January 17, 2003. The year begins with KG Hammar, the Swedish archbishop, holding the highest rank in a official position within the Swedish church, an organization with more than 7 million (of 9 million Swedes in total) as automatic members, together with the Swedish ambassador to Germany, Carl Tham, and 73 other signatories (including the controversial self proclaimed artist Dror Feiler and Gudrun Schyman, leader and MP for the Left party) go public in DN in a urgent call for an open trade boycott aimed at the state of Israel.
“Stop buying Israeli products”

…“This cycle of violence must be stopped. Both parties must respect human rights, the Geneva Convention and International Law. The Israeli occupation is a permanent violation of and a crime against international law, which has continued over 3 decades. The occupation is the basic problem and the cause of the Palestinian intifada.”…
So it is the occupation that came first, according to the signatories. Once again we have an example of distinguished and prominent persons with little or no knowledge of the situation and a rather distorted view of elementary historical facts, but as a common nominator mainly put the blame on Israel for defending herself. Nothing is mentioned to the readers that when Israel in a defensive war, first after being attacked by the surrounding Arab dictatorships, also liberated these areas from the former illegal Arab occupation – and they so did legally according to principles of International Law. The ‘no terror could equal no occupation’ concept also seems to be hard to grasp for these self-righteous and self-proclaimed critics.
…“Boycott goods from occupied territories. We urge citizens, people’s movements, unions, consumers’ organizations, parties, and companies to boycott merchandise from the illegal Israeli settlements. To buy and trade with Israeli goods from occupied territories is to actively support the illegal Israeli occupation. It is also a crime against International Law.”…
This is a call to the entire Swedish society in the largest morning paper in the country, from an official Swedish ambassador and the highest-ranking spokesperson for the Swedish church. They not only manage to impose their clumsy interpretations of international law…:
…“Terminate the EU trade agreement with Israel. EU has a beneficial trade contracts with the EU area. That gives Israel freedom of trade within the EU area. In the agreement there are regulations of respect towards human rights and democracy. As long as Israel doesn’t show respect for life, freedom of movement and property, the trade agreement should be aborted.”…
… but they also omit important details; not one word is mentioned about why Israel imposes actions in the disputed areas. Not a single line of condemnation of the Arab terrorist atrocities that plague the civilians in Israel, or what punishment is best suited for those terrorists. Instead they demand that the areas from where the terrorist often come, with the sole intention to mass murder Jews, shall have “freedom of movement”, or that the EU otherwise should punish Israel with trade embargos.

The Swedish ambassador Carl Tham manages to mark the 70th anniversary of the German nationwide boycotts against the ancient people of Israel, Jews, initiated by Adolph Hitler himself on April 1, 1933, on the year, only missed by a month and a half. Needless to say, some of the Germans and most of the Jews aren’t too happy with this coincidence and the behavior of the Swedish Ambassador to Germany. It sure does bring back bad memories.

The leader of the political party Christian Democrats, Alf Svensson, is the first to comment on this, the day after in Expressen where he demands that Carl Tham either apologizes or resigns from his post as Swedish ambassador. But why blame Ambassador Tham; his political sense, as well as himself, is already known to some as not exactly being the brightest. He obviously must have thought that it was OK since the previous call for boycott, only tree weeks before during the Christmas holiday, from the youth movement leader Mikael Damberg at the SSU campaign that went by uncommented, and perhaps even silently acknowledged by the Swedish Foreign Office. On January 30, the reply to the written questions 2002/03:417 arrives on the Foreign Ministry’s actions regarding a trade boycott against Israel and question No 427 regarding the ambassador to Germany. The foreign minister Anna Lindh’s message was that she had “spoken with Carl Tham and clarified that I and the government are not in agreement with regards to the perception of a boycott against Israel which he has openly expressed, but I have not taken any action. I still trust Carl Tham and his ability to represent Sweden and look after Swedish interests in Germany.”

On February 3, 2003, there is a response from 223 signatories, both Christians and Jews, who together mark their discontent with the Swedish archbishop in DN headlined:” The Church supports anti-Jewish sanctions.”.

