“The Jewish Question
…"Don't buy from Jews!”
“Neutral” Sweden in the new millennium

What follows is just a small selection of a few examples of what’s been going on in Sweden that should only be regarded as the tip of the iceberg. What is never mentioned and is being kept in the dark is an uncertain number of incidents. Anti-Semitism is a sneaky and treacherous disease that nowadays, because of the previous Nazi atrocities, takes a bit longer to develop. It now carefully increases gradually. This sickness that is anti-Semitism tries the limits in order to see how far it can go and it only gets bolder as it finds new grounds as it continues to spread and infects the environment around it like a cancerous plague.
So is it really that strange that Israelis write and post open letters in their media that states:
…“You hated me long before the State of Israel was even a dream; 'Go to Palestine, that's your land!' your crazed, rampaging mobs screamed as government-sanctioned, Church-sponsored pogroms raged through my villages and towns. So I did. I left your miserable, evil-infested shores and returned to my own land, the lands you admitted are mine. And you hate me for doing exactly that, and 'Get out of Palestine, you stole the land!' the new placards of incitement and hate are screaming now.”…

“As long as Israeli authorities cannot make any difference between the real Israel and what comes from occupied territory or settlers I would support a occupation with my buying and I don’t want that.”
Swedish deputy prime minister and foreign minister Lena Hjelm-Wallén stated just a year earlier in the Swedish Parliament: ”Then one can morally take a stand, [against Israel] but that is nothing that I as a cabinet minister would want to encourage others to do.” While Hjelm-Wallén seemingly wasn’t short on words at this moment in DN, like she certainly was two years earlier regarding the Swedish collaborations with the German Nazi regime, when the Swedish prime minister Göran Persson had just arranged an international remembrance forum regarding the Holocaust. The Swedish deputy prime minister and foreign minister Lena Hjelm-Wallén was then quoted in the Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post when “Ahlmark also criticized the declaration for not mentioning the Nazi collaborators. A recent television documentary reported that at least 260 Swedes were members of the Waffen SS.”
“Swedish deputy prime minister Lena Hjelm-Wallén acknowledged at a news conference that "much more could have been said, but we wanted to keep it short.”
In the same paper, DN, the same date, another former employee at the Swedish Foreign Ministry is also quoted assisting a critic, Sverker Åström, former secretary of cabinet, stating: “To not buy any Israeli goods is the obvious choice for any decent human being”. Which made Ahlmark remind the DN audience of a couple of interesting facts, including the following:
…”Perhaps he is even the prototype for political decency during the last 60-70 years in Sweden. The Ambassador therefore forces me to study his past and the values that it enlightens.
First time Sverker Åström took a political stance seems to have been in 1935, when he became a member of Sweden’s National party (SNF) and remained there a couple of years onwards. It was a Nazi-influenced and strongly anti-Semitic organization. Åström, of course, claims that he remembers nothing of those years. He also studied in Hitler-Germany during a couple of periods in 1936 and 1937, where the universities quickly had become Nazified. The anti-Jewish agitation was intense in the Third Reich, and the Nuremberg laws had been introduced. Åström studied political science and international law. “It might sound strange” he said to DN in the spring (22/3) “but I have no real recollection of Nazi influences”.
That’s what a lie can sound like”…
The statement about “decency” was even noticed in a German paper, along with some of the other various anti-Semitic incidents in Sweden in the beginning of this year. The aged former Ambassador then one year later comes out ‘from the closet’ after hiding the fact that he’s been a homosexual his entire life. This is a man that apparently also has chosen to live his entire life denying and hiding his own sexuality. A year later he is complaining that the Swedish security police refuses to show him the file they have on him. As the news article put it: “What Sverker Åström refers to is suspicions within the Security police that he was a Soviet spy.”

The late foreign minister Anna Lindh had previously been publicly challenged as being “naïve and ignorant”. This because of her continued flirting with and support to, Yassir Arafat. These statements are made by Marie-Hélène Boccara, a Swedish born lawyer and journalist who immigrated to Israel, and who is an expert on international law and author of the book The Arab-Israeli conflict and International Law (Megilla 2000).

On March 24, 2002, at the venue Nalen in Stockholm, the Jewish community, which also works with combating anti-Semitism, arranges a yearly event; a fundraising for the Israeli organization Keren Kajemet, an organization that plants trees in Israel. The guests are mainly elderly friends of Israel and ordinary Jews that get together and have a friendly and pleasant evening. They have something to eat and they enjoy some light entertainment. Perhaps they have a few laughs and have a break from the usual every day life, and among the pensioners there are also several who survived the nightmare horrors of Nazi Germany and the extermination camps. They still have the numbers tattooed on their lower arms; a daily reminder of the previous man-made hell on earth they survived and lived through. Now they want to enjoy themselves together with their friends and do a good deed at the same time. However, the Swedish Palestine Groups together with the Syndicalists had other plans .
“Demonstrators against Israel removed from the scene

A total of 101 demonstrators, most of them
from the Syndicalist youth union, were transported away
in buses by the police at a demonstration against Israel.
The demonstrators demonstrated against an Israeli
festival at Nalen in Stockholm.

According to the police the illegal demonstration
got out of hand.
Among other things a stone was thrown, and one person
was taken into custody for violation against the law of
carrying knives in public places.

According to a eyewitness the atmosphere at the scene
was implacable.
However, by half past six the calm was reinforced, and one
hour later there was no demonstrators left at the scene. “
This is Sweden, in the “new, modern, tolerant and civilized Europe”. Jews and pensioners from the Holocaust can no longer move freely – again. And this might be the starting point for the events that was to follow and characterize the events in Sweden at the beginning of the new millennium. The “implacable” atmosphere described, included among other things that the mob, armed with the rocks that they threw, armed with knives, screaming and yelling terms of abuse, tried to attack the Jewish dinner guests. The only thing that stopped the aggressors was the police’s resolute intervention. The hooligans was placed on buses and taken away. No apologies were ever made.

