to say about issues like a Jewish national home?
“Article 2
The Mandatary shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home”…

“Article 6
…shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land”…
However, the British Colonial Mandate later violated Article 5 in the same document:
“Article 5
The Mandatary shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power.”
Britain then ceded about 80 per cent of the mandated land, and gave it away for absolutely free to the Saudi Arab tribe of the Hashemite, in order to quell threats of upcoming riots and wars against the French colonized Syria in 1923.
Jordan later was established 1946 as the Hashemite Kingdom, on those 80 per cent ceded by British mandatary rulers, of the former Palestine mandate, from the geopolitical area.

No UN documents speak of any Palestinians prior to 1948; they all speak about Arabs and Jews. Or as the Jewish self-proclaimed anti-Zionist Göran Rosenberg writes in his [my emphasis in bold] book:
“During my two and a half years in Israel I never spoke to an Arab (Palestinians wasn’t a common concept in those days)”…
If one picks up one of several books written at the time (this one by a DN reporter) one can read several statements, yes, even in Swedish, for instance about the Jewish Palestinian institutions like the Palestinian orchestra, consisting of and run by Jews:
”The assembly’s name is the Palestinian Philharmonic Orchestra. Two years ago they celebrated their tenth anniversary. Therefore they already have their own history, their own traditions… It was Bronislav Huberman who took the initiative in order to form the establishment of the Palestinian Philharmonic Orchestra… In 1936 the opening concert took place. Toscanini was the conductor. The maestro was impressed, never had he lead such a brilliant ensemble.”
Perhaps there is some truth to the statements made by the former prime minister, Golda Meir?

The foremost reason for Arab presence and settlements as Joseph Farah reports and asks himself as well as the reading audience:
…“Since 1967, the Arabs have built 261 settlements in the West Bank. We don’t hear much about those settlements. We hear instead about the number of Jewish settlements that have been created. We hear how destabilizing they are – how provocative they are. Yet, by comparison, only 144 Jewish settlements have been built since 1967 – including those surrounding Jerusalem, in the West Bank and in Gaza. Why is it that only Jewish construction is destabilizing?”…
In these areas the restoration during the last hundred years is mainly due to the Zionist movement from the beginning of the 20th century, on what was testified and witnessed by innumerous sources, as barren land, swamps and deserts until it was restored into land with durable living conditions, something which attracted hordes of immigrating Arabs who wished to partake in the welfare that was being brought in as well as the generally better living conditions the Zionists’ restoring land projects had to offer.

The second reason for this demographic shift has been the numerous and recurring illegal Arab aggression wars against Israel in the middle of the 20th century, with its consequential ethnical cleansing (and constant ongoing terror in-between) against Jews in the Arab world and the disputed areas for decades, and the third reason is the huge Arab birth rates of the native numbers from then and up to date.
Muslim Arabs often speak of themselves as being one nation, in Islamic Arabic referred to as Ummah. The Arabs did not want a Palestinian state since they never had any such claims prior to 1948, but they also rejected the very thought of a Jewish democratic nation, with terror and aggression wars as a result in several subsequent annihilation attempts.

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