On February 4, 2003, a more thorough response to the Swedish archbishop is presented. The signatories this time consists of several MP’s at Parliament, including several from the Christian Democrats in DN, the article bearing the headline: “The blame cannot one-sidedly be put on Israel.”.Both the ambassador and the archbishop still hold their posts afterwards, without having to apologize to anyone.

On March 27, the Swedish Security police (SÄPO) reports :
“Security situation in Sweden

With the background of the now ongoing USA-lead war in Iraq, the Security police have made the estimation of the security situation in Sweden. The estimations are based on known facts.

International terrorism

There aren’t in today’s situation any indications of any planned terrorist acts in Sweden. However, the security police have since September 11, 2001 made the assessment that in general there does exist a higher threat in Sweden, aimed at persons, organizations or buildings with connections to USA, Great Britain or Israel. (Threat level 3 on a 5-graded scale). The estimation of a higher threat derives from the Islamic terror networks transnational characteristics together with its documented hostile attitude against foremost USA and Israel.
On April 27 the Malmö mosque is burned to the ground, the mosque that is host to Sweden’s largest Muslim community, in what later was revealed to be arson. Someone with a key had managed to get in and poured flammable liquid on the floor inside the main entrance and set it on fire. The event, of course, became a series of installments in Sweden’s southern largest paper, Sydsvenskan, which had a continuous theme for about half a year regarding the investigation.
A report in the paper claims that threats were made during the firefighters’ attempts to extinguish the fire. In an interview with the managing director of the mosque on May 2, he tries to explain the strange behavior and he has already been put at the scene – as an aggressor – in fact the only one identified by a police officer.
“Threats close of stopping extinguishing of fire

…Bejzat Becirov, Managing Director for Islamic Center. He is the only one that directly has been identified in the report from the leader of Malmö firefighters’ rescue squad of the violence and the threats his personnel were subjected to, between last Saturday and Sunday. In total it was a number of around ten individuals who insulted, threatened and spat at the firefighters.
Last night a police complaint was issued as a result. The criminal classifications are “assault against civil servants” and “crimes against the rescue service law”. Filing the complaints was one of the police officers on duty to protect the firefighters.”
On June 27, the staff chief of the Malmö police is quoted by Sydsvenskan’s reporter: The police have called for precautions by their commanding officers.
“The Police have orders to take continued precautions after threats of revenge after the mosque fire has been presented. – The threats are from those circles that dislike the policemen’s hunt for the perpetrators and leads to the inner circles within the Islamic Center.”
Whatever the questions might be, it’s astounding that firefighters are being assaulted while trying to do their job in order to save the mosque from the consuming flames. Even more astounding is the fact that upholders of the law seem not only to feel the need to issue warnings, but also do just that and go public with it, and this because a religious group on Swedish soil might not like what the police might find while conducting their work. At the back of the burned down building someone had sprayed a Star of David, the Jewish symbol, one day before the fire broke out. No perpetrator was ever found by the police after they had completed their investigations.

However, approximately 20 hours after the mosque burned down, unknown perpetrator(-s) threw a Molotov cocktail, a firebomb, into the Jewish burial chapel in Malmö.
Here it is clear from the beginning that this is an arson attempt. Whoever the perpetrator(-s) was in either case was never known (when this was written). On May 15, the police claim that they are close to a solution of the arson attempt against the Jewish chapel. In all of this however, the police never reported anything about being subjected to threats from any Jewish spokespersons or private individuals.

The street festival. On May 5, the left oriented group “Reclaim the Streets” organizes a “street festival” in the center of Stockholm. “Street festival” is the word they like to use to describe their gatherings. Property at the cost of 2,5 million SEK was either destroyed or plundered when the hooligans ran amok and smashed department store windows. In loudspeakers that the left oriented youth (popularly now called and referred to as “Destroy the City”) have brought with them, their message is pumped out over the broken glass on Kungsgatan in the city center: “A tribute to the Palestinian people”.

Terrorists are being recruited amongst Göteborg’s younger Muslims, according to deputy chief of the Swedish security police P O Hellquist in Göteborg. Quote: “We should not believe ourselves to be safe here, especially regarding how badly we have failed with our integration in this country.”