April 5, 2002. In an article published in DN “37 Jews demand” that “Israel initiates negotiations for peace”. Among the 37 Swedish Jewish signatories there are a couple of names of special interest for future reference, such as Henry Ascher and Dror Feiler. Not one of the remaining signatories upholds any prominent or official position in any Swedish Jewish organization within the Swedish society. They are all private citizens who suddenly got some media space. Something that is rather unusual in Sweden due to an otherwise recurring editorial chronic “lack of space”. A rather distorted description of known historical events and recent Israeli history is presented in this above-presented urgent call. The conclusions however, from these few Swedish Jews are the following:
“We demand that Israel immediately and unconditionally leaves the occupied territories, that an international peace keeping force is deployed within the area, that Israel follows international law and immediately declares itself willing to initiate peace negotiations with UN resolutions as the foundation.”
There are a couple of issues with regards to these “demands”. First of all, it’s rather pathetic that these demands are presented from ordinary private citizens, where the only visible reference point is their Jewish origin, which is clearly used as an alibi for a leftist political agenda. Secondly, Israel had in fact already left the mentioned areas before the Arabs initiated their cycle of violence against the Jews. The Arab terror against the civilian population of Israel is the only reason Israel was forced to return into the areas in question. Furthermore, Israel does not trust foreign soldiers on its soil, and especially so since the UN’s several previous fiascos (like the 1967 Sinai appeasement and evacuation of troops) that from a military viewpoint only would be a hazardous endangerment with regards to Israel’s security. The Arabs themselves, in the Palestinian Authority controlled areas, at this time already hold 35 000 to 40 000 armed police and other forces (the huge number is also in violation of the Oslo accords, even if they were armed by Israel as a result of the previous peace negotiations), which makes this area the most police dense region in the world. And that, still, apparently is not enough to keep the order and uphold peace. Maybe because some of these Arab police have later been involved in terrorist atrocities against their Israeli counterparts and its civilian population.
Gudrun Schyman, leader of the Left party, April 6, in DN :
…“Israeli military murder and devastate, they bomb buildings and infrastructure, shut down electricity and water for civilian Palestinians, introduce curfews in occupied cities, jail Palestinians, keep the Palestinian leader under house arrest, humiliate the EU by refusing the EU representatives to meet with Yassir Arafat, and they want to deport Arafat into exile. Israel does not bother with UN resolutions and commits crimes against International Law and oppresses an entire people. But the prime minister remains quiet and compliant to the Israeli warfare. About this you may tell, Göran Persson!”
She clearly mocks the previous Living History project, and at the same time the prime minister himself as well as comparing one of the worst systematical exterminations and the worst crimes against humanity in history, with the democratic state of Israel’s actions of self-defense against terrorists.

On April 9, on the other hand, a joint statement from the chairmen of the Swedish Jewish communities in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, together with the chairmen of other friendly organizations, signed a call published in DN concerning Swedish press bias against Israel, bias that has lead to the ongoing and escalating incitement against the Jews of Sweden.
“The Middle East conflict:
A biased press encourages hate against Jews
As representatives for different political views, trades and religions we hereby formulate a joint protest statement against the Swedish mass media’s one-sided reporting in newspapers, TV, and radio as we feel there is a clearly biased reporting about the Middle East conflict. There are repeated condemnations of Israel while the Palestinian self-rule’s responsibilities is not mentioned at all or tuned down, and Israel is portrayed as a threat to world peace while Palestinians are described as “freedom fighters”.
One is constantly being reminded of Sharon’s political history while Arafat – who gave the world airplane hijackings and large scale terrorism – is now inspiring new homicidal suicide bombers and is given a moral carte blanche.
As a result of the massive anti-Israeli campaign we have observed a dramatic increase in anti-Jewish activities and expressions of anti-Semitism within the Swedish society.
The one-eyed criticism against Israel does not help us towards a peaceful solution in the Middle East conflict. On the other hand, one of its consequences is that one indirectly and directly encourages hate and violent tendencies against the Jewish minority in Sweden.
Sweden should, with full force, work towards negotiations that can lead to a two state solution with secure and acknowledged borders. We, who hope for peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians, expect that the mass media impartially informs us about both sides’ viewpoints and actions, and at the same time take into consideration the historical background of the conflict. “
Several conclusions can be drawn from these statements. First of all the “dramatic increase in anti-Jewish activities“ equals that Jews are being harassed in Sweden only two years after prime minister Göran Persson arranged the forum dedicated to remembrance of recent European history. Secondly, among other things, this can be traced directly to suspected biased media coverage. And thirdly, that the government is not doing enough, if anything, to address this present and ongoing issue.

April 10. An urgent call for boycott is published, in DN and signed by 34 prominent signatories listed as “publishers, academics and cultural workers”, in a lengthy and hateful speech, spiced up with historical fabrications and illogical nonsense, claiming:

…“Never, during 35 years of Israeli occupation have the Palestinians been as weak and powerless as now. Never, since Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon together with the Israeli army occupied Beirut and drove out PLO from Lebanon, has the Israeli violence been so ruthless as now. The crimes against international law and the human rights are now routine.
In the West bank and Gaza the Israeli repression has driven its inhabitants towards an economical, social and existential desperation that is now concluded by Palestinian murderous deeds. The Israeli occupation must cease. Since 1967 the West bank and Gaza has been occupied, a situation that in itself is a crime against international law. The world community stands unified in the conclusion that the occupation is illegal and unacceptable.
But Israel has also broken the Geneva conventions by large confiscations of land. Barren pastureland and fertile agricultural land have been stolen from its rightful owners. In Jerusalem whole blocks have been confiscated and turned into Jewish residences.”…

So, debunking this smaller passage of distortions into three clarifications:

A) Israel’s sole reason for entering Lebanon was the previous eight years of terror against Israeli civilians, whom they had constantly been targeting and murdering by fire emanating from PLO terrorist bases set up within the self-inflicted Lebanese civil war. So Israel’s response was in fact simply self-defense, triggered by the previous hideous acts performed by terrorists against the civilian citizens of Israel.

B) Professor Julius Stone, a world leading professor on international law, gave a written explanation already last century in an inter alia (updated and downloadable free of charge form, presented by the lawyer Ian Lacey in 2003 ) where he among other things firmly concludes that ”The Self-Defense Principle” is applicable to all recognized sovereign states:

“The basic precept of international law concerning the rights of a state victim of aggression, which has lawfully occupied the attacking state's territory in the course of self-defense, is clear. And it is still international law after the Charter, which gave to the UN General Assembly no power to amend this law. This precept is that a lawful occupant such as Israel is entitled to remain in control of the territory involved pending negotiation of a treaty of peace.

Both Resolution 242 (1967) and Resolution 338 (1973), adopted by the Security Council after respective wars of those years, expressed this requirement for settlement by negotiations between the parties, the latter in those words. Conversely both the Security Council and the General Assembly in 1967 resisted heavy Soviet and Arab pressures demanding automatic Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 frontiers. Through the decade 1967-1977, Egypt and her Arab allies compounded the illegality of their continued hostilities by proclaiming the slogan "No recognition! No Peace! No negotiation!" thus blocking the regular process of international law for post-war pacification and settlement...

Israel's territorial rights after 1967 are best seen by contrasting them with Jordan's lack of any such rights in Jerusalem and the West Bank after the Arab invasion of Palestine in 1948. The presence of Jordan in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Jordan from 1948 to 1967 was only by virtue of her illegal entry in 1948. Under the international law principle ex iniuria non-oritur ius she acquired no legal title there. Egypt itself denied Jordanian sovereignty; and Egypt never tried to claim Gaza as Egyptian territory

By contrast, Israel's presence in all these areas pending negotiation of new borders is entirely lawful, since Israel entered them lawfully in self-defense. International law forbids acquisition by unlawful force, but not where, as in the case of Israel's self-defense in 1967, the entry on the territory was lawful. It does not so forbid it, in particular, when the force is used to stop an aggressor, for the effect of such prohibition would be to guarantee to all potential aggressors that, even if their aggression failed, all territory lost in the attempt would be automatically returned to them. Such a rule would be absurd to the point of lunacy. There is no such rule...

