Not only had the cards been dealt once again by the European establishments, represented by politicians and press, the clouds were forming; would another storm pass over Europe once again - or fade away? Some of the Jews weren’t going to stick around in order to find out. They had already left. Assimilated Jews may have hidden their stars of David, out of plain fear, while others were pretending or trying to forget their ethnic heritage. Others might have been of the opinion that “enough is enough” and perhaps wanted make sure that the debts would be paid in full, this time with interest, to the European “hosts”. This because:

• In Sweden one can publicly scream and chant “Jew pigs!” and “Death to the Jews!”, unpunished.

• In Sweden the largest morning paper can publish the headline, “Jew hate is legitimate”, without any legal punishment.

• In Sweden an established political party’s youth section, on other issues co-operating with the ruling government, can publicly urge for fundings to terrorist organizations that target and murder Jews in terrorist attacks, and this without any punishment.

• In Sweden the governing Social Democratic party’s under secretary of state for foreign affairs is able to classify a report about a foreign corrupt police state, and then for years continue to pump out millions of taxpayers’ money to a dictatorship regime with a genocidal agenda for a predicted ongoing terror war, without any punishment whatsoever.

• In Sweden the prime minister mourned openly the death of a corrupt dictator who had devoted his last forty years to terrorism and Jew murder until the bitter end.

Now, if one imagines this hypothetical accusation instead, just for a second: “Everybody named Smith are evil.“ And no, not because of what they might believe, what kind of God they pray to, or which political affiliation they belong to (if any, since within the Smiths’ ranks there are also infants who have not yet developed any such preferences), but the Smiths are “the evil ones, they occupy land, they control the media, they own the banks – fact is they’re responsible for everything wicked and evil, and may even be behind the latest earthquake somewhere”. This would sound like an absurd and ridiculous joke, but replace the “Smiths” with the “Jews”, and today also the “Israelis”, and there you have the largely European view on Israel today in a nutshell.

So when is enough enough? A judenrein Sweden perhaps? Yes, at the beginning of the millennium little Sweden actually had some 18 000 registered Jews. That wouldn’t be too much for Israel to airlift out. Israel has done it before, in other parts of the world. Just look at the black “illegal settlers”, as some Swedish leftists like to label Jewish immigrants to Israel from Africa. The course of retaliation can of course take strange routes, while some might sleep with a gun under their pillow. Imagine instead what an Israeli commander of a dolphin submarine parked outside Saudi Arabia shallow waters, allegedly equipped with nuclear weapons, could do if he found out that his daughter just has been blown to pieces in a Jerusalem street in a terrorist attack, while having the GPS coordinates locked on Mecca.

Meanwhile, while the “new Jews” i.e. Israelis, get blamed for the “Middle East problems”, the little Swedish girl Ingrid, who has constantly been called a whore in school, finally gets gang raped by five strangers in a playground. This while the student Johan, who is deemed by the community to be an intolerant “racist” for wearing (with some pride) a T-shirt with the Swedish flag on it, is under deadly knife threat, while being mockingly insulted for his Swedish origin, and robbed of all his valuables in the subway. He does not resist, since the headlines all over the news reminds him of the latest deadly stabbing during a robbery. The collapse of the public healthcare has released asylum patients on to the streets, patients who should be under lock and key, for their own safety as well as the public’s. Yet another one of many single mothers just got sacked from her hospital job, leaving her fewer and fewer remaining colleagues to take on the even heavier burden of the workload, while showing clearly stress related burn-out symptoms, while a grandfather who helped build country is left to rot in his own excrement and bedsores in a hospital bed. His wife is evicted from the house they own, the house where they have lived their entire lives, because she can’t afford the taxes and is told she has to make it “on her own”. A perfect breeding ground for any type of conflict, a civil war for instance.

After the previous dark times in the European civilization from where two world wars originated, a new dawn of a bright millennium sees the light – but has mankind really learned anything from its previous, and very recent, history?

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