The Stockholm mosque and incitement to mass murder
On August 21, 2003, the liberal youth movement chairman Fredrik Malm tells in a chronicle published in DN, that during the summer he had listened to sermons in Stockholm’s largest mosque.
…“Preaching mass murder in Swedish mosque

Complaints regarding incitement to terrorism aimed at Israelis have been filed by the chairman of LUF, Fredrik Malm. At the mosque at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm an influential extremist preacher has held a conference. The statements given in the mosque can be viewed as pure agitation and incitement to mass murder. It was all about urgent calls for murder and suicide terrorism at a large scale. All Israelis was defined as legitimate targets for attacks. The urgent calls for terror can be prosecuted and therefore I now file a police complaint. Muslims in Sweden ought to be devastated that their mosque has become a center for this kind of hate sermons.”
A reply has been prepared and is presented in the paper the same day. The reply comes from Ahmed Ghanem, in charge of the Stockholm mosque. “We dissociate from suicide attacks” reads the headline, but the text speaks mainly about other things. And what about the much talked of “dissociation”, how about actually condemning incitement to terror – terror that often has led to, and usually continues to lead to, more terror?
“Ahmed Ghanem, chairman of the Islamic society in Sweden, claims that the statements of terrorism and suicide bombings never took place in the Stockholm mosque. We are totally against suicide attacks. Quite the opposite; we call for a dialogue, and we wish to be part of Swedish society. As I gather the text must be wrongly translated, or someone must have intentionally rewritten it in order to serve other political means, he says.
What Fredrik Malm and Jan Björklund claim does not correspond at all. The European council was here for five days in July. But it was a regular meeting between theologians that discuss problems that Muslims in Europe are faced with, says Mahmoud Aldebe, informant for the Islamic society in Sweden;

I criticize the Liberal party (Folkpartiet) for using immigrant hostile politics, the mosque’s task is to perform religious services and social activities and not the things described in the article, says Mahmoud Aldebe.

Ahmed Ghanem says that Muslims, Jews and Christians on Wednesday sat together at Bommersvik and discussed details about a conference to be held in Sweden next year.

- It is about conflict and violence not replacing peace. On the contrary, one calls for collective work towards peace. A statement such as the one Malm and Björklund propose has not occurred, but what was dealt with were questions about integrity and family issues.

- I can guarantee that there never existed any statements of terrorism and suicide bombings in our mosque, and there never will either, says Ahmed Ghanem.”
Now is the first time we hear claims that Muslims are calling for a “dialogue” – which all sounds relevant and nice. Then follows the excuse: “The text must be wrongly translated” and “or one”, it is uncertain who Ahmed is referring to exactly. An accusation: “… has intentionally rewritten” – that someone else has falsified the Muslim’s message? They had “a regular meeting”. If the Muslim representative informer’s view is that this is a “regular meeting” one has reason to be concerned if there is any truth at all to Malm’s statement. The whole affair is then rounded up with the Liberal party as a collective being accused of “ using immigrant hostile politics”[sic!]. Experts follow up with assurances , which are stated in DN on August 22, regarding doubts and that the mosque might be a terrorist nest. This is also followed up by several more accusations against the liberal Fredrik Malm in the same paper (DN) on August 26.
“Fredrik Malm agitates against Muslims

The Islamic Association in Sweden firmly rejects LUF-chairman Fredrik Malm’s claims in the DN debate 21/8 that the Stockholm mosque is used to encourage terror.
Such statements are expression of prejudice and is a direct defamation and calls for extreme actions against the mosque.”
Altogether it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the Islamic representatives dodged the accusations, and that their main reaction instead was to respond with counter attacking in various statements. In just one sentence they stated that they were against suicide terror but that was only when asked directly. One could contemplate that if someone were being accused of being for terrorism, they would use all available means to firmly reject such accusations. For instance, have there even been any remotely similar accusations against Jews; that rabbis would use a synagogue to preach in favor of mass murders against Muslims? Ever?
Malm’s perception obviously had to be checked; perhaps he had misunderstood, or interpreted something mistakenly? On September 4, an article published in the same paper by “Amin Rostorn” (a made up name since “the author has chosen to write under a pseudonym in order to not put himself in danger”. Such is the climate in Sweden these days, even for Muslims that really are righteous. The conclusions were as follows:
“Muslim about the mosque meeting:

I’m a believing Muslim and I live in Sweden, I read Arabic, Swedish and English fluently. I have read Fredrik Malm’s article in the DN Debate-section and also Ahmed Ghanem’s response 26/8. I have read the Arabic original statement from the meeting in the paper al-Sharq al-Awsa as well as the English translation and I regard it as beyond any reasonable doubt that Fredrik Malm speaks the truth and Ahmed Ghanem does not.”
October 11. The front page of Expressen tells that the leader of the Democratic party of the Liberals has received death threats and threats aimed against Jews.
“Death threats and burning Jew hate

VÄSTERÅS. The threats against politicians are racist – and often directly aimed at Jews – one gets surprised every time, says Lars Lejonborg. On
Saturday the Liberal party leader received police protection. The reason was the serious threats he had received via seven emails to the party office. The mails were racist – and directly aimed towards Jews.”
A rare testimony by an emigrated Swedish born and bred Jew now living in Israel, is published in Sweden, due to the governmental initiated invitation to Arabs, to visit Swedish schools in order to tell children about what “it feels like being killed” by Israelis. [sic!]
“To those of you who think that I should have doubts, I want to state the following: When I say that certain Palestinians want to kill me, I don’t mean that metaphorically. What I am talking about is when Palestinians try to kill me on buses, in cars, in cafeterias and pizza parlors, in shopping malls etcetera.

When did you visit a restaurant lately or took a bus ride thinking that soon it might explode? It’s a feeling that every Israeli have every day, as soon they step outside their doors.”…
The research report. On October 20, 2003 Sverker Oredsson and Mikael Tossavainen present a research report regarding intolerance perpetrated by Muslims against Jews in Sweden. In the report alarming issues are presented but the two researchers add in a debate article what only can be considered as their own urgent appeal; in conclusion:
“Intellectuals, politicians and leading representatives of Muslim organizations in Sweden must signal their repudiation of Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism in our country — for the benefit of all.”
The Front Page Magazine publishes a translation of this article. The Washington Post also notices the report in the USA where it is concluded that Sweden now has the second largest percentage of Muslim populations in Europe. Then several Swedish writers in various newspapers and other media fiercely attack the report in various ways. When a certain Jonas Gardell wrote a denial piece, it lead to the researcher then having to sum up some other stated witness testimonies at a later point.
“After the publication of the report several Swedish Muslims and teachers have confirmed the report’s results, Nalin Pekgul and Mehmet Kaplan from the organization Swedish Young Muslims as well as Abdal Haqq Kielan, chairman of the Swedish Islamic Community, have all explained that the anti-Jewish prejudices are widely spread within parts of the Muslim minority and they expressed concerns with regards to this. In reports by Västekot [Radio news] and in GT [Göteborg evening paper] several teachers testify to the problems they have with anti-Semitism regarding certain Muslim pupils.”
But one verbal response really stood out. On October 25, 2003, the paper DN publishes an article written by Jan Samuelsson, a nationwide known academic scholar and PhD as well as an expert on Islam, as a response to the previous research report:
…“But let me say this at once. On the basis of my very close contacts with Muslims in Sweden for more than 30 years, and as a specialist on Islamic topics, I can immediately confirm that there exists what can be described as hatred or intense aversion against Jews in certain groups of Arab-speaking Muslims in Sweden.” …
So far, Jan Samuelsson, the PhD and expert on Islam, has also concluded that Oredsson/Tossavainen’s research study in fact is correct and credible in its conclusions. But that wasn’t really enough for the expert, who is himself a convert to the Islamic religion. The headline of the article is
“Muslim hate towards Jews is justified".
And he apparently felt the urge to ad his own conclusions to really enhance the message:
“This hatred is, in my opinion, both understandable, reasonable and justified.”
The meaning of this can be studied closer if one so wishes. But its pretty obvious what is meant as well as the general meaning of it. To hate Swedish Jews for what’s going on in other sovereign democracies, in other parts of the world, isn’t only just “understandable”. No, according to this “expert” it’s also “reasonable” and even “justified”. Therefore, in Sweden, in the year 2003, it was now proclaimed to be legitimate for example to hate Jewish school children, who probably haven’t yet formed any political or religious opinions whatsoever, on the basis that they happen to have been born as Jews. It can be said without any hesitation to be a rough collective insult and the so called “expert” is guilty of generalization when he puts the entire blame for the situation on an entire ethnic group – and in this case the victims themselves.
This statement of course resulted in an outcry from the Swedish Jewish representatives and friends of Israel, who then felt singled out and picked out for hate and insults. On October 28 DN published a lengthy response:
“The tolerance for anti-Semitism has increased in Swedish society. It often happens nowadays when the prejudice is denied and redefined as criticism against Israel, 43 known Swedes write in DN’s Debate-section. The 43 Swedes’ urgent call is “Jews don’t cause anti-Semitism.”