International law, therefore, gives a triple underpinning to Israel's claim that she is under no obligation to hand back automatically the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan or anyone else. In the first place, these lands never legally belonged to Jordan. Second, even if they had, Israel's own present control is lawful, and she is entitled to negotiate the extent and the terms of her withdrawal. Third, international law would not in such circumstances require the automatic handing back of territory even to an aggressor who was the former sovereign. It requires the extent and conditions of the handing back to be negotiated between the parties.”
C) Jerusalem has been the Jewish main capital since time immemorial, i.e. for the last 3300 years. Since modern day counting of populations begun in 1850, the Jewish groups were also the single largest population in Jerusalem since then as well, except when Arabs illegally occupied the city between 1948-1967, and during that time endorsed ethnic cleansing while looting and stealing Jewish property and desecrating holy sites.

This specific boycott campaign against the Jewish democracy was started by the CEO of the Arena groups, Håkan A Bengtsson, who also claims credit for it. The Arena group presents itself thus:

“The Arena group does not speak on behalf of anyone else, we are a group of people with ideas, without owners or organizational owners, we stand independent from organizations and parties. On the other hand there are a number of different interested subscribers, citizens and groups, organizations and companies, unions and people’s movements taking part in our activities”
Later they had their own web page boycott campaign, presented like this:
“About the association
The purpose of the association is to voice opinion for a just peace between Israel and Palestine, and to support the petition "For a just peace between Israel and Palestine. End the occupation!” and the demands stated in that petition.”
For the sole purpose of boycotting the Jewish nation, one can read here that the first signatory found on the list on the web page was the Swedish archbishop KG Hammar leading the way, as an example for the Swedes to follow.

On April 11, 2002, the editor-in-chief Kent Källqvist writes in the union branch SKTF magazine:
“End trade with Israel
The state of Israel is at war against the Palestinians. One of the strongest powers now shows its arsenal to a people that have been forced to live their lives in refugee camps. Israel continuously breaks the UN charters and the conventions regarding human rights. The world stands in the midst of a new humanitarian catastrophe. The peace initiatives, which EU and other organizations suggest, is not accepted by the Israeli hawk, Sharon. He will not give up until Arafat is completely humiliated and destroyed.
In his terror war against Palestine where nothing seems to be sacred, Sharon creates new suicide bombers who, with terror as their weapon attack civilian Israelis. A spiral of violence that only the UN can deal with.
But it is expensive to wage war, even if the opponent is economically a military inferior. Therefore, Israel’s export is an important source of income to the Israeli state and therefore also the army. Because of this, we as separate individuals help shorten the war by putting economic pressure on Israel.
Stop buying goods from Israel!
Choose instead to enjoy fruits from other countries. Let the Carmel-market avocados rot together with the cocktail tomatoes from Dana Cherries and the citrus fruits from Jaffa. Keep away from the wine from the Golan Heights and Konsum’s [cooperative chain of food stores in Sweden] ecological orange sodas.
We manage to hurry on the abolishment of Apartheid by a broad trade boycott. Now we can speed up the work for peace in the Middle East.”
As usual, Israel’s PM Sharon gets the blame as being the creator of Arab and Muslim terror. Since only one-sided unilateral boycott demands are spoken of as usual, the actual “work towards peace” seems to be, in reality, rather the Arab goal of the complete destruction of Israel that is being suggested, but this time economically. This union branch has about 180 000 members and they are “represented in all places in Sweden”.

April 18, 2002. Three weeks later it was time for the pro-Palestinians once again to officially demonstrate their “discontent” , all neatly organized by the Palestine Groups of Sweden.

…“We had a peaceful demonstration that addressed anti-Semitism, islamophobia and a free Palestine when a mob rushed towards us and beat down several persons – it is absolutely disgusting. One has the right to demonstrate without fear for one’s life, she said after having to flee from the attack by the pro-Palestinian demonstrators… The pro-Palestinian demonstrators were approximately around 600 in number, according to police calculations, the opponents around 50. Both groups had permission to demonstrate.”
Birgitta Ohlsson, chairman of the political Liberal youth section LUF

Fredrik Malm, who later takes over the Liberal youth chairmanship, reports more in detail than the skewed TT reporting in DN about what really happened. He became a witness himself to how they were assaulted by a mob in the streets of Stockholm; by hooligans shouting “Jew pigs” to elderly Holocaust survivors, and that those three police officers present did not intervene at first.

…“Many of the demonstrations arranged lately have mostly been about screaming that Israelis are murderers. I haven’t seen particularly many placards for peace, but very many that equals Judaism with Nazism and at the same time praises the intifada. It felt good that there were no such aggressive atmosphere at the meeting I attended. We all agreed that the hate needs to be combated.

Then came the shock. Just as our meeting had finished, around six thirty, as we were collecting our stuff together, a rally arranged by the Palestine Groups started. When the mob reached Norrmalmstorg, about fifty persons diverged and ran towards those of us who were remaining in the square. Several of these demonstrators had masked themselves and were shouting things like “Are you Jews?” and “We will never stop hating you”. Some elderly Holocaust survivors were being pushed and shoved, and we had to block the way in order for them not to get seriously injured. The masked activists tore apart our posters – that is to say posters that call for an end to anti-Semitism and islamophobia, asking to not let the hatred grow again. The posters and banners are torched and a person, who was one of the organizers of a peaceful gathering, was beaten to the ground with a thick club.

And all this because we arranged a meeting against hate, Jew persecutions and racism directed at Muslims. Yet more puzzling is the fact that these activists in the Palestine Groups choose to violently attack persons simply because they are Jews, and that posters against islamophobia was burned by them. To me this is absolutely unfathomable.

The situation gets even more absurd when we watch the behavior of the police. There were three police officers present when the activist mob attacked our meeting. No police intervened when a person got clubbed in the head with the thick stick, or when chants of “Jew pigs” were being heard in the square. When several additional police finally arrived at Norrmalmstorg posters and banners were aflame.

It’s disgusting that in Sweden, in the year 2002 it is not possible to organize a meeting in a city square against hatred and persecution without being violently and physically attacked.
It’s even worse to consider the fact that an organization that claims to be acting for the Palestinian cause, violently attacks a meeting that is all about peace and against xenophobia.”
On another note, by a mere coincidence I happened to drive by the demonstration as they where marching towards the US embassy, and I saw them waving and displaying their Hezbollah/Hamas flags, chanting slogans in Arabic and Swedish that sent cold chills down my spine. While Swedish society at large, with its prosecutors thankfully have adopted a harsh way of looking at the few right wing Nazi extremist youths that drunkenly raises their right arm in a Nazi salutes while screaming “Sieg Heil”, there seems to be an overall ignorance with regards to their reactions as islamofascist raises two fingers shaping the letter V for victory, while screaming “Itchbatch al yehudim” – that’s Arabic for ‘kill the Jews’.

