Israel and the Arabs

Are Muslims or Arabs in general lacking a will of their own, acting like delusional barbarians in random explosions of violence, not able to behave like normal persons in civilized society? Of course not. And one of the ultimate proofs can be found in the state of Israel, the country that leading Swedish politicians and media have accused of “state-terrorism”. However, 20% of the Israeli population, within the so-called green line, is still Israeli citizens of Arab Muslim origin, and who are equally protected by law and the Israeli government. One would logically think that any family caretaker subjected to alleged state terrorism would do his best to escape and seek better living conditions (such as the Christian Arabs have been forced to do, in what is close to ethnical cleansing sanctioned by the PA, in Bethlehem ), and especially so if surrounded by their brethren in Arab and Muslims states. Do these Israeli Arabs love all the Jews? Perhaps not. But they, as a majority, demonstrably don’t resort to violence as the first-hand choice to express any disgruntled feelings. This has been the only Arab Muslim group in the entire Middle East which so far has enjoyed basic and complete human rights, and this since the re-establishment of the state of Israel. They are able to elect their own Arab or Muslim spokespersons. It is also apparent that they have had no wish whatsoever, so far, to move and join to their less fortunate brothers and sisters in the other Middle Eastern countries. Or as stated by an Israeli Arab, Sarah El Shazly :
…”As a Palestinian, I ask the world to please stop exploiting our issue. If you want a do a good deed, find your own. To the singers romanticizing Palestinian suffering, it is not romantic. There is nothing dreamy about it. Where’s the heroism in a small child throwing rocks at a tank? Either warn the child to stay away or just shut up! How dare you do this to our children? Does our suffering give you such good video footage and high ratings?

To the average Arab citizen, stop crying crocodile tears for us. We thank you for your kind feelings, but please, don’t offer us your pity. To the Arab and Islamic governments, fix your own problems. Do not use our misery to blind your subjects to domestic problems. Are you afraid that the people will wise up, and stop hating Israel, and turn on you? You, who have condoned so much hatred, may one day pay the price. You've created monsters, and you won’t be able to handle them. Worry about creating jobs for your own poor people and educating the children, and leave us alone. In short, to all those invested in driving our children to die, please, stay away from us.”
One devoted Islamic scholar that deserves attention is the Italian based professor Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi’s previous statements as an example of Muslims leadership who speak up for mutual understanding (and he also advocated for annihilation of “the thug” Yassir Arafat!). Or Ms Nonie Darwish, raised in the Gaza strip, and her continuous work. So what other conclusions can be drawn – is the greatest major threat to the rest of the world in fact the intolerant Arab Muslim Middle Eastern dictatorships, and not Israel?


No, not some European lip service talk about democracy, but pure, genuine and implemented democracy. Who, besides Israel, has been the strongest advisory when it comes to introducing, yes, even by force, democracy in the Middle East? Well, in the new millennium, USA, with president George W Bush. Advocating for truth and in this sense, real self-determination, whatever one has to say about his methods. And what have, and still is, the European western society been supporting? The Arab and Muslim dictatorships. Trade agreements, oil exchange, arms sales and so on. The thugs from PLO was (and still are, as this is being written) torturing, lynching, executing mafia style any inside opposition within the PA controlled areas. Just like they did in Lebanon. Just like they did in Jordan. And so they are able to continue to be the undisputed, recognized by the UN, one voice for the Arabs in this region, supported by the surrounding dictatorships. Perhaps one day their victims such as the human rights advisor Bassem Eid (under house arrest, whom Arafat was suppose to “represent” but ruled by terror), will dare to speak out openly about the dictatorship the Europeans support.

On the other hand, the professional apologists for extremist Arab Muslim barbarism might find their cause backfiring, in ways they could never dream of, and sooner than they think. When Jews speak of never again, they mean precisely that.

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