This has been a very small selection of the massive allegations of what has been officially published, said and aired in the collective media, mainly in Sweden during a couple of years at the beginning of the new millennium, between 2000-2005. Since it has been going on for several years now, one can draw a couple of conclusions with regards to this. And so did Israel do to.
Never voted for Israel
Foreign Minister Shalom pointed out that in the latest 20 UN voting’s has Sweden voted against Israel 16 times and laid down it’s vote four times.
-You have never voted for us even one time, he said.
Sweden, the country that otherwise brags about its neutrality, has for some very strange reason tried, very intensely and with something close to obsession, to be involved in a massive attack of complaints and condemnations concerning the Israeli internal defense politics, while denying or ignoring the increasing anti-Semitism on Swedish soil. While some of the public debate has been about the “new anti-Semitism”, some have claimed it’s not so new at all; fact of the matter is that it’s the same old anti-Jewish themes, only they have now been upgraded and morphed. Nothing ever stays completely static. In the older form of European anti-Semitism there was no State of Israel and now there is, and Israel, as a symbol for the worldview on Jews, is therefore under constant attack on a daily basis, both verbally and physically.

Various leaders in political parties repeatedly accuse the Jewish nation, the sovereign democratic state of Israel, with unconfirmed rumors, half-truths, distortions, slander and outright lies, for defending itself against a relentless onslaught, primarily aimed at its civilian citizens. The direct consequence has without a doubt been that innocent Swedish civilian Jews, solely because they have been identifiable as Jews, have been harassed and terrorized on Swedish soil. At the beginning of the new millennium a short list is presented which includes those who have participated in various degrees of complaints against and condemnations of Israel, and the official positions they held in Sweden at the time, while simultaneously supporting the Arab Muslims and their actions.

• The three latest Social Democratic foreign ministers
• The deputy prime minister
• The Social Democratic Foreign Ministry’s ambassador to Germany
• The Social Democratic youth movement’s (SSU) two most recent leaders
• The two most recent leaders of the Left party – supporting the ruling government
• MP’s in the Left party – also supporting the ruling government
• The Left party’s youth movement’s two most recent leaders
• The Green party’s MP’s and EU candidates
• The unions
• Various government funded organizations, SIDA, the Olof Palme Center, the Anna Lindh Foundation
• The largest media agencies
• The archbishop
• Parts of the cultural establishment

The only good thing in all of this is that the Swedish prime minister has somewhat managed to resist the ongoing blame-Israel festival. The bad thing about it is that he didn’t do much publicly to combat the biased slander within the ranks of his own political party. This might be the reason why the Israeli prime minister Sharon felt compelled to state the following:
"To the European side, I said, your attitude towards Israel and the Arabs and the Palestinians should be balanced. When it will be balanced, you are most welcome to participate. But at this moment, the relations are unbalanced."
- The Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, January 19, 2003
And a good example of what might be yet to come, was when the terrorist leader Arafat finally died, and the Swedish prime minister in his mourning stated, at the same time as the Swedish media almost went in collective national mourning:
“I feel a sense of sadness, melancholy. A great political leader has died.”
This he said before heading to the memorial ceremony in Cairo as the only European high-level PM politician attending at the taxpayers’ expense (and he missed the memorial ceremony too). This is the neutral Swedish prime minister’s judgment: …“a great leader”…

Strange words indeed to describe a corrupt dictator, who during his lifetime gave the world hijackings and large scale national as well as international terrorism, who denied “his own people” the forming of a viable state, and who set the world on fire in Jordan, Lebanon and Israel with civil terror wars, with tens of thousands of people butchered and many more lives deprived of the hope of a peaceful future. Even worse was when PM Persson then signed an editorial explanation in Aftonbladet, and I quote again, headlined: “Arafat’s dream was ours too”[sic!] Arafat’s political stated dream was “complete… destruction of… existence”. I.e. The annihilation of the “Zionist entity” Israel, by amongst other means, mass murdering Jewish children, just like the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Regardless of Persson’s political motives for this stunt, perhaps he was trying to fish for votes from the Left or Green party before the upcoming 2006 elections, or maybe he was finally simply going along with the older wing of the party, such as the previous FM Sten Andersson and his PLO-liners within the Social Democratic party. However, he had now in this opportunistic cheap shot forever written himself out of the history as a possible trustworthy friend of the Israeli people. And Sweden can therefore not partake in any trustworthy peace brokering deals with its government’s biased anti-Israel attitude, and with such a composition of ministers. It seems that the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s politics mainly consists of condemning democratic states under continuous attack, sounds which can be clearly heard over the silence that speaks volumes of acknowledged support to brutal dictatorship regimes and their actions.

After this list have been checked and counted for a period of over three years, it’s not too far-fetched to claim that this is a pretty good representative image of the collective Swedish establishment, in Swedish society at large. So far, ranging from the collective media, including TV, radio, newspapers and the unions, the church and the politicians have been very busy contributing in various one-sided and loud public condemnations, and the continuous bashing of the world’s only Jewish sovereign state, the only democracy in the Middle East, situated in the midst of a desert ocean of theocratic dictatorships. So while the solidarity has been rather generous with Muslim or Arab organizations where terrorist groups are found around or within, targeting Jewish civilians in Israel, the support hasn’t been notable for the Swedish Jews who have been harassed on Swedish soil. Some historians and others might claim that Sweden historically actually prolonged the Second World War by its submission to, and its iron trade with Nazi Germany, but one can conclude that the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s urging to Hitler Germany to put the Letter “J” in their Jewish citizens’ passports, perhaps, in retrospect, wasn’t the brightest idea. At least not for the European Jews. But after the war ended they all stood collectively dumbfounded and claimed their innocence. The first and best-known excuse after the Nazi horrors had at the time been “We didn’t know”.

And then, when anti-Semitism erupted again within their own borders after their own able help and daily slander, they are still dumbfounded and still they protest their innocence. Of course they are not anti-Semites. They just want to criticize the only Jewish nation in the world – and claiming their right to do so while they know nothing about living under constant threat and continuous war – when that very country is in the process of defending its very existence from crazed jihad maniacs on overt genocidal annihilation operations. The “We didn’t know” excuse is already worn out. Perhaps this is just a shallow and empty European standard slogan they believe can be dusted off and used time and again? In this modern era when the news and official press statements from all over the globe is just one computer click away, it might be a bit harder. After all, this is the era of information revolution.

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