Another union branch, “Transport”, held an extra congress meeting on April 20-25, 2002, where they came to the following conclusions:

“Call against Israel

The congress has accepted a sharp statement against Israel’s aggressive politics in the Middle East. Israel violates international law and bears the main responsibility for the cycle of increased violence in the region. …“The world communities must demand that Israel immediately draws back all military forces from occupied territories, that all Israeli settlements on occupied land are evacuated, that Prime minister Ariel Sharon is put on trial for crimes against international law, that a Palestinian state is established under the protection of the UN, and that a peace force under the control of the UN is established to protect the Palestinian people”
”It is obvious that Israel lacks the will to achieve a just peace agreement”… ”’Transport’ demands that the government stands behind this statement and breaks off every political, cultural and economic ties with Israel until these demands are fulfilled. ‘Transport’ also urges all Swedish companies to support Sweden’s stance and that the Swedes ‘boycott Israeli goods and services’”
April 3, 2002. Another testimony by the Swedish spokesperson for the Stockholm Jews appear in the Christian paper Dagen ( where the following can be read:
…“I mean it’s pure anti-Semitism. The threat towards both individual Jews and Jewish institutions has also increased dramatically. Many fear for their safety. The situation has obviously worsened, says Lena Posener-Körösi, chairman of the Jewish community in Stockholm.”…
Once again on the 1st of May Fredrik Malm visited the workers’ day meeting in central Stockholm and listened to the speeches, the testimonies and had the following to say about the event:

“The intifada is the Palestinians’ peace process,” roars the speaker at Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm. Then all twelve thousand viewers together in unison: “Persson is a hypocrite” and “Long live the intifada”. A similar mass psychosis can be witnessed at Råsunda [stadium] during a soccer derby.
It is the leftist parties that celebrate May Day in Stockholm. Time for reflections or slogans about peace is out of the question. Instead tributes are made to the bloody revolt that is called the intifada, where suicide attacks and merciless retaliations have replaced negotiations and hopes for the future.
At the left parties’ May Day demonstration the same kind of violence could be seen. Romantization like the one we could see during the 1970’s in Western Europe and during the last years where the anti-capitalism movement has put in its fair share with rioting in connection with EU top summits.

… After the young activist it’s Gudrun Schyman's turn. The party leader enters the podium. In honor of the occasion she wears a black and white Palestine scarf with a map of the Middle East, where Israel is not included, but the map consists of a great-Palestine. Now it’s suddenly not the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian areas being fought against. Now Israel has no right to exist at all.”…
May 2, 2002. The union SIF’s (Industrial Salaried Employees' Association, the members are mainly top university educated civil engineers) editor-in-chief feels the urge to write a main editorial chronicle and for the first time in 14 years the paper gets involved in “the Middle East conflict”. This, of course, paid for by members’ fees – including Jewish ones, who via their mailing address receive the biased propaganda straight into their homes. The written material has poor factual history and is presented in a selective manner. This union branch has more than 350 000 members.
”Pax Sharon

It is now fourteen years since the Palestine conflict was a topic for the leader in the SIF magazine. At that time the first intifada, the stone throwing rebellion, had got the world’s attention and then turned its attention towards the occupying country’s treatment of the Palestinians. To level Palestinian homes with the ground was already at that time common practice.”
The back of the paper is decorated with a scurrilous portrait of Sharon in a battle tank and the Star of David. A propaganda image that looks like it could have been taken from any Arab dictatorship’s anti-Semitic newspaper rantings any day.
“Can one doubt who is Goliath and who is David in this drama? There is hardly any purpose in dividing the responsibility equally.”
Bias and partial demonizing have preceded the “conclusions” by the editor-in-chief’s portraits of Israeli responses to Arab terror (the latter which is omitted) and various Israeli defensive actions.
“We all have a personal responsibility to reject both individual terrorist actions as well as the occupying power’s terrorism.”
What is presented here is a classical Swedish theme that goes ‘equally as bad’ (when it’s obvious that the blame can’t be one-sided) but instead is strengthened. It’s like stating that the Nazi methods were equal to the allied forces’ methods during the Second World War, with additional allegations that the Israeli army uses terrorism. With – of course – the usual “explanation” that Arabs uses terror only as a last resort.
“(even if suicide attacks at the moment can be regarded as the underdogs’ only weapon in an unequal terror balance).”
The chronicle is rounded up with urgings, telling us that action will be taken by all Swedish unions (against Israel alone). Not one word of solidarity with the victims, and nothing is mentioned about taking actions against those Arab or Muslim organizations planning or conducting terror, which openly speak of the planned upcoming genocide of the civilian population (and yes, some of those innocent civilian terrorist victims in Israel are also union members) in Israel.

May 5, 2002. The situation in Israel has grown radically worse during the spring, and the Swedish Jewish communities apply for permission to conduct a manifestation and are permitted to so do. Hence, it is a legal demonstration, unlike the previous syndicalist groups who together with various Arab groups’ hooligans and other activist mobs that so far have clashed in the streets. The organizers of this legal demonstration are people who wish to combat anti-Semitism and express support for Israel’s right to exist.
“Police intervened at Israel-demonstration

The police in Stockholm intervened today to keep several hundred
syndicalists and members of the Young Left away from a demonstration
that was held in support for Israel and against anti-Semitism.

About 2000 persons had gathered at the Raoul Wallenberg Square in a manifestation arranged by the Swedish Israel-Information when the police stopped the opposing demonstrators who had no permission to demonstrate.

According to Andreas Malm of the Syndicalist youth movement the police used horses and threatened them with their batons as they stopped the demonstrators.“
Andreas Malm of the Syndicalist youth movement is certainly making a career out of this. The situation has escalated to an absurd level, where Sweden now takes massive precautions with choppers in the air, snipers on rooftops, mounted police and police dogs lead by special anti-riot forces to protect those who call themselves friends of Israel so that they are able to freely express their opinions in public. The threat to freedom of speech and democratic movements becomes all the more clear. The police efforts do not come cheaply, and not so this time either. It cost the city of Stockholm and the taxpayers millions SEK this time as well, in order to protect civilian Jewish citizens and their supporters in the streets.

After this event, Andreas Malm seemed to have visited Israel as he continued to serve the press and media blood libels and slanderous propaganda about what happened in Jenin, claiming to be an “eye witness”. This really helped to whip up the hatred towards Jews in Sweden. What wasn’t mentioned in the Swedish press however, was the testimony to be read in the Egyptian press "We had more than 50 houses booby-trapped around the place”. If people booby-trap their own homes it might actually seem as if they have no wish to live there anymore. In this interview details are made equally clear about the slaughtering of the Israeli soldiers, as testified:
…"They were lured there," he says. "We all stopped shooting and the women went out to tell the soldiers that we had run out of bullets and were leaving." The women alerted the fighters as the soldiers reached the booby-trapped area.
"When the senior officers realized what had happened, they shouted through megaphones that they wanted an immediate cease-fire. We let them approach to retrieve the injured men and then we opened fire.
"Some of the soldiers were so shocked and frightened that they mistakenly ran towards us."…
Various other war crimes against international law and the Geneva conventions are also being testified and bragged about, such as using children to participate in actions of war under the pretense of civilian status.

May 26, 2002. The Eurovision song contest. Just as Israel is about to perform, the Swedish television commentators make the following introduction:

Claes Åkesson:
"Sarit Hadad, Light a candle! It will be exciting to se how many points Israel gets with the political situation in mind! "

Christer Björkman:
"Well, it gets zero points from me anyway."