…”This is the first time after the Second World War that a leading Swedish newspaper chooses to print an article that without any editing claims that hatred against Jews is justified”…
The signatories that lent their names to the protest weren’t novices on this issue. Several of them have been known for many years as foremost experts. Per Ahlmark is the former deputy prime minister and honoree PhD at the Jerusalem university. Henrik Bachner holds a PhD in anti-Semitism. Lena Posner-Körösi is chairman of the Swedish Jewish Central Council. Jackie Jakubowski is the editor-in-chief of the Jewish Chronicle. Furthermore, several individuals among the readers immediately filed complaints to the governmental institution regarding breaching of freedom of press, to the chancellor of justice, Göran Lambertz.

The chancellor of justice however, who had “been informed of the current article”, came to another, diametrically opposite conclusion, than the distinguished signatories and representatives regarding agitation and disrespect, namely that; “the content in a debate article can not be considered agitation against an ethnic group.” And this understanding was investigated quickly. ”Decision 2003-10-29 Diary no 3331-03-03”. So quickly that it only took four days (!) for the bureaucratic red tape to come to such a decision after the article was published. The short reply came from the chancellor of justice and the “conclusion” was that:
“The reported article does not have any statements that goes beyond what is permutable to express within the framework of the freedom of press regulations. There is therefore no reason to open a preliminary investigation regarding the publishing crime of agitation against an ethnic group.”
The printed article was apparently not considered agitation or insulting to the Jewish people and their children in Sweden. What the Swedish law says about agitation against an ethnic group that was similar and resembles to US laws of hate speech:
“§8 Those who in stating or in other messages that spreads, threatens or expresses disrespects towards an ethnic group or any other such group of persons with hints of race, color of skin, national or ethnical heritage, religious belief or sexual disposition, is sentenced for agitation against an ethnic group to prison for at the most two years, or if the crime is insignificant to fines.”
So regardless of the Swedish Islamic expert’s previously written “message” in the paper, spreading this message to thousands of readers, he was of course given another opportunity and had another editorial chance to respond to the “attack” from the 43 signatories, which he also claimed to be a “censorship attempt” – after his statement was already published! And at the same time to enhance his opinion, which was not, judging by the chancellor of justice, disrespectful or insulting towards the Swedish Jews, a couple of days later. And this of course together with some crocodile tears because of some anonymous “hateful and insulting” emails he had received in the meantime.
On November 4, 2003 DN publishes his response:
“ I said it before and I say again exactly that Arabs’ hate against Jews is justified, regarding what Arabs are subjected to by the Jewish state of Israel”
Therefore, to interpret this freely, one of the protected minority groups defined by special laws, the Swedish Jews, many of whom for generations have been living in Sweden as peaceful Swedish citizens, shall all of a sudden accept that new immigrants and asylum seekers from various regions of conflicts have the right to hate them. The question of what follows in the footsteps of such hatred there is historically recorded answers to.

Strangely enough, a thorough report of some 120 pages emerges the same year, about the justice chancellor’s office. This work came from the independent Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. They present criticism regarding a pattern of the Swedish chancellors of justice that does not prosecute enough obvious cases in general.

