After four years of ongoing (what in the Swedish media so popular is referred to as the second intifada) war against the people of Israel, I felt the need to step forward and put together this small eyewitness testimony. I am a Jew. Presented here are my own views. Because of the current political and social climate in Sweden, with assaults and death threats, I chose to be anonymous mostly out of concern for my nearest and dearest.

60 years ago, on the year, during World War II, a Swedish Jew, Daniel Brick, wrote his third version of Why does one accuse the Jews? (1944) where he debunked most of the then ongoing anti-Semitic slandering myths with logical facts. Perhaps it should be re-published unedited (and translated) since the text still stands. Brick, who was the founder of the Swedish Jewish Chronicle, seems to have been forgotten during the years by most of the following generations, who show clear signs of infectious symptoms regarding Jew hate. Today this hate is foremost aimed at the only Jewish nation in the world, and secondly against Jews in the Diaspora, or anyone else who happens to support Israeli democracy.

Of course one can, and should, criticize nations that behave badly. Israel is no exception, but the flip side of that coin; the back of it actually, is that that goes for the critics as well, in this case Sweden. However, if the massive, and in this context un-proportional, criticism against Israel, with demonizing characteristics which on a daily basis have been delivered, were to be met with objective facts, and the critics still insist, one can on good grounds begin to suspect some other, older and more primitive causes that are all too well known to a majority of the Jewish people. One small test would be to see if “the critics” with the same intensity condemns real dictatorships and rouge regimes, or if they, at best, can come up with excuses and “explanations”- or if they simply remain quiet. Or could it be that only the state of Israel is to be demonized, de-legitimized and clearly be judged with double standards? And if so – why!?

When this was written, we were at the beginning of the IT-revolution era, the era where the Internet started to be available in every household in western society. News of what was going on in other parts of the world was now just a computer click away. Scientists had even begun talking about information overload due to this new technology. Today one can find libraries, museums, universities and other deposits of information and swiftly go through endless databases filled with numerous data and information, faster than ever. The only barrier left is, at this moment, language. Presented here however, is what has mostly been made public by persons that have chosen the public arena and public platforms locally in Sweden. The time has now come to change that, and to let it be known that what has been going on in Sweden is only what has been going on in one of the European countries within the EU community.

Some have claimed that the Jews are the coalmine canaries of Europe. The same Jews who have been persecuted for 2000 years, and the last time in “modern” Europe were rounded up for extermination at industrial pace in death camps at a never before seen scale. When sensitive antennas today pick up alarm signals it just might be a good reason to listen to what they are saying. Because if history has taught us anything, it is that it might start with the Jews, but it very very seldom ends there. To put it simply and bluntly, another lesson from time immemorial, in other words, is what first affects the Jews, might affect the non-Jews. In other words, you.

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