Claes Åkesson:
"Let’s see what the rest of Europe thinks about it."

When it is the television viewers’ turn to call in their votes, some perceives these comments to be more of an urgent political request in the now common Swedish anti-Israel fashion, rather than a competition in popular music. A Christian priest reports the incident as hate speech. It all develops in the aftermath into a minor political incident between the two countries, at least after the Israeli media address and report the issue. The commentator Christer Björkman apologizes, via the tabloid Aftonbladet, to Israel and claims that he “was only talking about the song”.

In May 2002 a 22-page long report is published: “Fire and broken glass – the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe” from the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights.

June 19, 2002 – The Left youth movement and its chairman were not inactive this year either. Rather a bit more “radical” as it’s popularly called and how they often like to portray themselves. They declared openly via a press statement:
“Break the law – support PLPF! Press statement 19-06-2002”
What the chairman Ali Esbati of the Left’s youth movement (who is himself of Iranian origin) states the purpose of this is, he confesses straightforwardly “without beating around the bush” so to speak:
…"The young left will now actively go against the prohibition to support these organizations and provide them with money for the PLFP. We also encourage others, private citizens as well as organizations, to join us”…
Chairman Esbati even provides a link leading to a photocopy of his own deposit at the official homepage for the Young Left.

Prosecution Authority in Stockholm VERDICT Page 1(2)
International prosecution chamber
Chamber prosecutor Hans Irhman Date Case No 22-10-2002 C9-15-746-02

Due to an initiative taken for economical aid to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) and due to the fact that two payments to PLFP have been made on June 26 and July 2, 2002, of a total amount of 3930 SEK, I have decided to open a preliminary investigation on July 17, 2002. The purpose is to investigate if a crime has been committed with regard to the Law of specific international sanctions or regarding the Law against the financing of especially severe crimes etc.

Suspicions of crimes against the Law of specific international sanctions

Since the UN Security Council adopted a resolution regarding special restrictive measures towards certain persons and units with the purpose to combat terrorism, the European Union by a decree has decided that these measures shall be applied in all member states. These measures mean, among others, the prohibition of funding of certain specific physical and legal persons, groups or units. The decision is cogent and was applicable on December 28, 2001. (Unions decree EG [EU] no 2580/2001)

In the register of persons, groups and units, on which above stated decree shall be adopted we find among others the organization named the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) (Council decision 2002/460/EG June 17, 2002).

The suspected motives to go through with the payments constitutes a procedure that cannot be regarded as counteracting the general purpose of the current sanctions, i.e. to make such a suspension in the blocked organizations’ economical connection with the surrounding world so that the organization will seize with its dangerous activities that threatens the peace. Added to that is the relation to the fact that the total amount in payments came to a halt at a modest sum, which according to §8 in the above-mentioned law, is not punishable.

The preliminary investigation will therefore be closed since the act in question does not constitute a crime.

Suspicions of a crime against the Law regarding punishment for financing especially severe crimes in certain cases etc

The Law regarding punishment for financing by especially serious crimes in certain cases etc was applicable on July 1, 2002. This Law includes regulations towards implementation of the international convention of combating the financing of terrorism (the UN convention that was adopted on December 9, 1999).

According to this law it is punishable to collect, supply or accept money or other assets with the specific purpose that these fundings be used for, or with the knowledge that they are intended for certain serious crimes. Even attempts to such actions are punishable.

[…Continued] Page 2(2)

According to this law, the extent of responsibility for preparations in order to commit a crime shall not intervene with the possibilities to conduct humanitarian aid activities and this shall not be restricted. Aid activities with the purpose to relieve people’s needs shall therefore not be punishable, even if there is a risk that the money can be used for specific severe crimes.

I therefore regard this, as it cannot be proved that Esbati’s and Housset’s purpose with the made payments has been that the money is meant to be used towards such crimes that are designated in the Law. Neither can it be proven that he had such knowledge as to what the money was meant to be used for such criminal activities

This preliminary investigation is therefore closed since any crime cannot be verified.

Hans Ihrman
A couple of things are mentioned here amongst the bureaucratic lingo. Here is the fast translation:

1. The sum was ”modest” i.e. “to low”
2. “Humanitarian aid”

In the Swedish penal code in law SFS 2002:444 (of financing terrorism), there isn’t any mention of any specific lower limit of financial transactions. The chairman of the Young Left, one of Sweden’s largest youth associations with tens of thousands of members, (or so they claimed, but that is a different story) officially requested anybody and everybody to follow his example of funding, by EU defined, terrorists. And how many that actually really did just that cannot be known for certain, but the mere suspicion should be enough for any prosecutor to follow up. As the liberal MP Allan Vidman (FP – the Peoples’ party) later concluded, March 6, 2003, in a particular question at the Parliament 2002/03:632, a deposition of 4000 SEK is more than enough to get 50 kilos of explosives. One homicidal bomber needs perhaps only 10 kilo to kill dozens and maim another hundred innocent bystanders. To answer this question the Minister of Justice (Social Democrats) Tomas Bodström wrote on March 12, 2003:
“The law of punishment of particularly serious crimes has recently been taken into effect.
It is still too early to draw any conclusions regarding its application. When it comes to the sanction law, which is the foreign minister’s responsibility, I can say that one is considering the appointing of a commission that aims for a general review of that law”.
According to the general district prosecutor Hans Ihrman’s later testimony as to why this open urging from the chairman of the Young Left to the supporting and funding of terrorist groups did not lead to any charges, a quote is found in the network of the “No to EU” newsletter no 26 from November 2002: ”I see tremendous application problems with the legal provisions of this law”. What the prosecutor means with this might be hard to comprehend, if he is trying to refer to that the deed itself is difficult to judge – anyone can read page 6 in the Swedish law 2002:444:
§3 Those who collect, supply, or receive money or other assets for the specific purpose that these shall be used for, or with knowledge that they are meant to be used in order to commit specially severe criminal acts, are sentenced to jail for a maximum of two years.”
The prosecutor mentions some other claims in his decision for not bringing any charges, something about “humanitarian aid”. The only problem with this is that it cannot be found anywhere in the initial urgent request from the chairman of the Young Left. In a second press release they have added this claim. It’s obviously a construction after the event, made after the initial press release. PLFP doesn’t even have a known humanitarian aid branch; it’s like stating that al-Qaeda has a humanitarian aid wing. Or the Nazis. However, what the Swedish International district prosecutor and the Swedish minister of justice disregarded is the international law (something which the Left often accuse Israel of crimes against), which is described in the following UN resolution:
“Resolution 1373 (2001)…
Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,
1. Decides that all States shall:
(a) Prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts;”
This mandatory resolution isn’t that easy to “misunderstand” and isn’t that hard to “apply” either, but it is on the other hand cogent for all UN members, including Sweden, as it is adopted under chapter 7 of the UN charter.
PLFP is a terrorist organization, according to all common definitions, and especially defined by the EU list, and likewise verified by PLFP’s own repeated acts of violence aimed at civilian targets. An open letter from the Swedish Palestine Groups to the foreign minister, Anna Lindh:
“Stockholm September 2, 2002
To the Swedish Government
The Foreign Minister Anna Lindh