The editors at DN, who usually rejects reader comments for publication due to “lack of space” however did manage to find some space for a certain Mr Dror Feiler, who only a year earlier signed the protest in the same paper, and who later will make himself also internationally famous, but for a different reason.
“To claim, like the “43 known Swedes” at DN debate 28/10 that anti-Semitism in Sweden often is disguised as Israel criticism, or that Israel criticism is redefined prejudice, in other words anti-Semitism, is taking it too far, That is to trying to strangle criticism against the state of Israel.

Dror Feiler
Musician and composer, born and raised in Israel, currently living in Sweden.”
But who is this expert of Islam, Jan Samuelsson PhD? According to the Writers Center he describes himself thus:
“After a shifting carrier as woodsman, harbor man, bouncer, teacher and researcher among other things, I started to write articles at the age of 37, from Folket I Bild [People in Images], Cultural Front to Svenska Dagbladet [morning paper], most of them political style articles. The political involvement also took expression in the chairmanship of the Swedish Afghan Committee and Årjäng Workers’ Municipality.”
Regarding the commercials for his services, which of course includes lectures on Islam:
“PhD Jan Samuelsson. Active as a lecturer at state administration and colleges of higher learning around Sweden. Has written several books, from novels to university literature. One of Sweden’s most learned on Islam. Has seats in several foundations and is a member of the Swedish Islamic Academy. Board member of various cultural foundations.”
According to his own CV available on his web page (as it looked before his article, after which he quickly rewrote it) the following could be read:
“PhD in religious history, Stockholm University.
Teaches at Örebro University.
Active as a lecturer for various professional groups, often in health care and schools. Has worked as a investigator for the Social Department, the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Social Insurance.”
But the PhD was also even recurring as a lecturer for the Swedish police. And that he worked for the government’s department for social services, directly. The same government that appoints the chancellor of justice. A nibbling thought that is very worrying, is what he might have taught the Swedish police and other upholders of the law, about attitudes in conflict management and hate.

On November 5, the new chairman of the Social democratic youth section (SSU) and the new foreign minister make themselves heard. The new SSU chairman Ardalan Shekarabi (of Iranian origin) was sorry the day after the PhD had his response published, together with 25 district chairmen of the SSU, because the new foreign minister Laila Freivalds was too “paralyzed” and clearly showed “passivity” as she had not spoken “clearly” enough against the Israeli democracy in a article bearing the title” Dare to stick your chin out, Freivalds”. An online search at this time on Iran/Shekarabi/SSU produces an impressing wholesome 16 hits on the SSU webpage, where he, among others, praises the Nobel prize winner Shirin Ebadi. Only one article has come during Shekarabi’s time as chairman for the SSU, speaking about the oppressive theocratic regime that has deprived students of their elementary human rights and jailed them without charges for up to five years. A search on Israel/Shekarabi/SSU reveals 43 articles, all negative, where Shekarabi is the author of several of them. It seems Shekarabi’s foreign policy consists of being more interested in slandering Israel than combating the fundamentalist from his own country of origin. However, only three days later, on November 8, 2003, in the morning paper SvD, Freivalds has heard the call from the SSU chairman to stick her chin out, and does just that. The response comes from the new Foreign Minister, and is noticed by DN. …“Obvious crimes against international law doesn’t give Israel security either”…

She is now criticizing the security fence that Israel is constructing. The new Foreign minister might be a legal expert in her civil background, but when it comes to real politics, (without blood shed) solutions or international law, she displays ignorantly that she isn’t really that well oriented. During this troublesome time in Israel, there has already been a fence constructed around Gaza, which so far has made sure that zero homicide bombers have been able to slip trough into Israel (if one disregard the two British citizens (Muslims of Pakistani origin) with ties to the organization ISM). Meanwhile hundreds off attackers has originated from the West Bank were the new fence is now being erected. So evidently the Gaza fence has worked for more than three years and has given Israel security from at least that area. But before this happened, Freivalds had listened to the urgent call from her youth chairman Shekarabi, where he encourages her to publicly criticize Israel and regardless of her abilities to predict the future with such certainty, she was utterly wrong since within a year the bombings had decreased dramatically, mainly because of the fence.