Regarding EU council’s terrorist control

The EU council has placed the Palestinian organization PLFP (The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) on EU’s terror list. The Palestine groups in Sweden don’t support PLFP per se [by itself], but the organization (PLFP) is a part of PLO and must be regarded as a resistance movement.”
Here it is openly admitted that this terrorist group is in fact a part of the, by Yassir Arafat controlled, PLO umbrella for various Palestine fractions. And by the way, there were not a single Arab or Muslim peace group or organization to be found within the PLO. The letter continues, …“The organizations have committed murders in Israel,”. Almost incredible, more is openly admitted – where is the catch? Here is the “explanation”: “…as response to murders organized by the Israeli government.”. This next part is interesting, since they just admitted that PLFP has committed murders:
“…Although the murders on both sides need to be condemned, the Palestine groups in Sweden are hesitant with regards to the assessment that is grounds for putting PLFP on the EU terror list.
We haven’t seen any evidence of that assessment; therefore all evidence should be made public. If that’s not happening then the EU can be suspected of doing Israel’s bidding, which is a dangerous development. Other organizations, perhaps even president Arafat himself, might soon be on that list.

We urge the Swedish government:
To work towards the goal that the evidence against PLFP is made public.
We also urge that the charges against the Swedish organizations and individuals that have made contributions to PLFP should be dropped.
Peder Aléx
Chairman of the Palestine groups in Sweden.”
Is the rounded up expertise, including the chairman at the Palestine groups in Sweden, unaware of the fact that PLFP has conducted terrorist acts against Israeli civilians (but admits to murders)? Their conclusion is, since they are obviously blissfully unaware of any terror perpetrated by the PLFP, that the state prosecution charges should be dropped. One example of many is the later terror bombing at the railroad station at Kfar Saba, north from Tel-Aviv, on April 24, 2003, where two Israelis were blown to bits, and some ten more were maimed for life – PLFP happily accepted responsibility for this.

The Young Left is violating the cogent UN resolution 1373. For the Young Left’s aid to these, what International Human Rights Watch executive director already has defined as, Crimes against humanity in a thorough 170-page report, that the Swedish largest news feeding agency TT also seemed to “forget” to inform the Swedish public about – one wonders what the government and prosecutor thinks?

The whole matter of this affair is disgusting and it is a mockery of Swedish rule of law. And what would the hypocrite lefties in general think if some rival right-wing extremist organization subsequently got the bright idea to collect funds in tribute to the murder of the syndicalist activist Björn Söderström? And to outspoken promises to repeat this against any leftist followers? “Break the law - support Nazis” (that kill lefties)? The Young Left has with their own actions once again put themselves at the frontline in order to make such a turnaround possible. And how is it that the Swedish counterpart’s district attorney in the US is looking at the funding of terrorists? US attorney general John Ashcroft’s words about funding, after arresting a professor in Florida is a bit clearer on such matters, as reported on CNN February 20, 2003:
"Our message to them and others like them is clear," Ashcroft said. "We make no distinction between those who carry out terrorist attacks and those who knowingly finance… terrorist organizations."
About one year after the Young Left’s urgent public request to finance and support the terrorist group PLFP, and the Palestine Groups’ call for “evidence”, the paper DN reports on December 25, 2003:
“The radical organization People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine testified that they were behind the suicide attack outside Tel Aviv.
‘This is the first instance in a series of revenge attacks. We swear that we shall create an earthquake within the Zionist entity’.”
One of the murdered victims was the Jewish student Noam Lejbovits, age 21, who was born in Sweden and later emigrated to Israel, and who did compulsory Israeli army duty when he was slaughtered at a bus station, together with three women around the same age, as the PLFP bomb exploded. Since then it has been oddly quiet from the Swedish Young Left and the Palestine Groups when it comes to supporting the PLFP. But any legal after play has not taken place as yet. Which only makes one come to the conclusion that in Sweden it is now OK to support and sponsor terrorist organizations and break international law. There is now Swedish Jewish blood on the hands of the Left party.

On July 29, 2002 the LUF chairman, Fredrik Malm, reacts with a chronicle in Expressen.
“The new anti-Semitism comes from the left

…“The new anti-Semitism is an alliance between Nazis, leftist extremists and Islamic fundamentalists. In Sweden it mainly derives from the left. But then there also lies the responsibility for the established Left to marginalize their extremists and not to legitimize them. They have not accepted this responsibility.

What does Göran Persson and the government do? Nothing. In every smaller Swedish town there have been meetings for the Palestinian cause. Many of these meetings have turned into anti-Israel hate meetings where Judaism is made equal to Nazism. The Social Democratic party’s associations have time and again taken part actively in these manifestations around the country. No one has reacted. The prime minister’s good merits and involvement against anti-Semitism have not been seen during the spring of this year. The political leadership showing their good intentions would have been most needed now.
The established left has a responsibility; to refuse to participate in meetings where anti-Semitic slogans are voiced. To demand that demonstrators do not mask themselves. To put an end to tributes to terror. To demand that at least one sign or banner should be about peace at demonstrations.”
No one responded to Malm’s appeal. Not from the government, nor from the leftist fractions. From this testimony one can easily conclude, once again, a couple of interesting facts. One being that Jews in Sweden are being persecuted. Secondly that various left oriented organizations are behind a large proportion of it. Thirdly that the established Left party and the government still are not doing anything to combat the racism within their own ranks. Malm writes yet another long chronicle on September 1 in the evening paper Expressen, bearing the headline: “The Young Left is desecrating the memory of the Kristallnacht.” Bearing in mind the lefts’ actions so far this year it’s not really that strange that the Chairman of the LUF raises concerns for the upcoming events arranged by the Young Left. He concludes that no Jewish organization has been invited to join the manifestation in memory of the Kristallnacht – from a total of 48 organizations that have received an invitation. However, the Left has invited a number of organizations with interests in the Middle East, among them Palestinians. In the light of the knowledge that a huge number of the lefties are constantly calling Israel a “racist apartheid state” it might not be so strange after all.

A Swedish Muslim, of Lebanese origin, and with a known criminal record, tried to enter a Ryan Air flight on September 29, at Västerås airport with destination London, when it was discovered that he was armed with a pistol, a pistol he conveniently claimed that he “forgot he had”. He also happened to be a trained pilot (having taken private lessons in the US earlier) and just so happened to belong to the same mosque, of the Muslim Salafi movement, just like the British would-be shoe bomber. In December same year he was sentenced to jail, but only for illegal gun possession, and the charge of attempted hijacking was dropped. Jail time in this case was a total of 50 days, since he already had served 30 days in custody.