November 6, 2003. As the upcoming memorial day of the Kristallnacht is drawing near, it’s time again for the Left activists, and this time, it seems, with the blessing of the organization the Swedish Church Mission in order to plot a kidnapping of the Jewish mourning day yet again.
…“November 9 coincides with the Kristallnacht and the fall of the Berlin wall and has now been declared a international solidarity day for the Palestinian people against Israel’s wall. Therefore the Uppsala Peace Coalition this day arranges the seminar “Stop the Wall” in the Mission Church in Uppsala starting at 15:00. The seminar is closed by a torch march to the Martin Luther King square at 18:00 and among the speakers are noted society debater Bernt Jonsson, Sören Abramsson, ISM, Saama Sarspur, PFF and Adnan Abuchakra.”…
This text was based on information from the “Uppsala Peace Coalition”, as the Swedish Church Mission had informed their visitors on their web page. Apparently the “Uppsala Peace Coalition” eventually ceased to exist since they had several internal disputes, according to the “revolutionary“ section in Uppsala, who links the image brand of Uppsala Peace Coalition to the Syndicalist network, which was later discontinued. That the “Revolution is the Swedish section of World Revolution” can be read on their website, where they call themselves “Trotskyites”, and it’s apparent that this is a highly political leftist organization, with violence as an ideological cornerstone, that this particular wing of the Church has forged an alliance with.

On November 9 the newspaper DN publishes a report from the annual manifestations against racist violence, to which it seems that some Jews actually were invited to speak this year.
…”Annika Thor from Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace [JIPF] told the story about the German firefighter with Prussian mustachios that saved a synagogue from being destroyed in Berlin during the Kristallnacht.
- He held an official position and his job was to put out fires. But he also showed that the moral responsibility primarily lies with each individual.
She urged the listeners to see who the guilty really are. Israeli governmental occupation of Palestinian areas does not justify Jew hate anymore than Muslim fundamentalist attacks justifies xenophobia against Muslims.”…
On November 26 in the DN debate section a warning is published about a possible future Swedish society:
…”Islam is Sweden’s fastest growing people’s movement. The number of practicing Muslims are around 100 000. Another couple of hundred thousands have their roots in Muslim countries. In 15-20 years about two million of the Swedish population will consist of immigrants from outside of Europe and their children, mainly Muslim. The demographic trend is largely the same over the whole of Europe. For example, in the Netherlands the majority of the population under the age of 18 will be Muslim by the year 2020. Europe is not only an ageing part of the world, but further more becomes more and more a Muslim part of the world
The other year Mona Sahlin wrapped herself in a veil in the Stockholm mosque. Hosting the visit was the chairman of Sweden’s Muslim Council, famous for his demands that all Muslims in Sweden shall be acknowledged through a separate judicial system – so that they can apply the Sharia Laws – and for having banned marriages between Swedish men and Muslim women…
The Security Police has presented a report that mosques and Koran schools on Swedish soil serve as breeding ground for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Still the official Swedish attitude is indefensibly forgiving and naïve.
‘In Sweden it’s not prohibited to be a terrorist as long one is a terrorist only in the mind, it is not forbidden to belong to a terrorist organization as long as one does not commit a crime’ [sic!] The chief of the Security Police’s unit for counter terrorism clarified this last week. – “Counter terrorism” gets in this Swedish fashion more the characteristics of an invitation to Al Qaeda to use Sweden as a logistics base.”…
On November 27, 2003 yet another response to a previous article is published. The mentioned Muslim advisor is on file with the police after a complaint was made.
“There have been reactions to Insidan [“the Inside” – a section of the paper] about an article about Islam on the Net (DN, November 14). In the article a Sheik Yousef Al-Quradhawi was mentioned and described as a “successful, religious advisor, especially for Muslims in western Europe, and the one who is behind”, as well as a “liberal westerner and pragmatic.”
What wasn’t mentioned in the article was that Al-Quradhawi is the same person that during the summer visited the mosque at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm in order to participate in the conference “Jihad and Denial of its Connection with Terror”. Afterwards sharp criticism was directed at the statements that Al-Quradhawi made during the conference, among them that “Suicide terrorism against Israelis is part of a necessary holy war, a so called Jihad” and that “Israel has no so called civilian inhabitants, not even the children.” These statements was filed with police by the Liberal youth association chairman, Fredrik Malm, and it means that Al-Quradhawi in his speech has agitated for mass murder on Jews. “
On November 29 an Expressen chronicle bears the headline “Terrorists hiding in Sweden”. On December 3 the Swedish state television reports that the EU has stopped the publishing of a report regarding the growing anti-Semitism in Europe. Not surprisingly an entire chapter is devoted to Sweden.
“EU report about anti-Semitism stopped

A research report that accuses pro-Palestinian groups and young Muslims of anti-Semitism has created a quarrel within the EU.
Those who ordered it, the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) with the explanation that it was incomplete, first stopped the report.
The researchers at the EUMC-institute in Vienna claims, on the contrary, that it was stopped because its contents were too sensitive.
Tonight the EU Parliament froze its fundings to the EUMC, according to the CDU politician Lashet. Lashet says to DPA that the lid is closed on the issue, and that it doesn’t fit.”
The report has been available from Israeli sources for a while, or since it was stopped earlier that year, and in the left oriented Israeli paper Ha’aretz which has had a theme of anti-Semitism running for a couple of years, the report has been available for downloading after being leaked. Some of what has been mentioned here so far can also be read it this report.

December 8, 2003. The Swedish state run television has a political society news debate program called Agenda, with an episode dedicated to the increasing European problem with anti-Semitism:
…“In a newly published EU report there are claims that Sweden is among those countries where anti-Semitism is growing the fastest. The report was published first after much discussion. There has been severe criticism regarding the fact that the institute tried to suppress information about Muslim and pro-Palestinian groups partially being behind the anti-Semitism in Europe.”…
On December 21 a lengthy article called About this EU may tell, appeared in Sydsvenskan, listing a number of anti-Semitic events in Europe, presented with the Swedish based founder of Radio Islam, Ahmed Rami, as a leading example of incitement and hatred against Jews.

On December 23 the trend of silence is broken in an article where the following can be read:
“Hassan Moussa is active as an Imam at the Stockholm mosque, a responsibility that includes leading the community’s youth on a path away from violence and misuse of power. Instead the Imam glorifies fanatical fundamentalist movements, which have damaged the reputation of Islam more than anyone else. Thus writes the Imam Muhammed Emin Narozi, in a response to Hassan Moussa.”…

The Green party Parliament member Gustaf Fridolin went on a “field study trip”, at the Swedish taxpayers’ expense together with a friend who just so happened to be an ISM activist, to Israel. They where later arrested on the grounds of incitement.
“According to police, the four incited the demonstrators and attacked one of the border policemen.
‘Once they were arrested the protesters calmed down,’ a police officer said. “
At this time they were discovered where the stone throwing against Israeli security forces had taken place, and where two Israeli police officers had been injured. The tabloid Aftonbladet ran an interview mentioning nothing about any Israeli security forces being attacked. But Fridolin tells in the section “This is my Life” that his driving force, probably for his political commitment, is that “I am pissed off”.

Around the same time, on December 31, Fredrik Malm concludes the year with a written chronicle, regarding the Left party youths’ previous urgent call for the funding of terrorist groups that six days previously murdered Swedish born Noam Lejbovits; with a concluding headline stating “The Young Lefts’ money kills.”

During the year a 30-page long university essay from journalist students is published regarding the coverage in the Swedish papers DN and Aftonbladet (AB) of the Arab-Israeli conflict, while using suggestive techniques and group mechanism. It concludes in chapter 8.1:
…”However, the interesting thing is that AB still has the ambition to conduct “professional journalism” according to what’s is prescribed in the rules for press, TV and radio. The paper has an outspoken policy claiming that AB journalism should be truthful and impartial, and that opinions should be separated from facts. If one hasn’t got an extremely broad interpretation scale towards this policy, this has hardly been applied at all during the coverage of these events.”

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