A written joint protest by the official spokespersons for the Jewish communities of the Nordic regions was dispatched to all party leaders in Sweden, and to the minister of justice as well as the prime minister, regarding the rapidly increasing anti-Semitism in each respective country:
“Nordic protests against anti-Semitism

…gathered together on September 1, 2002 in Stockholm, we wish to express our deep concern over the growing anti-Semitism in our countries”…
It is further described and established that Jews, having been Swedes for generations, aren’t safe anymore as they are being harassed and threatened. This being aimed both at individuals as well as institutions. In the letter there is a demand for Swedish society’s basic security for all its citizens, including Jews, and a urgent call to review the current laws – and if they aren’t enough to protect them, to put the necessary means at disposal regarding overall security for the Jews.

A few other articles and news were published this same autumn:

September 27, 2002
“Once again Europe is plagued by hate against the Jews.”
October 20, 2002
“Anti-Semitic problems in schools.”
Press statement from the left youth movement.
“Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) November 9, 2002 – demonstrate against racism!”
November 9, 2002. The memory of Kristallnacht is reported by DN

The Olof Palme Center was founded after the assassination of the well-known prime minister. Palme was murdered in 1986 (the case still unsolved). The center is meant to be working in his spirit, namely:
“The Olof Palme International Center works with international development co-operation and the forming of public opinion surrounding international political and security issues."
The foundation Center hands out a prize on November 21, 2002:
“The Olof Palme Prize 2002 is awarded to Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian peace activist and champion of human rights. Hanan Ashrawi is awarded the Prize for her consistent and fearless fight over the years for her people’s independence and dignity. Her work for human rights and co-existence with the state of Israel has won respect in all camps. She is a leading force in the struggle for increased openness and democratic structures within her own Palestinian ranks. Hanan Ashrawi is an inspiring symbol of a new, democratic and peaceful Middle East.”
This is an outright lie in several ways, presented beautifully to the clueless Swedish audience. Hanan Ashrawi is a Christian Arab, but like so many other Arabs raised in this region, she has been caught out with public denial of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews as well as lying propaganda rantings. That she, as a bought PLO henchman, would be working for “co-existence with the state of Israel” could be considered a sick joke if it wasn’t such a tragic lie. The ”respect in all camps” part that the Palme Center is bragging about, does apparently not include the US media watch and university campuses’ numerous protests, as have been also reported by an Israeli university professor shortly before this year, when she showed up in order to spread her distortions. But in Sweden she is treated like celebrity everywhere she goes. Per Ahlmark’s judgment of the Palme Center in general is described in a longer chronicle , published a year later in the morning paper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), and shows a distinct pattern:
“Thomas Hammarberg’s Palme Center produces primitive analyses that first and foremost put the blame on Israel.”
On November 25, 2002, at the Liberal party’s (FP) youth section, region Skåne (located in the south of Sweden), some of the members have another view of how the Left (V) “honored the memory of the Kristallnacht”. How this manifestation went in several places in the south of Sweden as told by eyewitnesses:
“In response to Refika Fetahovic, who in NST 2002-11-12 complains about a bad turn-up at the Left’s Kristallnacht arrangements.

We attended several of those manifestations that were organized by various leftist groups; from democrats in the SSU to the AFA street warriors. But they had very little to do with the Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938 – rather the opposite.

In Malmö Israel was already mentioned at the introduction statement, where it was called a racist state and accused of murdering innocent Palestinians, and a really excited Kalle Larsson (V) took the opportunity of calling the Liberal party racists.

In Lund Hanin Shakreh from the Palestinian Youth Association spoke of her memories from the war and as a refugee in Sweden. In any other context we would gladly have stood by her. But her speech had nothing to do with the Kristallnacht, Jew persecutions or racism.

In Helsingborg the pavement stone lefties were in place, masked and looking for a fight. No speeches were held before the howling rally went on its way, but instead some menacing gestures towards ourselves, who apparently stood out due to lack of Palestine scarves, masks, rivets and other attributes of violence. The night later erupted in clashes between extremist groups and symbolic smashed windows.

In Landskrona it was calmer. A girl offered us a torch. At a dejected question if they where demonstrating against racism or Israel she replied, a bit uncertain, “racism”. At the beginning the whole affair was quite dignified. The first speaker talked about what actually took place during Kristallnacht. The next speaker urged for self-examination. But just as we were about to accept that torch after all, the speech against Israel came like a letter in the mail. Propaganda like the propaganda recently associated with the former Soviet Union and Arab dictatorships has now become the slogans of the Left in our Swedish democracy.

Earlier in the evening we participated in a real Kristallnacht manifestation held in the Grand Square in Lund. The Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism and the Council for Jews and Christians were the organizers behind it. The writer Germund Hesslow and a woman who had survived the ghetto in Lodz and the Auschwitz death camp held good speeches. It was a touching and dignified arrangement that honored the victims of the Nazis during the Kristallnacht and the Holocaust. The other manifestations that we later attended spat on their memory.

The Liberal youth movement is very involved in the work against all forms of racism and hostility towards foreigners. We urge the red parties to lay down the present dirty campaign against the Parliaments’ most immigration friendly party and that we co-operate over the borders in order to take on the battle against the Swedish Democratic party (Sverigedemokraterna). But we will, of course, never sink so low so that we participate in the hijacking of a Jewish mourning day in order to demonstrate against Israel.”
On December 11, 2002 one could see and read the following on the SSU website:
“Lindh supports Palestine

Thomas Hammarberg sells a pin to Anna Lindh.

During this week SSU launched its campaign “Support Palestine”. Foreign minister Anna Lindh supported the collection for a blood donor bus by buying a pin. The campaign was launched in Stockholm by the SSU youth movement, Mikael Damberg and the general secretary Thomas Hammarberg from the Olof Palme International Center.

Many Palestinians lose their lives for nothing, because of the troubles of getting to a hospital and receive blood. By buying the SSU solidarity pin, the cost of 20 kronor goes to the fund raising for a mobile blood bus. I hope that in these Christmas times people will show solidarity and give some coins to our fund raising, says Mikael Damberg”
But that wasn’t the only thing the chairman of the SSU, the ruling government’s youth party, had high hopes for. He also hoped this in the blessed Christmas times of a boycott against the only existing Jewish democracy, whose citizens were being brutally maimed and mass murdered at a relentless pace in the streets of Israel, where the injured survivors who end up in the hospitals’ intensive care units also are in much need of blood transfusions. He hoped so much for this boycott against Israel alone, that he arranged a special campaign with its own website under the official SSU web site for this purpose alone.

December 18, 2002:
“SSU urges for a trade boycott of Israeli goods before the Christmas holidays.
Refrain from buying Israeli oranges and dates for Christmas. This urgent request comes from the SSU youth association chairman Mikael Damberg, who criticizes Israel for the reason that it for the second year in a row places Yassir Arafat with a travel restraint, preventing him from going to Bethlehem.

SSU urgently requests the consumers of this country to avoid purchasing merchandise made in Israel. For example Jaffa oranges, avocados from Carmel and dates from the Jordan valley . The reason being that Israel with its tough occupational politics aggravates the conflict in the Middle East. Israel is repeatedly breaking international law and human rights. The SSU is also indignant that the right wing government has placed the Palestinian leader with travel restraints to Bethlehem before the Christmas holiday.

- That Sharon refuses to let Arafat travel to Bethlehem is a huge insult to the entire Palestinian people. Israel needs first and foremost to be politically criticized by Sweden, EU and the USA. But Israel also needs to meet its own citizens' criticism. As consumers we have a responsibility to act and decide if we indirectly want to support those outrages that Israel is guilty of. I urgently request the public that they, before the Christmas holiday, refrain from buying Israeli merchandise. Together we can show our resistance against the ongoing occupational politics and the treatment of Yassir Arafat, says Mikael Damberg

One way to be on the lookout for Israeli goods (to boycott) is checking the barcode. The so-called EAN number. Israel’s country prefix is 729 .“
That such a campaign, if it were to be successful, would harshly strike against the Arabs in the region even harder, whose little legal income comes from Israeli employment, does not seem to concern the leadership of the government youth section leader at all, or any of the other boycott supporters making their voices heard this year. But that wasn’t all the SSU chairman had used his precious thinking capabilities for; how to best boycott the regions’ only democracy while under relentless terrorist attacks. During the year the Chairman of the SSU thought of how to file a Swedish police complaint (this was noted by the Arab media network al-Jazeerah and also to some other various Islamic, and Holocaust deniers websites’ obvious delight), aimed against the elected Israeli Prime minister.

Mikael Damberg, the SSU Chairman, filed a police complaint on June 20, regarding the crimes against international law and war crimes that Israel’s prime minister Ariel Sharon, his commanding officers and soldiers, has committed in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza. The crimes have been committed during Israel’s attempts to beat down the Palestinian rebellion – the al-Aqsa intifada.

SSU is of the opinion that Israel has violated international law (in Swedish; Folkrätten), and thereby also international law as well as Swedish law. According to Swedish law it is possible to make severe acts of violent crimes punishable, even if the crime is committed outside the country. Sweden therefore has the possibility to raise charges against those who commit crimes against international law, regardless by whom, where or towards whom the crime is perpetrated.

In September the prosecutors’ decision came not to open a preliminary investigation for crimes against international law in Israel. The SSU decided to appeal since the prosecutors’ decision since then found the SSU to be 99 per cent right. The complaint was regarded as well founded and the prosecutor acknowledged that Swedish judiciary rights exist. Also this time the complaint was rejected.

The SSU now considers dragging the errand to the highest legal authority."
That the Swedish prosecutors rejected the complaints is really of secondary importance. The part really speaking for itself isn’t that the SSU’s choice was to file a complaint against the democratic elected leaders of Israel for alleged war crimes and crimes against international law. What is really telling is that the SSU didn’t file the same complaint against parts of the Palestinian Authority and their leadership, where one finds, both with active and passive participation, with factual seized documents, illegal aggression weapons, and statements proven to be behind terror against the civilian citizens of Israel. The al-Aqsa Brigade, tied directly to Arafat, proudly accepted “credit” for numerous gruesome atrocities during this and the following years, but not one word is said about the Israeli (both Jewish & Arab) victims.
Because if something really has been kept quiet in some Swedish political circles (and therefore the public in general) it is the overwhelming hard-core evidence that Israel had collected during their alleged “war crimes”, when Israeli troops raided Arafat’s personal offices. Arafat had hidden documents which clearly and without a doubt pointed out Arafat himself as directly responsible for, and therefore guilty of, the terror that has plagued Israel for years. These documents were not exactly “a well kept secret” by Shin-Bet, (the Israeli security police) and was kept in storage in the basement somewhere, but could, on the other hand, be downloaded in seconds in nicely summarized report, from the official Israeli Foreign Ministry, for anyone to see, who has the slightest interest in Israel’s behavior.

Meanwhile, by the end of the year, an article emerged with worrying news, where a certain British subject, Anjem Choudary, claimed that “Sweden is a perfect country for us”, referring to Sweden as a recruiting area for Muslims to war zones, and that “we want to fly a ‘Muslim flag’, as the only flag from the Swedish Parliament building”.

But in the Swedish security police’s (SÄPO) annual summary on the other hand, it was claimed that more than 4/5 of the filed complaints in Sweden were of anti-Semitic crimes during this year, which means that these kind of specific crimes have increased by 14 per cent (the drop during 2001 seemed to be a temporary one).
The main threat did not come from the “white power” supremacists (as the police label the right-wing extremists), but from some other group(-s) not stated in the report.

During the year the Swedish Foreign Ministry released 19 press statements regarding the “Middle East conflict” (i.e. Israel). From these only six barely “condemn terror”, in other words less then a third. None of them explicitly name any Arabic or Muslim terror organizations. The Swedish Palestine Groups were kind enough to make a list of several names of Swedish subjects who until this moment have been supportive of a boycott, a boycott that will only strike harder against the Arabs in the disputed areas.

To summarize this year, at least three public demonstrations have taken place. The only pro-Israeli one was a legal demonstration, unlike the riots that consisted of howling hooligans from the Young Left and the Palestine Groups in their own twisted versions of what “demonstrations” should be about. The Union’s editors-in-chief urged for a boycott as a political party leader in coalition with the ruling government and its foreign minister publicly stated a request for a boycott. Furthermore, the memory of the German Kristallnacht against the Jews with its pogroms was kidnapped and disgraced by the Young Left. This while Jews was slaughtered in their own country, and the synagogues in Europe were once again set on fire.
The Palme Center handed out a prize to an infamous terrorist apologist and Holocaust denier. The year was finally rounded up with the government youth association (SSU) filing a complaint against Israel’s elected leader, while at the same time the government coalition partner’s youth association the Young Left urged for the financing and supporting of the terrorist group PLFP.

Theodore Herzl’s words once again echoes in one’s ears…"Don't buy from Jews!"
If one reads the next section, what does it say?
II. The Jewish Question
Attacks in Parliaments, in assemblies, in the press, in the pulpit, in the street, on journeys – for example, their exclusion from certain hotels – even in places of recreation, become daily more numerous. The forms of persecution vary according to the countries and social circles in which they occur. In Russia, imposts are levied on Jewish villages; in Romania, a few persons are put to death; in Germany, they get a good beating occasionally; in Austria, Anti-Semites exercise terrorism over all public life; in Algeria, there are traveling agitators; in Paris, the Jews are shut out of the so-called best social circles and excluded from clubs. Shades of anti-Jewish feeling are innumerable”

Theodor Herzl in The Jewish State (1896)
More than a hundred years may have passed, but it seems just like it could have been yesterday, and it’s obvious that some of the Europeans still have learned nothing. That Jews are the Israelites is no question about. Or today, the majority of the Israelis. For a long time we have not seen any other parts of the establishment engaged with such obsessive frenzy, dominating with their massive urgent calls to boycott other countries. For instance, Israel’s neighbor Syria, the dictatorship that until now for more than 30 years illegally occupied Lebanon, repeatedly breaking UN resolutions of withdrawal. Or the Chinese that has Tibet in a tight grip, and where genocide has been taking place. Or Russia being present in Chechnya. Or…

Of what stuff will Sweden’s future leaders and political youth organizations leaders be made in the future? They have pleaded constantly and openly for a boycott of and against the only Middle Eastern democracy, which also just so happens to be the only Jewish nation in the world.

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